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  1. Honestly I couldn't care less. I want my guys to be social on TS and play the game. Whether they care about the forums or not I leave up to them.
  2. Hey there, why not give Brit6 or our more casual sister clan BRTMN (Brit6 Merchant Navy) a look. Requirements (for Brit6) are - TeamSpeak and activity on it when ingame - around 1000 battles - a decent-ish WR (50%+) - being able to endure people taking the piss and using mature language (so 18+ is recommended)
  3. While I myself don't do it I truly have no problem with it if done once in the beginning while nothing is happening. We do have to bear in mind that half the community doesn't visit the forums and the current iteration of clans and their management is rather poorly implemented so harmless stuff like that I see no problem with. My real problem with clan recruitment from the player side is not the in battle message or the quick line after a match asking people directly. It is when clans try to poach players that are already in clans. That is a serious [edited] move. If people want to leave their clan ask whether they could join fair enough but you don't go around stealing players. And unfortunately this happens to me or others in my clan at least once a week.
  4. Weekend Teams be like...
  5. 0.6.14

    @MrConway see if you were to use cocaine to wake up this would be done by now
  6. When enemies show your Yamato their broadside
  7. Join the Dark Side we've got Conquerors :D
  8. Main problem I see is that detonations even made it into clan wars. Now while I think its a useless and for no good reason punishing/rewarding mechanic something like that holds zero place in a competitive environment! This is the environment were RNG barely determines that amount of Dmg done while skill and planning get you into positions that allow punishing shots anyway so one more or less makes little difference - detonations have the capacity to just crap all over that...
  9. When your Mogami gets hit through the bow for 22k dmg...
  10. Well guys as I fondly remember our meme collection when the British BB patch didnt work in time I am starting one now for the Hurricane in Ireland. (uploads dont really work right now so we gotta post links.) hurricane meme&ved=0ahUKEwiu_8S47_TWAhXDrRoKHRGjAv0QMwgmKAAwAA&iact=mrc&uact=8 ffs this even tries to open the images and fail posts the memes then...
  11. Was about to upload a shitload of Ireland dealing with Hurricanes memes but this forum has failed me...