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  1. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    Wait for me

    Probably something about buying flags and gold.
  2. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    The Imperial German naval flag, does it have a place in WoWS?

    It's just wargaming hypocrisy. No rising sun flag because a few idiots were offended in the NA server, no IGN flag, because you know, it offends russians, but if you are polish and the communists killed half of your family in the Katyn massacre under the Hammer & Sickle flag they dont care if you are offended. We can't do anything about it. EU WG team cant do anything aswell.
  3. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    Tier 5 and 6 are starting to be annoying aswell. Those Kamikaze R platoons of players with >1500 battles using their shimakaze captains rape everything 10 destroyers in a game are just too many. And i'm grinding a Furutaka, a BB has to be nightmare right now.
  4. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    Comrade Stalin sends reinforcements - Soviet cruisers revealed

    Can't wait to see the Irish Naval force before the Royal Navy in-game.
  5. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    We want lower repair costs too!

    It's Wargaming after all. An enormous inhuman grind is their only business model. They are not going to change it if you continue giving them money.
  6. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    Point of going JPN cv line?

    I'm grinding the horrible bogue using fighters setup and I agree, but sometimes you can have a nice match (1,5x + premium, but the base exp was far higher than 700) and the enemy carriers will hate you forever, thats always nice.
  7. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    So, new Carrier MM failed already?

    It's 9 in the morning here and only 3000 players online. There are not enough high tier carriers perhaps, and the mm put the essex there after a long queue.
  8. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    Changing language on website

    Bottom left on the main page, click on the small mini world map and select the language you want
  9. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    Captain max rank?

    I know I know. But try to explain that to the WG staff here. You will end like my signature.
  10. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    Captain max rank?

    Be careful my friend, those flag mods are very offensive around here...
  11. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    Which premium battleship should i buy?

    None If you want money just buy a langley and torp some ships. Easy money
  12. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    OK, seriously now WG.

    As a product, is overpriced as hell, but people are buying it so WG will continue doing this, because it works. How many Putincoins is the ship on the russian server?
  13. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    Farewell to Summer - x2

    Ha! Read it again lad. The x3 bonus is for the FREE experience only, not regular experience. So its a sh*tty special too!
  14. CuteGirlDoingCuteThings

    How about a tirpitz without the baggage, thx.

    Those rich nato european players always complaining, jesus. Russian servers dont pay for themselves 60€. NO HAGGLE