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  1. From a viewpoint of a coop-player, I prefer the Prinz Eugen from all the T8-cruiser. No other can brawl and torp, while charging some bots from behind an island like that. Even more fun with the secondaries-commander lend from the Tirpitz.
  2. 0.6.14

    Tried it too with a CV. Even more useless than on Aegis. Try to attack these convois of 6 USN-ships. No single plane will come to drop. Tried hunting some lonesome DDs, as it's the only thing left to do. But basically a CV is blocking a spot for any more usefull ship... Please lower that AA, so CV is viable.
  3. I'm ok with that, if you can - as they said - decide for yourself which flags to see. Maybe finally the correct german imperial navy flag...
  4. 0.6.14

    These AP-bombs are twice as heavy as the Enterprise ones. Haven't tested them further, but shouldn't they break the deck and hurt other BBs than germans too?
  5. 0.6.14

    Really liked it, finally a T7-ops. Only thing missing is that ops don't count for missions, so there is low incentive to repeat them :(
  6. 0.6.14

    I like the new setups, feels very much like Enterprise. Comparing Enterprise AP-bombs to GZ, i would say that the advantage of the USN is the drop pattern.
  7. Bin vor einem Monat reingekommen und bin etwas enttäuscht. Zur Veranschaulichung, stellt euch vor: Bei WoWs gäbs nur einen Kapitän pro Nation, der dafür auf allen Schiffen fährt. Dieser hat alle Verbrauchsgüter, nicht die Schiffe. Nun kommen alle mit ihren Tier-10-Kapitänen nach Tier-2 und verdreschen die Neulinge. €: Dieses Wochenende is dort offene beta, wer Lust hat kann also schnuppern.
  8. Moment, haben die Tarnungen noch im Mai nicht etwas mehr als die Hälfte gekostet?
  9. Only ship camo changes. So these ships don't look as nice as in the mission.
  10. Bring your own team. Had at least 2 AFKs in every run. Either the patch broke something - or there are so many players who want the boxes without actual having to play :(
  11. Bought 15 + got 3 boxes from the op. Got useless normal flags + 2 camos of destroyers. Now I feel dumb for gambling.
  12. Tatsächlich, da sind ja zwei Icons erschienen. Naja, so is sie quasi unbrauchbar für coop, werd also dagegen stimmen.
  13. Hat die letzte GZ 1 andere DW-Torpedoes? Treff damit keinen Kreuzer mehr - Schorsch, Mogami, Hipper, Mino - überall gehen diese drunten durch. Bleiben ausschließlich BBs als Ziele.
  14. Same here. Knock, knock.
  15. I'll gladly give away Perth ( as she is not that suited for operations ) and Belfast (as she is lacking the power for coop). Not sure about Kuzutov. Will test her with the new mechanics. Anyway, nice move - allows me to swap these ships for other premiums.