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  1. CactuarLOL

    Why do we use KMs?

    A mile is almost 2000 km? What have you been drinking? Lol
  2. CactuarLOL

    The stat whores have arrived

    Someone's getting salty because they realised they aren't the only "stat whore" anymore.
  3. CactuarLOL

    Is camouflage actualy works?

    Actually with the 5% flag it would be 41.47kts, which is closer to 41.
  4. CactuarLOL

    CV planes still attacking AFTER CV is KILLED

    Thats what I said...
  5. CactuarLOL

    CV planes still attacking AFTER CV is KILLED

    As far as i'm aware planes vanish (all crash into the sea) a set time after the carrier dies.| The planes dont get any extra ammo or anything, they can still only attack using the ammo they had and are unable to refit, Stop being a pussy.
  6. CactuarLOL

    Mikasa in premium shop, is it good?

    Firing range is just about 12km, Top speed ~18kts. Rudder shift time is 13 seconds so its pretty sluggish. Has ~35k HP and can really take a good beating from all those Hashidate and Erie and come out with minimal damage (Unless you are on fire..). High detectability, I could see enemy Mikasas from pretty much the start of the match. Two 2x305mm. 30 sec reload.. HUGE, and I mean HUGE dispersion of shots, Like as in, You fire and one of your shots go 500m to the left of where you aimed and the other goes 500m to the left.. I'd say only about 40% of your volleys give decent dispersion (Decent being a chance at hitting what you were aiming at). That being said when you do hit it does some beastly damage for low level, HE max damage is like ~5600, AP ~7500
  7. CactuarLOL

    Getting commanders back

    http://s27.postimg.org/shctg1ioz/shot_15_08_05_00_46_33_0378.jpg Yah this, Actually now i've played the game for a bit I think if I were to start over and do this I could probably get to where i currently am in about 250 games.
  8. CactuarLOL

    Campin Or Doin Nothing Players

    Yea its frustrating, the amount of times i've been in situations where we have the upper hand (say 5 on 3 for example), And we're pushing forwards, Then I look around and realise i'm alone all of a sudden after all of my team have turned around and stopped the push for no goddamn reason.
  9. CactuarLOL

    Reset controls

    Controls menu under settings. Click "Default" in the top right, adjacent to where it says "Keyboard controls".
  10. CactuarLOL

    Campin Or Doin Nothing Players

    I got loads of abuse hurled at me in a game on Two Brothers the other night, because I was parked up by the entrance to the center passage, 2 cruisers and a battleship came through and I was the only one left up there, I managed to take them out (torps mostly) and defend the cap. I wouldn't normally camp there but I had just had a battle on that map where the same guy had tried the same strategy before, so I figured i'd wait and see if he tried it again.
  11. CactuarLOL

    Are these "flags for sale" sign of the things to come?

    Its funny that in the official developer diaries video about signal flags, it states; "players can only earn them once a day for each achievement, we've made it this way to prevent experienced players from stockpiling flags, because this would give them an unfair advantage"
  12. CactuarLOL

    Make bots smarter and better.

    AI Carrier commanders are terrible, They dont even use their fighters, they just have them circling their carrier the whole game.
  13. CactuarLOL

    Getting commanders back

    No it isn't Edit: Actually I just looked, my tier 9 commanders are actually tier 8. ~300 random ~100 coop Minekaze, Cleveland and Atlanta T8 Ryujo T11 Hashidate, Warspite T7
  14. CactuarLOL

    Getting commanders back

    I have a tier 11 commander and three tier 9 commanders at 300 games played, I dont think the amount of games matters o.o