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  1. I agree with you, the game does a terrible job at explaining its mechanics to (new) players. The latter however are significantly contributing to this issue by going full on "HAX!!11!1!", "rigged MM", "rigged game mechanics" whenever something goes wrong instead of considering "maybe there is something I dont know". While we are at it: kudos for actually going into a brawl with a Bismarck. The large majority of players lately seem to be entirely happy to hug the map border while complaining about german dispersion. Getting this close to a ship armed with torpedoes however is ... unwise. You should have kept him at armslenght (11-8km), where you can use youre secondaries without being endangered by his torpedoes.
  2. Eugen has a turtleback, like all german ships (minus destroyers), which you would have been aware of, if you had played the german BBs. So yeah, classical "skip-all preceding-ships-and-then-wonder-why-something-isnt-working-issue". Also, overpens always deal damage, so I doubt you are reporting this correctly. And again: If there is no replay, then it didnt happen.
  3. AwesomeChicken

    Returning captain's questions.

    Q1: There are some situations in which you might consider shooting HE in a BB, but honestly just stick to AP all the time. Q2: Belfast is one of the most OP ships in the game. Q3: Mogami 155 is a burning love story, Ibuki is ok and Zao continues the burning love thingy. Hipper and Eugen are shite tho. Q4: Colorado is an ok ship. Good guns, good armour, good AA. The lack of speeds hurts, so you must make it up with smart positioning. No need to free xp it anymore. Q5: Best Tier to farm credits on non-prem ships? Probably T7. Pick whatever you want there. You're top tier most of the time anyways and the service costs are not as high as on T8+ Q6: DONT get the Eugen. Atago and Kutuzov are the way to go, Alabama and Derpitz are also viable. Mutsu is only T6 cause its a stock (WW1) Nagato, she is ok, but only gets the T6 prem credit gain, instead of the T8 one of the others. So probably not the best to farm money. Q7: AP when broadside on med to short range. Q8: Lucky you. Last Ranked Season was pure cancer with all those Belfasts and Fijis around. Q9: Sec Nagato stands no chance in brawling against Bismarcks, Gneisenaus and Scharnhorts, she is best around medium range. If you want captain builds for certain ships and tips on how to play them, I'd recommend Youtubers like Flamu or IChase (ignore Nosters IFHE vids tho). Q10: It's ok I guess. Toxicity is still slightly below the average online multiplayer game, Fubu and Furious Taco ain't OP no more, Colorado and Izumo are goodish ships, but definitely not crap. Don't worry, Belfast and Khaba cover all your OP ship needs, and you can still take out stock T5 cruisers if you need a challenge...
  4. AwesomeChicken

    Well, it was fun, while it lasted, but this is the end

    Did... did no one notice?
  5. AwesomeChicken

    No Cahones !

    They are not retreating, just advancing in the opposite direction
  6. AwesomeChicken

    No Cahones !

    Who summoned me?
  7. AwesomeChicken

    Worchester and Burlington...

    So I guess we might see the US cruiser split this year. Buffalo might replace the Balti at T9, which should go down to T8 and NO to T7. Worcester looks like a T5 or 6. The real Worcester should be in the CL tree.
  8. AwesomeChicken

    TK System

    There is no such thing like "friendly" torpedoes.
  9. Uhhhh just wait until he runs into his first Khaba
  10. How about we give it the normal 25mm of bow and rear armour, but 30+mm of hull and deck armour midships? This way its bow/rear can still be overmatches by BBs, discouraging a bow-in-playstyle. However if you angle and bait them into shooting your broadside you can easily bounce their shells (and in this case I'd be even fine with bouncing Yammy shells). This would encourage a more skilled and mobile playstyle, as well as limit the amount of [edited]penetrations you tend to eat in angled cruisers, where some shells bounce of the belt armour, but others just lolpen your upper hull for nasty penetration damage.
  11. By what indicator? Sold Prem ships? Saved money on shitty rewards? It certainly was the least enjoyable one. And the old problem still exists: its doesn't have a proper ranked system! Its just Random Battles 2.0 where you meet the same old potatoes on rank 1 as you do on rank 20. The Ranked gamemode is kind of missing a point in its current iteration.
  12. AwesomeChicken

    blocking players from my team

    Hm let's see... 46% winrate, deep red stats ... most played ships Yorck and Akatsuki... No wonder people rage at you for bringing some of the worst ships into Ranked and doing bad in them over and over again. Yeah would be nice if there was some mechnism that sorts out bad players in competetive play... something like a ranked system... if it wasn't for this stupid star system which allows complete and utter potatos to get carried to rank 1.
  13. This task is bugged. Like many others unfortunately.
  14. AwesomeChicken

    Danish ships

    The problem with OPs ships is their mixed armament. They just don't work in the game (in its current iteration) and the developers have stated that they are not going to add any (Mikasa is the exception).
  15. AwesomeChicken

    The Under-performance of KM Armor Piercing

    So why, if KM DDs have superior penetration, do they land less citadels/penetrations than their counterparts? And don't forget that they pay for their "superior" AP by having the worst HE shells in terms of damage and fire chance.