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  1. Smeggo

    SAP and saturated BBs

    From testing the italian ships two months, I can say that you are rather helpless against BBs with low superstructure. If you see a russian BB, run away.
  2. Smeggo

    [0.8.8]The Great White Fleet!

    Updated for 0.8.9 -> all new ships and camos are now white again (does not apply to event-ships though)
  3. Updated for 0.8.9 -> replaced the italian camo (and the two yet unreleased ACT-camos)
  4. Meh. I'd rather play the submarines again, these were really fun.
  5. Smeggo

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Well, they said they will be released in their own game mode. No idea how this mode could look like. On the other hand, the post-test-evaluation asked if they are ready to release in random pvp. So who knows.
  6. Smeggo

    This game must feel empty to new players!

    New players get their own matchmaking. By the time the advance to level 8 or so, they should be at T3 and enter the common matchmaking.
  7. And better wait for some more test iterations, as currently Puerto is not worth it.
  8. Smeggo

    New CV?

    Indomitable has gone lost in development, so I'm afraid it may take some time. Unfortunately WG seems to drop projects sometimes and move on (hello operations...) - I hope that this is not the case with more CVs.
  9. Smeggo

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Cannot find a battle after 10 minutes. Have they removed the bots?
  10. Smeggo

    Poll regarding secondary guns in T8+ games

    I always play full secondaries. I always play coop.
  11. Smeggo

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

  12. Smeggo

    Yahagi in the shop

    Same impression here. Some testers liked her, I personally recommend the Exeter instead.
  13. Smeggo

    PTS - Halloween

    The "Raid for the Filth" is funny, that mixture of coop and pvp is interesting. The "Sunray in Darkness"-ship mechanics have slightly changes, but it's still nice. The Nobilium-CV is missing. But excluding "Terror from the deep"-ops is disappointing. That was by far the most entertaining halloween-ops.
  14. 40kn torps should be way easier to evade, so yes, that is a true nerf IMHO.
  15. Smeggo

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    No "Terror from the deep" this year, that is disappointing