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  1. Sold Des Moines, as it's no good in coop. Learned to test them well on the Testserver to find out if they work.
  2. Rewards for both rounds are usually available about 2-3 weeks after the second round.
  3. I have some T8-Premiums and some TX-camos - I only play them in coop: Credit reward is the same, but XP reward is better on the TX.
  4. World of Warships Blitz is out. Edit: Works only in Asia. Downloaded the APK & made an Asia-Account. Feels like a simplified wows, but still fun.
  5. Sorry, no screen, already used them. Trust me, you will get the 9500 doubloons, if you already have the Saipan.
  6. Bought the package although already having the saipan. With coupon 15 EUR. Cheaper the dubloons never were.
  7. 0.6.8

    Planes are jumping and disappearing although no lag. :( Happens in all modes and all tiers in CV.
  8. 0.6.8

    Yes, finally some good camos in boxes. Nice.
  9. 0.6.8

    I like these, but accessing them while in CV is rather hard.
  10. 0.6.8

    Yeah, same thought. Is there a campaign commin?
  11. 0.6.8

    Wow, really feels historic. Had no clue in the first runs, but we will learn. :D And that you got to save your teammates sunken sailors. Cool. €: Finished it on the second run. A really fast and funny operation, constantly focusing on the boats and planes. Like the new DDs as well.
  12. I'm happy that it started again and has not just ended, like an event. Still gonna play it for fun & credits. Coop will always be better for me. Each to his own.
  13. Once upon a time ranked was the only source for flags. Now that it's not needed anymore, I gladly forego.