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  1. Hoped for Alaska, another Scharnhorst-like-BB would have been nice.
  2. It has become way more easy. No more T8 ships now. With the next patch it will be also easier with random teammates, as T5 will not be allowed anymore.
  3. Well, at least they cannot torp the spotted DDs. And with new smoke mechanic they will be visible too if they start firing. So will it make such a huge difference?
  4. 0KT08ERF35T2017 Gives 2 days of premium time. Seems only to work if you have played World of tanks (unknown how many battles required) But worked for me, and I have only done the tutorial there
  5. The tragedy of T8-cruisers brought me to coop a long time ago. As the meta hasn't changed, I stayed there. It's nice there - if you have premium-camos on.
  6. Have tested both now in some battles. GZ II is easier, but GZ I can hit harder if skill is involved. Had a match with 2k damage, and one with 100k, although having about the same hits - after all it's still typical DB-RNG. But it's still boring playing so. Hoping the other setups will be more interesting.
  7. Gerade die neuen Zeppelins erhalten und das 2. setup (nur kreisrunde drops) getestet. Scheint mir noch schlechter das das Original, hatte bei 3x3 Anflügen genau einen Treffer
  8. I really like it. Was hoping for missions doable in operations for a long time. Thanks!
  9. Now it's working. Thanks.
  10. Is mir nur recht wenn die GZ fürs PVP gebalanced wird, dann spielt sich's im Coop umso feiner.
  11. Still not working here - eternal loading wheel. But my hopes are rising
  12. Yeah, that's a really good change.
  14. Nachdem fast alle Zeppelin-käufer am Test teilnehmen, sollte es einen guten Querschnitt durch die Spielerschaft geben, Kein Grund alle unterdurchschnittlichen Spieler auszuschließen.