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  1. vartain

    CV Rework Discussion

    I can already see a certain section of mainly bb players suddenly developing a newfound love for carriers, with wg lauding it as a huge success of the whole rework. Guess you can't really get upset that a cv is 'camping' in the back.
  2. vartain

    Torpedo Acceleration vs Expert Rear Gunner

    Torpedo acceleration is, in my opinion, mandatory on any cv that has at least one torpedo squadron. Good luck trying to nail the faster destroyers without it. Expert rear gunner effectiveness is miniscule, there are very few situations in which taking it would bring any advantage to the table. It's almost as bad as the capability to launch planes when your deck is on fire. Almost.
  3. vartain

    Why is my WR going to hell?

    I only had a quick glance at your stats, but two things immediately come to mind, first you've grown too accustomed to German bbs that are notorious for making people forget things like positioning, angling and situational awareness. The only thing you've improved in your last five hundred battles is your aim. As mentioned before in the thread, diversify, you will not fully understand the game until you grasp every single ship class and its individual quirks. The other thing is, you have barely over two thousand battles under your belt, that's not a lot, give it time, experiment with other classes and tactics until you can actually play the game in a way that suits you and is, first and foremost, fun for yourself. On a side note, coming here for advice on how to play better is like injecting mercury in hope of curing syphilis, that is painful and not very helpful.
  4. vartain

    The TK system is just broken

    You chose to shoot while knowing you could hit a friendly. You chose to sail in a tight formation through narrow space instead of spacing out. Don't blame the game when it punishes your bad decisions. TK system is lenient enough as it is.
  5. That's really a move in the right direction. Carriers do have too much influence on the game as it is now, and as we all know, training a cv captain from scratch is not something most clans can afford to do in the short time period before the start of clan battles. Furthermore, with the ever decreasing population of active players it really seems important to get as many of them involved back into the game as possible and the low requirements behind this clan battles season seem designed with that in mind. Any incentive that might cause an influx of fresh blood should be welcomed. The current player-base has grown too stale and too set in their ways, they overreact to even most miniscule of changes without giving them a proper thought beforehand. And as usual, it's the messenger that gets to shoulder all the blame. I also applaud the ship rental idea as it will allow inclusion of people stuck in lower tiers due to time constraints. Not everyone has enough time to grind every line to t10, but everyone should be allowed to participate in the clan battles if they desire to do so. All in all, well thought out rules focused on the majority of players. Well played, wargaming, well played.
  6. vartain

    RN BBs - HE meta sucks!!!

    I love the increased HE usage, it makes placing full duration floods on ships as a carrier a cinch.
  7. Well done, op. This thread alone is the proof of your ability.
  8. vartain

    Why the community might like Detonations

    Very nice thread, shame you weren't able to reel more in. On topic, no, they should stay, it pleases me when people rage in chat about being detonated.
  9. vartain

    Time for a good ol Edited

    What is that? You are upset about a British BB having very strong short range aa that can slaughter even t10 planes within seconds? Do not worry, comrade, we got you covered there, IJN Kaga is in the works and she already forces her captains to drop torpedoes from further away while having large pool of spare planes. You can buy both and be a pain in the posterior for everyone!
  10. That's actually quite funny, I'll give you that, especially coming from someone who stat-padded over a thousand games by clubbing in hosho, and then moved on to ryujo to do the same.
  11. Nothing wrong with people flinging crap at each other, sometimes it's the most entertaining thing in the whole match. As a side note, what the hell are you doing on the internet if you haven't yet gotten yourself a thick skin and ability to ignore such things.
  12. vartain

    why does russia get cold war era ships

    Wargaming is, and always will be, making games where Russian/Soviet force will be overrepresented due to the fact that they are a Belarusian company catering, mostly, to eastern market. They will introduce as many ships as they can, even if the designs will be based on 'secret documents', and no amount of complaining will change that fact.
  13. vartain

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I actually preferred when Tuccy was fanning the flames. Getting the expected out of the box WG response without any flair added from the forum staff is kind of boring
  14. vartain

    CV manual Drop

    Threads like this always make me smile. So let me get this straight, wg nerfed cv's so much that they no longer can go against their preferred targets, unless they make a mistake, and you want to get them nerfed even further so they can't perform one of the very few things they can still do, that is cap denial? Sure, I agree, disable manual drops, but only when dds will be unable to freely aim their torps and will have to rely on the automatic target lead.
  15. vartain

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    That's some dangerous statement there, pal, got anything to back your claim up or is it just plain throwing crap and hoping some of it sticks?