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  1. lokisrun

    WoWS: Goods and bads

    DD's above tier VI are largely a non entity in most games, so many planes flying around they are almost permanently spotted. The issue being that they are very powerful in lower tiers and not very powerful in higher tiers, a telling sign of how poorly DD's have been implemented in my opinion.
  2. lokisrun

    Far too many draws and countless minutes wasted!

    I think I would find draws less annoying if a game didn't take the entire team to win, but only 1 player to lose, there have been too many occasions where someone has a ton of cap points out but isn't paying attention and leaves the cap, almost instantly turning a win into a draw.
  3. lokisrun

    HE Discussion.

    There's a big difference between a Heavy Cruiser and a Battlecruiser, a heavy cruiser is any cruiser class ship with 8 inch or approximate sized guns. On the other hand Battlecruisers mounted Battleships sized guns, 14 inch or larger generally and had much higher displacement than Heavy Cruisers. Neither Heavy Cruisers nor Battlecruisers were designed with the intent of hunting and destroying Battleships in reality. The mechanics of this game mean that ALL Cruisers, light, heavy or otherwise are capable of dealing enormous damage to enemy Battleships. While I agree that 2 Cruisers probably should be able to take out a Battleship fairly easily, it's pretty common that a single Cruiser can accomplish that task themselves due to a combination of higher DPM than battleships, higher rate of fire, greater manoeuvrability and speed. The only advantages the Battleship has is greater armour (nullified by HE), larger calibre guns (nullified by long reload and reliance on RNG citadel penetrations to make up the difference in DPM) and HP, HP being the only advantage that isn't immediately nullified by something else. As a player of both Battleships and Cruisers, I certainly feel that HE is over-performing right now.
  4. lokisrun

    HE Discussion.

    The problem with making battleships so vulnerable to fire is that they are already pretty vulnerable to the main guns of other battleships and torpedoes from Carriers and Destroyers. HE shells essentially bypass the only real strength of BB's other than their guns and that is their high armour and HP. With even low level cruisers being able to rapid fire HE at Battleships doing constant impact damage in addition to setting them repeatedly on fire, it just adds another weakness to Battleships already stunning array of weaknesses.
  5. lokisrun

    Getting commanders back

    Well, I definitely had a 12 point commander for cruisers, who apparently got fired by accident I do have one other for Japanese BB's who is also on 12 points, so it definitely isn't impossible.
  6. lokisrun

    Getting commanders back

    I have a premium account, doesn't help me get my commander back unfortunately, I was trying to decide whether to go down Japanese BB's or US CA's, guess my decision has been made for me. Not gonna take out high tier cruisers with a rubbish commander.
  7. lokisrun

    Getting commanders back

    I had 10 points spent and 2 I was saving, and I figured as much, I assumed WarGaming wouldn't do something so kind.
  8. lokisrun

    Getting commanders back

    I've accidentally dismissed by best commander, 12 points on him, I thought by dismissing him it would send him to reserve, did not realise he would be gone forever, I may be stretching but what are the chances that WarGaming would restore him, I assume zero? Is it even worth raising a ticket?
  9. lokisrun

    The tirpitz iz beautifull.... Ja wohl!

    Not to mention that the Swastika itself is quite offensive to some people, so peopel may decide not to spend money on the game because of that, as compared to the much smaller percentage who won't spend money because WG compromised on a flag to avoid such issues.
  10. lokisrun


    I used to have a draw rate of 4%, then I got to rank VII and now it's up to nearly 7%.
  11. lokisrun

    Nagato is terrible?

    I recently got mine too and I was very underwhelmed with the stock hull, just not enough HP to be able to contribute. After upgrading it performs much much better and the secondaries are absolutely devastating.
  12. lokisrun

    Happy 17th anniversary from WG

    Not gonna say no to a free ship!
  13. lokisrun

    Far too many draws and countless minutes wasted!

    Not to mention that most of the time it's one or two carriers hiding in corners of the map who stop people from capping without putting themselves in any danger, so again, they themselves have zero chance of winning, but they can stop you from capping until time runs out.
  14. lokisrun

    Far too many draws and countless minutes wasted!

    The draw percentage statistic is also slightly misleading since one of the 2 game modes has essentially a zero percent chance of a draw. In effect everyone's draw rate is actually double what you can see. To compound that, I would say in my personal experience I get way more draws on two brothers than any other map.
  15. lokisrun

    Far too many draws and countless minutes wasted!

    I don't agree and you have slightly misunderstood my point but it doesn't matter, it's unlikely to ever change and these threads, like most threads are largely pointless. The fact is that WG have put a mode in where you win if you have more cap points, and another mode where you don't. Can't see the logic myself, but as I say, doesn't really matter anyway.