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  1. Gethsemani87

    Imperator Nikolai I (Boost/Balance)

    A lot of Battleships in the pre-WW1 and inter-war period had torpedo tubes. Warspite had them, New York had them, Kongo had them etc. etc., in fact most of the low tier battleships in this game had submerged torpedo tubes historically, but so far only Tirpitz has these torpedoes modeled, which is likely a design and balance choice. In reality very few BBs ever launched their torpedoes, because they simply engaged at ranges were torpedoes would never reach their target anyway.
  2. Gethsemani87

    Tier VII - KM Yorck

    If one was to be facetious it would seem that all Tier VII Cruisers are bad. They are all floating citadels with shitty guns and handles like whales that have gotten all their fins broken while trying to move an iceberg and can be spotted long before anything else can be seen. To be honest, I think the problem is that around Tier VI is when cruisers start transforming from the Light Cruisers with high rate of fire and quick turret traverse that allows for HE spamming into Heavy Cruisers that need well-aimed AP volleys and preparation in the form of positions (due to slower turret traverse) to do maximum damage. It is also the Tier where BBs start getting accurate over long distances which means they can suddenly hit the CA's citadel at ranges beyond 7-8km regularly. For those that play the IJN line the cruiser transformation comes earlier, with the Furutaka at T5, and that's why you see fewer complaints about the Aoba and Myoko then you do with the Yorck and Pensacola, because IJN players have had to learn preparation and positioning before they run into accurate long range BB fire. For someone coming into the Pepsi or Yorck as their first heavy cruiser they are not only forced to re-learn their playstyle from aggressive spamming into careful sniping, they are forced to do this when BBs will punish you mercilessly for exposing your broadside to them. As someone who had to go through this with the Pepsi, I know how disheartening it is to be one shotted because I tried to get close to pepper a Nagato with HE shells. That's not to say that the Yorck might not have other problems, but the ones I've faced in my Aoba and Pepsi have certainly put up a fine fight.
  3. Gethsemani87

    Königsberg keeps blowing up!

    I think the game gets it kind of right though, the idea to put lots of armor all over the place was eventually shown to be inefficient and counter-productive, as it led to less armor then optimal around the vital areas and more armor then needed around non-essential areas. It meant that smaller caliber shells could get through to your vitals and that you put on a lot of weight for uncertain gain. Meanwhile the "all or nothing" approach turned out to make for some very durable sips and this is reflected, in game, by how much damage US BBs, in particular, can sustain. As for the Köningsberg, I had a duel to the death with one in my Aoba just a while ago. It matched me AP for AP and we both sank despite me landing the first hit. Not bad for a ship that's a tier lower and almost 10k HP less.
  4. Gethsemani87


    I am coming to love my Aoba. Great speed and agility, hard-hitting and accurate guns and two torpedo racks that are great for defensive actions. Since her firepower is frontloaded she can easily perform well even when you are dodging and weaving like crazy to avoid incoming fire and the forward fire angle of her rear turret coupled with her agility makes it possible to broadside BBs while only presenting them with a bow view when they return fire. She's definitely a keeper once I unlock the Myoko, because the Aoba is just such a blast to play.
  5. Gethsemani87

    First Impression of the new lines

    So I took the Orlan out for a spin... And immediately proceeded to citadel Hermelins with HE shells, which has to be a first on non-CV ships in WoWs for me. The Hermelin seems to have absolutely no armor, but rather intimidating guns.
  6. Gethsemani87

    Finally an event worthy of WoWS

    Lucked out last night with my Kongo. Managed to citadel a Pepsicola and an Aoba to sink both, got a lucky last hit on a DD and helped take out an enemy BB. At least two of my kills probably belonged to someone else, but I ain't complaining about getting to try the Köningsberg.
  7. Gethsemani87

    How do you dodge 2 pron torp drop + DB? I cant!

    The trite but honest answer is: You can't avoid it, just mitigate the possible damage by avoiding as many torpedoes as possible. Personally, I feel that if a CV player sets up a scissor pattern attack with their torpedo planes they deserve to deal massive damage. It is a micro-intensive attack pattern and against a ship that's taking evasive maneuvers early it is very hard to pull off. It is the CV equivalent of a DD managing a 6-8 torpedo drop from 2km away, not only did they do something right, you did something wrong.
  8. Gethsemani87

    Out gunned by cruisers

    This is my experience. With my Cleveland I can trade some volleys with a T6 BB ad maybe get out of it even, with my Furutaka against any BB above T4? No chance. Once you get past T5 the BBs get both better range and better accuracy at range, both which helps keep CAs at a respectable distance. Just remember that AP murders CAs, even without Citadels, while HE shells generally waste the higher caliber and shell weight.
  9. Gethsemani87

    Wtf Wargames did you get drunk and lose your minds?

    The Shokaku has 72 aircraft on board and with 6 starting squadrons only 24 of those are able to operate at any one time. You do realize that the reason you get reserve aircraft and reserve squadrons is so that you can replace losses, which are going to happen when you attack heavily defended targets. The fact that you can replace 3 times your starting aircraft should also be indication enough that you are expected to take heavy losses. Every other ship has to expose itself to open fire on an enemy, as a CV you have to expose your aircraft for them to attack. This is called game play balance.
  10. Gethsemani87

    Furutaka, feeling very let down

    Just got the Furutaka and I've got to say I am rather impressed with it. 3 salvos to take out a Phoenix? Yes, please, more of that. As others have said, it plays more like an unusually agile BB then it does the previous tiers of CAs, which are all pretty much HE shell spammers. The Furutaka demands positioning, forethought and careful aiming, much like BBs, and is an obvious break from the Kuma which in many ways is its' complete opposite in terms of how CAs play. Had I not been reading up on the Furutaka before hand I'd probably feel it was a lackluster "upgrade" from the Kuma, but since I came in knowing it'd play differently it was much easier to adapt. Now I am looking forward to see how she behaves with all upgrades in place.
  11. Gethsemani87

    How to make IJN carriers complete trash overnight FT. WG

    Except, if one type of ship is getting much better win ratios, one has to consider why that is. Even with few players compared to other classes they should be winning around 50%, same as anybody else, if the ship class was balanced. That CVs could get upwards of 70%+ win ratios prior to the patch suggests that CVs were over performing compared to other ship types. This problem could perhaps have been compounded by "pro players" choosing to play CVs, but the fact that they could win more than two thirds of their matches against evenly skilled opponents still tells you that CVs were just letting those top players utilize an imbalanced ship type to further boost their already impressive skill.