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  1. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Potential FPS Fix

    Applied the FPS fix after the new update thoroughly screwed my game up. FPS dropped by more than half (originally 61fps down to 21-25fps max). Still not fixed. Game stutters badly and there's noticeable lag in performance. Torpedo tracks are literally pixels in the water, and I'm only even running mostly on medium settings, with low settings not changing anything in performance either (I tried). First time in my whole WOWS gaming career I've experienced this. If this keeps up I can't play the Soviet event at all!
  2. TheIdesOfMarch93

    64bit client is a mess - fps drops, lags, lag spikes, etc.

    Optimisation, WHAT OPTIMISATION?! I was running easily on 61fps and ping rate of 120+ to 170+ before this new update dropped. Now my frame rate has crashed to something like 17 to 21 FPS with ping rates constantly in their 200s! Literally unplayable game when you see torpedoes moving in the water as nearly pixels moving! Please rollback whatever tech stuff you guys did and take a good hard look at the coding because this is by far one of the worst updates tech wise to have hit WOWS in a long time.
  3. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Audacious, anyone made her work well yet?

    This is what happens when you manage to make Audacious work for you, and you get lucky with AA in a T10 max match. Never mind the fact that my team were so full of camping potatoes that WE STILL LOST ANYWAY. Getting a Kraken in a CV is a rarity nowadays.
  4. TheIdesOfMarch93

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I might have had both my BEST and my WORST gaming achievement EVER in my entire WOWS career today. T10 CV. HMS Audacious. 5 KILLS. 198K DAMAGE DONE. AND IT WAS STILL A STINKING EFFING LOSS. Literally ragequitted for the night. I'm just done. When your team can lose even when you get a Kraken in your CV (which is an extreme rarity these days) all because they were hardcore camping and not capping when you've cleared all the caps for them, how can you carry them? How? I'm proud of my highest achievement in CVs and possibly in my entire WOWS career. This was a masterclass in CV gameplay from myself. AND YET. THE LOSS. Whoever is still screaming about how CVs still need nerfing can go stuff that opinion where the sun don't shine, because if this was pre-rework CV my performance would have OUTRIGHT CARRIED my team. Screenshots here. I leave it up to you guys to judge.
  5. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Ran into @Corvi when he was in his Graf Zeppelin and me in my Lyon. Made him work his [edited]off to finally get his kill on me. Your DB aim needs some improving mate! :p Not everyone sails in a straight line for you! Especially me hahaha, I was dancing Lyon all over the map. We then divisioned up and had some fun clubbing relative seals. That Ashitaka you got from a SC has some ungodly dispersion accuracy. Shame about the double Massa match, but our Tirp/Kii duo match went well. :) o7 mate!
  6. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Ran into @Lord_Solidus on the enemy team. I was in Bismarck and he was in his shiny new Alaska. Nice broadside you showed me there... shame RNG screwed me over! *lewd*
  7. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    Richelieu is nothing but pain for me. Even the Hood advertised as a battlecruiser has better armor than this flaming POS, which I'm borderline gonna sell if I have to take more defeats in her. I can't get the ship to work. She just doesn't have what it takes to stand up in a prolonged battle, her turrets are flimsy like hell, and anytime you show a bit of side or your back when you are running away from a bad situation you end up eating full pens and cits on your stern from a Montana firing from 20km away. Her secondaries are meh, her AA is a straight downgrade from Lyon, and what kind of BB is it with 380mm guns at T8 which have crap for AP and makes you try to play her like a HE spamming cruiser running at full speed?
  8. TheIdesOfMarch93


    So Lyon was a total blast, I had a great time playing her as a brawler with manual secondaries, and using those 16 guns up close and personal against the enemy. Her manual secondaries were very good against DDs and cruisers too, overall I had a lot of fun in her that was comparable to me in Bismarck or Massachusetts. And then I made the mistake of getting Richelieu when I got enough XP for it. I CAN'T GET THE BLASTED SHIP TO WORK. Play her as a bow tanker? If I wanted that sort of gameplay I'd stick to my Yamato and I already hate that ship to its guts. Play her as a speed flanker? The slightest broadside you show to the enemy you can expect to eat pens and citadels for days. Spec her out fully for AA? Her AA believe it or not is GARBAGE WORSE than even the Lyon when I specced her for manual SECONDARIES. Fire HE more than AP in Richelieu because of her anemic guns at T8? If I wanted to play HE spamming games I'd break my cruisers out for that TYVM, and her AP is just rubbish against anything other than close range cruisers and in this current meta GOOD LUCK GETTING THAT CLOSE before HE spam melts you down. In short, I HATE RICHELIEU. Change my mind about her please, because if I take another five more losses in her I swear I'm going to sell her and forget about the rest of the French BB line.
  9. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Time to remove the Karma system?

    WHAT? Your karma is only in the double digits and under 50?! How the hell did I manage to get all the way to 199 then? LMAO. And I haven't dipped under 185 for at least six months too. I know Karma does nothing to influence anything ingame except give you a higher cap of compliments and reports to give daily, but it is a nice thing to see that I'm a well-approved player ingame. *whispers under my breath* even though sometimes I do get the odd 24-48 hour chatban for being a salty BB main...
  10. TheIdesOfMarch93

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    A Massachusetts sails into B cap on Trap with only one DD escort, and challenges the enemy CVs to take a crack at him. Hilarity ensues. Died to a Kutuzov setting fires on me, but not before I took down 56 planes all by myself in a 2v2 CV match!
  11. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Ran into the UNIC clan today and had the pleasure of seeing @000_LULU_000 in his Zao play tapdancing the whole match against the enemy team. :) Sorry I was only mid-table with my Implacable though!
  12. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Share your Uncommon Meme Builds here!

    Here's another uncommon meme build: Secondary Lyon. Am currently casual-grinding the French BB tree, and Lyon is an absolute riot of fun. I know her armor scheme doesn't make her a good brawler, but if you are extremely vigilant with your gameplay and choose your moments correctly, you can come up with some absolutely monstrous results! Screencaps as usual. :)
  13. I'm guessing that a lot of veterans in WOWS have special meme builds for specific ships that help break the monotony of just "playing by the meta". Yet there's not really enough love or recognition shown for these ships in these specific "anti meta" builds, despite the fact that getting them to actually work well is arguably a much bigger display of skill and understanding of the particular ship/s in question! So perhaps we can all start sharing screenshots of our builds and post-battle result screens for all our viewing pleasures, and hopefully inspire more people to experiment and keep things fresh ingame? I'll start off first with my favourite uncommon meme build: the Stealth 457 Conqueror. I hated Conqueror as a HE-spamming Megazao, call me a diehard BB driver back from the days of OBT when it was just US or IJN battleships but I don't believe in battleships only being viable by spamming HE most of the time! The 419s simply didn't pack enough of a punch for me and I wanted a playstyle for Conqueror that didn't feel like me playing a Montana and using HE most/all of the time. So I built my Conq as a stealth ninja BB, 12.3km concealment and packing those 8 457mm guns for maximum AP bitchslapping power against cruisers and BBs at almost-brawling range. She works pretty well in my hands, since with judicious use of island cover and good timing of firing and returning to normal concealments I can be a Vanguard on steroids. I've swung several matches before in the past with this Conq build, precisely because the enemy team couldn't and didn't expect me to pop up where I was and drop 8 AP shells right into their broadsides. And those 457s hurt a lot harder than the 419s when firing AP at that short a range too. Here's some screenshots!
  14. Unless my ship is a secondary-specced ship, I usually remove AFT in favour of MAA. IF you know when to time your sector switching (generally when planes are 3km away from you you can switch to the opposite side sector, so by the time the planes strike you and fly overhead they're gonna be focused all the same by your AA guns on the other side). BFT is a must-have, since continuous AA DPS is far more important in damaging and killing planes than those one-off flak bursts that are 100% RNG dependent.
  15. TheIdesOfMarch93

    Update 0.8.2 - CV changes

    ^I'm lazy to quote the entire post above me so I'll just reply in a short and sweet manner. Looking at point 6 about "CVs having infinite planes"... REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Why does this myth REFUSE TO DIE? CVs don't have infinite planes! Sure it is a lot harder to run out of them, that's only because now with the new CVs you could send out strike squads at less than full strength anytime. And I don't need to tell you that squads that are not at full strength die A LOT FASTER to the same AA of the same ship being struck simply because the AA DPS is split between fewer planes. Believe me I've seen CVs straight up run out of planes before against my Iowa when I was closing in on one of them in late game; he was losing planes so fast the moment he launched them because he was inside of 6km to me that the autoreplenish for his squads simply couldn't keep up with the rate he was losing planes. Also, the new CVs are far less likely to straight up delete a single ship all by itself if it's anything bigger than a DD. With the old CVs I could wipe out pretty much any ship short of a CV with multiple squads striking it at the same time in one go, or leave it on a sliver of health for my team to finish off with surface guns. That's totally eliminated with the new CVs because their ordnance has been gimped so hard. You're lucky to get more than 25% flooding ratio with all your torp hits in game, and more than 50% fire chance with all your rocket and DB strikes ingame. Not to mention they last a lot shorter now too (especially flooding). Without multiple drops with the individual squads CVs would be straight up crap and utterly defanged ingame. More surface ships now die thanks to CVs spotting them for surface ships to kill than from CVs outright. AP bombs are not a horrible idea. For one, they're historical, and for two, they're pretty much a 50/50 dice roll between you getting minimal overpen damage and chunking huge citadel hits. That's fair. You use AP bombs when you feel lucky and want to gamble. Same as pretty much all BB gameplay by players who predominantly shoot AP shells instead of HE ones. Skill can swing a game heavily, and it's not restricted to just CVs. I can argue that a skilled player in a cruiser or a BB or a DD can swing a game in an even bigger fashion than CVs, especially when CVs rely so heavily on DOT to rack up their damage dealt scores now whereas pretty much every other squad can keep up a steady drumbeat of alpha damage with their main guns, with the occasional citadels and torpedo strikes thrown in to spike those numbers up. CVs don't have that luxury at all. WG has already said they are getting rid of 2v2 CVs in high tier (read: T8 and up) games. So that's sorted. About the only point I can agree with the post above is about rebalancing AA. As noted in my own post, WG should focus on balancing AA based on range instead of DPS, because surface fleet players like myself feel gimped AA ranges far more than gimped AA DPS. Not like you can do much to influence your AA DPS being accurate anymore; before the rework you could select individual squads and your AA would pour everything into melting them down, post rework you just have to hope that you've done your best to do what anemic buffing of continuous AA DPS you can with your captain skills and mods, and hope that RNG puts the flak clouds in the right places to melt enemy planes that can dodge them in midair too.