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  1. Looking to start Tier 7 Operations team(s)

    Wolve, I invite you to our open ops-channel "Operations" - there are almost daily 1-2 groups at 1900 - 2100 CEST looking for players, atm farmin Narai together. Askin in the public chats for ops-players often works too.
  2. Removed new China-New-Year Camos now also: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IyJ75V06cTz1uAkvAR8tJgiwOQE-8jSG/view?usp=sharing
  3. [PSA] Eastern Dragon available.

    Another good news - you can now dismiss ARP - captains.
  4. Alright - cannot test it, as I don't have a moskva, but here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JXKd6G0dg8wVuA7-x2diCSoFbSLbvRL1 Place the 2 images into the folder "....\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\content\gameplay\common\camouflage\textures" Should be same pattern, probably different colours (these are defined in the carmouflages.xml-file, if you want to play around with them)
  5. Public Test Rewards

    Just received the missing flags from the 0.7.0 - PTS. Thankyou!
  6. Now also replaces the new Viva-la-France-camo with a grey cover:
  7. Just saw that the french-missions allow all battle-types. nice :D
  8. New US Cruiser line :)

    Let's hope the new T6 will be an Atlanta-like-CL. That would be really nice for the T6-operations. :D
  9. Spezialcoupon dank Großkaliber

    Nun, für Szenario-Achievements gibt keine Coupons. PVE-Spieler sind wohl nicht mal mehr als zahlende Gäste gewünscht.
  10. Noobs will kill this game!

    Lots of new players sound like a vital game with growing playerbase.
  11. Vive le France Collection

    I would test them, but I cannot bother winning 5+x times a random match... ey, it's a test-server, for testing we could really do it in coop-mode. :/
  12. PTS 0.7.1

    Da stand sogar 2x die Belohnung. Nur ist sie bei mir und allen(?) anderen nicht angekommen. :X
  13. PTS 0.7.1

    Selbiges hier. Bei beiden letzten PTS. 24h Premium + Standardflaggen erhalten - aber keine Sondersignale (auf den EU-server). Ja, wenn sie denn dann auch geliefert werden.
  14. PTS 0.7.1

    Ich enthalte mich diesmal vom Testserver - die Belohungs-flaggen von den letzten zweien hab ich und einige andere nicht erhalten. Seltsamweise am NA-account schon. Sollte WG-EU mal den Praktikanten stupsen.
  15. Same here. userbonus-page was working, but nothing arrived ingame. :/ Edit: Got another email, went to the userbonus-page, could claim "earn all patches", but - still no special flags ingame. Edit 2: Just checked my NA-Account - there I got all rewards. @Crysantos, please poke your intern to check it again :D