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  1. Matt_FSR

    T5 brawls: what ships to play?

    36 torpedoes comin' atcha. That... that would be a sight to see, I have to say!
  2. I tend to stick with the same port in-game, because I just love how Fjords looks.... but I may have noticed something which I hadn't realised was a thing until now. Last night, late at night, the colours were looking quite subdued, washed out almost... tried checking the settings but nothing had been altered, didn't think much of it. Just had a battle now, 14:00hrs approx, and opened a crate - The crate, and the whole port is vibrant in colour, bright, well lit and looking amazing! Is this an actual effect of the weather elements ? I don't remember seeing anything about it in dev blogs or anything, but it's +1 to the art department yet again if so!
  3. Matt_FSR

    Coupon up in a few hours..

    Coupons don't work on captains. Sorry mi'laddo.
  4. Matt_FSR

    Yoshino or Tulsa for coal??

    I don't have Tulsa, but she does seem quite gimped compared to a DM, and the only advantage is being a single tier lower. I can't help but feel she's much more like a T8 ship, but ofc WG makes more money from a T9 than a T8, so giving her a heal and the module 6 slot makes her a T9. Yoshi I do have, and whilst I don't *LOVE* the ship, I can drive her well and usually have fun. (61% WR, 93k avg dmg) I think her issue is she's vulnerable to being citadelled at range from plunging fire, where she tends to sit for the 1st half of the battle. A lot of Yoshi captains tend to forget that she actually does have AP, it's viable, and it can hurt BIG time if you know when to use it. She has a HP pool, and this game is about trading HP for damage. Figure out when to fight with her, when to push to effect the outcome of the match and you can get good games in her. Don't just sit at 19km lobbing HE all match, because that's boring and wastes an actually good ship. Also, 20km torps. They're area denial early game, but they hit like trucks. Drive-by's with them ARE permitted :-D
  5. Matt_FSR

    So....it seems that we have a new bug......:(

    If they had any decency, this would come Monday morning with a WG launcher article to a game-wide free captain reset button, allowing all DD captains to temporarily drop SE from their skills, until the bug is fixed. But they don't have a scrap of decency, so my bet is we get absolutely nothing.
  6. Matt_FSR

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Opened 3 megas. Got useless (to me) credit signals, and some ugly christmas camos and something else equally worthless. Big meh, and significantly puts me off spending any money gambling.
  7. Matt_FSR

    Will you get Marlborough?

    Voting a firm 'NO' here. That sigma will infuriate the life out of me, guaranteed. I hated Alsace because she couldn't hit a barn door at 10 paces... the idea of an even less accurate battleship, even with 16 guns, does not interest me in the slightest. Kinda going off BB gameplay apart from secondary German ships and Massa anyway, going for the higher thrill factor of gunboat destroyers and light cruisers. Mostly Minotaur. Sure, you might explode, but if they don't dev strike you, you farm 50k AP damage off them before they get another shot!
  8. Groz. Run around, be a supreme annoyance, speed boost and dodge salvo's and bait radar ships into wasting radars and failing to hit you. (RU cruisers short radar especially). That's the first 5-6 mins. Light fires on BB's and dissuade an enemy push with accurate long range (AFT is a must) gunfire and a few walls of torps. Punch enemy DD's when they're spotted, but they should be getting smacked by your support cruisers primarily. As the game progresses, go dark, heal up, look for ideal positions, snapshot fires onto big ships before ducking behind islands, generally induce rage in the enemy team. Might get a good chance to pop a smoke if a stealthy DD is spotting, and pump shells into a nice fat target. Do this for 30-40 seconds, always moving in smoke, then leg it. The torps aimed at your smoke are now all wasted. Late game, if there's any remaining DD's left, you need to focus on removing them, frontal charges will work well because you're a small bow on target but have 66% firepower in the nose, and your first fire you ignore and pop heal to mitigate it, dam con maybe if you get a 2nd fire. By this point, its' a farm-fest if there's anything worth shooting at left, and if they're RU BB or new German BC, they'll be low on repair parties and heals so a single fire or flood can sometimes REALLY hurt! And never be afraid to leg it and go dark. You can outlast a lot of other DD's because your heal does something, as opposed to Daring's joke of a heal!
  9. I quite like the idea of having the option to fight MORE enemies in co-op mode, surely it wouldn't be too difficult to add a 'hard' and 'expert' co-op mode with 33% more bots and 66% more bots than players, thus giving some players chance to have a longer more meaningful PVE experience, especially after the initial DD YOLO or ramming suicides occur. It would give those who want to farm quick kill numbers a better mode to play, as they'll be playing in a fully specced out ship with a high level captain. This is probably another reason why Co-OP is over so fast lately - The game is older, and there's older co-op players around who now have more powerful ships and know what tactics work better, whereas 4-5 years ago a co-op game may have played out slightly more like a random battle. It really does need fixing though, because at 3.5 - 4 mins long, it's too short for anyone who's trying to gain credits in some ship classes (BB's) to actually have any viable impact before it's all over. And according to forum posts, there are actually real live co-op mains out there, lets give their game mode some love
  10. I didn't even get a Makarov last year, and I quite fancied one for free. Also was quite tempted with the Orkan, but again - no luck. Hoping for a spot of better luck this year, I've more TX's this time to feed the beast, but I'll keep a watchful eye out on ye olde streamers this time before opening any crates, once bitten twice shy :) Still, it's free stuff and it all adds up, so it's not all doom and gloom, we might even get the actual drop rates published!!
  11. Matt_FSR

    First Steel ship - Guide me please!

    2 games now! :-D And.... i still hate it. 8 shells downrange, 1 pen for 2k dmg, 1 overpen for 1k dmg. Same or less damage from the MBRB'd salvo, and then I'm back to wondering why I'm not actually playing a decent ship. (Got the token off it, it can stay in port now. Luckily I got it for free, but I still feel violated by having wasted credits on the modules on her) Maybe MBRB works on ships that have a slim possibility of hitting something, but I'm not going to blow all my steel on hoping I get a ship which can hit things. I don't have a JB, so can't compare. Wish I'd bought her, but didn't have enough resources for everything. Had a lot of fun from Georgia instead, so can't complain too much. So I think it's down to Plymouth or Ragnar now. And I'm leaning a little towards Plymouth, because utility, decent guns and excellent concealment for a cruiser.... might be time to watch a whole load of videos...
  12. Matt_FSR

    First Steel ship - Guide me please!

    Forgot to mention the Stalingrad. While I love the idea of the 2.65 sigma guns, as others have mentioned... she's..... boring. I like an exciting ship to play. Just had a match in AFT Akizuki, killed 6 ships, still lost, but at least it was FUN! I have Moskva and Petro, and neither of them does it for me, they're far too fat and sluggish and I honestly cannot find where these amazing 220mm guns are, because I have peashooters on my Mosk and Petro that get full pen hits for 625 dmg per shot, 1 out of 6 shells fired. Or overpens, for similar or less dmg. Against a broadside Iowa, ideal aim, still couldn't get a citadel at 5km. So the idea of spending a long accumulated resource on a sluggish, boring, 1 dimensional ship just doesn't hold that much appeal. Fair point on the Austin, I like the idea, but the downside is 14 mins of waiting for 2 mins of shooting and match over... zzz. Plymouth is tempting, especially given how rare it is. However, given the long-range camping snipe-fest that T10 has become, and her standard heal compared to Mino's trademark "citadel-mender" I'm still unsure. One good salvo from Yama, Shiki, Thunderer or the new upcoming german GK replacement will surely end Plymouth?
  13. So when the resource coupon renews, I will finally have sufficient steel for my first steel ship, and I really want to get something that I'll actually enjoy playing.... I can discount a few options to begin with: 1) FDR. I don't CV, so that's out. 2) Shikishima. I'm having massive troubles getting any vague semblance of enjoyment (or damage) out of Yamato, so the idea of a Yamato hull with even less guns just doesn't appeal. 3) Bourgogne. Yes, I know she's regularly recommended as a first steel choice, but ye gods, I just threw 100k FXP at getting the Republique because I HATED the Alsace, despite enjoying the Richelieu, Alsace is just garbage. Despite the reload booster potential, she's just too easily damaged and too little health to be a BB at tier 10. So my shortlist is basically Plymouth, Austin or Ragnar. I don't play T10 in any competitive formats, so it'll just be for random battles. Perhaps low-level ranked T10 if I can be bothered enough to grind there. (Cossack will carry me there, if I want to!) I love the Minotaur, but Plymouth is not a Mino - She's more like a fat Edinburgh as far as I can tell, and while useful, I'm just not sure if she's sufficiently different from the tech tree cruisers to warrant purchase. Austin - That MBRB tho.... hnnnnggg.... there's nothing else in the game shoots HE or SAP like that, and in a similar vein to the Mino, I can see the skill/enjoyment of getting into position, and waiting to unleash destruction at the right moment. And ofc she's squishy, but that's no surprise. Very tempting. Anyone bought one and regretted it tho? Does it get dev struck too easily? Ragnar - I've been playing a lot more gunboat DD lately, and thoroughly enjoying it for the most part. The lack of torps is a big downside, as is the 7.5km concealment, but she's a CL without a citadel, and radar, not a DD.... which is very tempting. Advice? Thoughts? (For the love of god I wish I could give WG some money to test drive these ships for a day or 2, they literally are unbelievable blind at making money on anything other than lootboxes! One test drive allowed per account per 6 months. 500 dubs. Easy money)
  14. Matt_FSR

    Udaloi 'B' hull - A downgrade?

    Apologies for the threat resurrection, but I suppose it's not *THAT* old... Thanks for the sound advice Prophecy82! I finally popped the 'B' hull upgrade on the Udaloi, ditched CE, and took Fearless Brawler. And then I made the red team cry...
  15. Matt_FSR


    Played 1 match of it so far in Massa. Completely ROFLstomped the poor defenders, they stood no chance at all. Did over 100k dmg in short order, convoy ships have MASSIVELY too little HP. I know in-game HP is (somewhat) tied to ship tonnage, but this is ridiculous. The convoy ships need to have 4x, 5x, or more HP - Meaning the attackers would need to tactically choose whether to focus on convoy ships at risk of dying, or focus down the defenders first and see if they have enough time/firepower left to finish off the transports. Either that, or it shouldn't be an 7v7 battle, maybe 7 defenders and 5 attackers or a merge of asymmetric battles having 5 tier 8 defending the convoy and 10 tier 5-6 attacking. (With option to attack or defend) Yes, the running joke is that WG don't test/play their game - But this is BLATANTLY obvious from how uneven this mode is, and how a few simple changes could have made it so much more fun. It wasn't tested at all, clearly, and as such probably won't get played much. It's alright for a quick, short, violent brawl but anything that relies on DOT damage or has long reloads, meh, match will be over before you get a chance to be half useful.