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  1. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Ran into @Azalgor on the enemy team. Him in his Zao and me in my DM Donskoi. Man, his team REALLY hated me... I was focused half the match but acquitted myself well. As usual, my team couldn't be carried...
  2. TheIdesOfMarch93

    French battleships talk

    Oh god... that is like the gunboat version of Kitakami...
  3. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Instant chat ban needed

    Freedom of speech only applies when there are also consequences for such freedoms of speech being abused. Right now there are far too many people who abuse the ingame chat with every manner of unspeakable invective and not enough enforcement. Half of the stuff said online would earn the speakers a royal beat-up if they dared to say them in real life to someone in their face.
  4. TheIdesOfMarch93

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Some teams were not made to be carried...! I'm on the losing side. Last sole survivor. AND I STILL SCORED SECOND ONLY TO THE TOP PLAYER ON THE WINNING SIDE. *flips table*
  5. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Ah yes... that match. Well played on your part. Sorry, but you do know that taking a stock cruiser into a high tier match is sure bait for every single ship with a big gun to try and sink you first? I was kicking myself for not suspecting that it was a trap and that a Shima was nearby, and given the spread that hit me I'd say it was a long-distance max-range torp drop too. Current meta is heavily against aggressive BB play. Even my Lexington does better nowadays.
  6. I just plain gave up on the missions and campaigns. Cannot be bothered to grind any more with it, even though I'm 3 stars short of completing the campaign. Screw it if I don't get DoY, I've already made it plain as day how much I hate it and KGV anyway. Arctic camo would have been a good incentive if it was one that I could slap onto any ship I chose to put it on, as it is I don't even own the Scharnhorst, and I've already maxed out most of the lines so revisiting T6s again just to get more white snowy camo is just pointless to me. And given how this is the last weekend of mad grinding for most people to try and get DoY and all that special Arctic camo I don't fancy raising my blood pressure putting up with Mongoloid-levels of stupidity in the game. So no. I scratch this entire campaign off as an utter failure and waste of effort on my part. Part of me wished I hadn't even bothered to start it in the first place. I already have Hood and Nelson, I don't need another T7 freemium Teaboo ship. In the meanwhile I'll use this good weekend off from the game to catch up on some quality time with other games as well as real-life. Good luck to the rest of you still soldiering on. You'll need it.
  7. Just rage quitted for the night. The 90k torp damage mission and the British Torpedoes mission is downright impossible to do. Most of the games I get into you barely ever get full-health potato enemies just sailing in straight lines and eating your torps for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even then, there's eleven teammates shooting at them meaning that you never really get to do 90k torp damage anyway before someone either killsteals you or they whittle down the enemy ship's health so much so that it don't matter even if he does eat 1 of your torps and dies to you. And all this trouble for... what? A gimped DoY which is basically a KGV with Defensive AA slapped on? And what else? I hated the silver KGV with a vengeance already when it first came out; if I were to want to absolutely burn everybody to the ground I could just use Takao and Dmitri Donskoi to do it, if I'm driving a BB I want to be an AP monster landing citadels right and centre. Tell me where's THAT for KGV/DoY?! I've already grinded all the T6 ships on offer from the NYR Campaign apart from German DDs which I have zero interest in playing anyway, and I'm not about to shell out money to buy the stupid DoY either when I already own HMS Hood and Nelson, both of which are FAR SUPERIOR SHIPS to the goddamn DoY. In short, totally F@#$ed off by this entire campaign and the damn DoY. Keep that firestarter ship WG, I'm not so keen to get a brain aneurysm just to get a subpar cruiser masquerading as a BB!
  8. Increased amounts of CVs ingame now? My AA gunners on my US BBs and all my AA cruisers are ready! XD
  9. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Bonus Code on German facebook

    Worked! 1 Credit Crate, 1 Flags Crate, 2 Xmas Boxes (50 Free XP flags and 50 Zulu Flags). Thanks!
  10. TheIdesOfMarch93

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I don't think I've had such a crazy game in a battleship for a long time. Nelson is now my new favourite, and there I was thinking no ship was going to knock Hood off that perch for me! And then there's this game... 81 battleship gun hits! 81!!!! #NELSONOP
  11. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Verdict on Nelson?

    Got my Nelson today after grinding the free XP for her. Her AP is nothing to sniff at and her HE is very much the same flavour as the RN BB overpowered HE. Even a loss is good enough to rack up such a result. This was with a premium account but even so this is epic!
  12. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Your favorite T7 ship?

    Hood fan here too. Scharnhorst is a jack of all trades but master of none. Her guns lack punch and she cannot reliably do damage against battleships. Dispersion is crap too. Only decent AA. And torpedo gimmicks on a BB feel dated now (remember the hype back when Tirpitz was the only battleship to have this gimmick?).
  13. TheIdesOfMarch93

    My first impressions of New Operation

    I did the new operation with my Hood. She's perfect for this operation thanks to her defensive AA dealing very nicely with CV planes. As well as her speed which allows her to relocate fast when needed.
  14. TheIdesOfMarch93

    What is the ship you are most "comfortable" with?

    Mine would be the North Carolina if I feel to be in a mood for punishing carrier aircrafts with a US AA build. But nowadays surprisingly enough my favourite ship is HMS Hood. Glorious speed, great belt armor and gun angles, and hard hitting guns. Feels like a Kongo on steroids but a lot more playable.
  15. TheIdesOfMarch93

    How to be a tomato (or my worst weekend ever = rant)

    Looks like I made the right choice not to play this weekend then!