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  1. Smeggo

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I like the gameplay, but I would prefer if I could control the planes with the mouse instead of A- and D-keys.
  2. Smeggo

    Halloween 2018

    When you dive 160m below in the Killer Whale, you have 1:15 air + 45 sec forced dive up. That's a long time. The evil castel. Sorry, same meaning in german :D All in all, haven't had as much fun for a long time, been playing these subs till server shut down today. Hope the subs will return soon and find a way into the regular game
  3. Smeggo

    Bug Reports

    I'm a little bit pissed... all operations today didn't work. 1. Description Operation Raptor & Operation Cherry Blossom bugged. AI ships get stuck in island all the time. Leading to fail operation Raptor and loosing a star in Cherry blossom. 2. Reproduction steps Play operation. Enemy launches torpedoes even slightly in your direction. 3. Result Friendly AI ships panic into next island and stuck there. 4. Expected result AI ships should be able to reverse or get counted as fulfilled. 5. Technical details -
  4. Smeggo

    Halloween 2018

    If the Citadel gets spotted in time, Rasputin has no heal. On hard mode, this means a fast boat has to charge there (Gerfalcon) to get this done. On normal, there is more than enough time to scout it out.
  5. Smeggo

    Halloween 2018

    Indeed, staying at range and torping is not working well - but you can charge most of them - dive if they torp - and torp them at point blank, sinking them before they can react.
  6. Smeggo

    Halloween 2018

    It's really nice that the normal mode has become easier now (more time and less towers to scout) leave the hard-modes for divs. (Please do this with the operation of last year too) You also get all subs now after winning the operation - including the "Killer Whale" now - an extra heavy sub with lots of torps. (4+2 front, 2+2 back) - probably the best of all subs. I think WG should buff the Barracude to the same levels as the other subs, else no one will want to use it.
  7. Smeggo

    Halloween 2018

    Played 3 submarine games and really like the gameplay. Feels like a V-25 on cocaine and the tactical possibilities with variable spotting range is nice.
  8. Update for 0.7.9 - thanks to @Compass_Rose, who gave me the hint how to do it now Changes the "Union Jack"-camo to grey and the "Stars and Stripes" to a nice white paint. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o9SrpNz-UnOpxIVy9GmfAF0mwiJBid5E
  9. Smeggo

    AI changes in coop?

    CV-gameplay has also changed - when the new mechanics are used: Bots use AA-Consumable immediately. Bot-CV just parks and don't uses its fighters. Bot-BBs "forget" to repair floodings :D
  10. Smeggo

    CV Rework Discussion

    Looks totally like Ground-Attack-Aircraft gameplay in World-of-Warplanes. I like it
  11. Smeggo

    Clan Base 2.0

    NIce, but sadly even laggier as the rest of the UI, that really turns it down :/
  12. Smeggo

    Where are all the cruisers at?

    It's been like that since the dawn of the Tirpitz. They stated "we are aware of that" more than once. But BBs bring in the money, and sadly they prefer this over a more balanced game - as a developer would do, that loves his game.
  13. Smeggo

    Space Battles

    Looks nice, plays like a normal T10 random game. Go push and you will be punished. No thanks, was hoping for a space-operation.
  14. Newest version changes the Womans-Day-camo as well as the Pi-Day-camo to a blank ivory painting: *
  15. Smeggo

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I like that I can do campaign and missions in coop and operations, when I'm not in the mood for PVP. Nice!