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  1. Smeggo

    Graf Zepplin Torpedo dmg nerf

    AA overlap and plane return immunity fix - need some weeks of testing. Carrier nerfs - now delivered daily via quickfix.
  2. Smeggo

    Operation Aegis on steroids glitch...

    Yes, seen that before. Happens when not all enemies of the early waves get not sunk in time.
  3. If my estimation is correct, I would have to insert more than 40 money to get the T8. As I have the free-XP, I will pass till they arrive in the next patch. Rather get me the Indomitable.
  4. Smeggo

    PTS - Space Games (and maps for them)

    The Torpedobeat-Mode is hillarious. Like the bathtube-battles on speed, I like it
  5. Smeggo

    PTS - Space Games (and maps for them)

    I guess same reason as with the last eventships. To keep XP/credit-income (and maintenance) on T7-level.
  6. Smeggo

    PTS - Space Games (and maps for them)

    Space Assault is a funny close-combat action. Although the attacker is in a disadvantage. And it was bugged, we destroyed all generators, still the generators health-bars were full. Game told us to attack the base now, but it was invincible. Addendum: Ok, after the first battle it all worked. And on the other maps the disadvantage was on the defenders side. I guess the position of the re-spawn points make a big difference.
  7. Smeggo

    PTS - Changes to CV

    Yes, that squad-divider is helpful. No AA changes (nonlinear stacking or return-immunity for used drops)? OK, in second round there it is. Finally some planes return after attack. That feels better (when not +2 uptiered)
  8. Smeggo

    PTS - Improved Port Interface and Service record

    Yes. But only a couple of coop games. Don't even have to win them. But beware, don't be afk. I was entering and exiting 4 coop-battles, and now I'm orange for 16 games. PS: I like the new Interface, that was overcrowded anyway. You should move the Inventory down there as well.
  9. Smeggo


    Good news. Let's see if it helps, as these torps are still so slow. What I miss is a reduction in plane-loss cost. Nothing as expensive as a TX-carrier-game atm.
  10. Smeggo

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Of course. This "feature" will probably not be of interest of most players that already have the GC - I just talk from the perspective of someone who does not have her.
  11. Smeggo

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    I'm testing her as well and I see it as advantage to be Tier 6, as she can be used in operations now and doing fine there.
  12. Smeggo

    CV Rework Discussion

    *rant* Utterly disappointed at the moment. The CV-population is so low, we get uptiered all the time. Haven't seen a CV when playing another ship for days. Even stopped CVing by myself, and I had so much fun in the beginning. 3 weeks till the carriers cannot be returned anymore. And no changes in sight (beside nonlinear-AA-stacking)
  13. I've been testing them too and as a brawler I can say that I enjoyed all of them (except the T9, that felt as fun as an old Izumo) But as good as the tanking works - getting in 14km range in hightier can be a struggle. You are always on fire, and if a cruiser sees your side, you get citadeleted fast.
  14. After the PEF-Marathon i learned my lession. If neither the ship and the mission set is not fun, I pass. Exeter is ok, but not worth 30 money or the grind.
  15. Smeggo

    SERVER DOWN !!!!