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  1. Server problems?

    Well it let me back in but now I~m stuck in battle and can#t get in a new one or be invited to a group...
  2. The World of Warships Modpack!

    I mean all of them - in battle and in port. As a fan of history I personally don't consider them 'controversial' as they were simply the flags in use at the time. I understand the main release cannot have these flags due to laws in countries like Germany but I would like to see the actual flags (if this goes ship by ship even better). Personally I consider these laws pointless. Either way you steer a Nazi Germany ship and if you still can't look at a Swastika without succumbing to the Nazi ideology then frankly such a person is beyond repair anyway...
  3. The World of Warships Modpack!

    Any chance we can have a historical flags mod in this?
  4. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    This is what happens when people ignore my Graf Spee
  5. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    Join Brit6 today - bring a friend ;)
  6. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    Yeah it got better :D - say hello to the most op ship in the entire game (or so I've been told)
  7. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    Gremyashchy with 10 point Captain and 180 days of Premium - neat loot indeed :D Also Hans seems to like his new Gallant ;)
  8. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    JollyRoger1516 would like to join the raffle (lovely idea btw). In the unlikely event of my luck not taking the piss as usual I will make my decision on the prize when the time has come
  9. The World of Warships Modpack!

    I am loving some f these mods but it would be great if there was a way of having an automatic updating process for the mods similar to the steam workshop. Not only would it allow you some moderating control it would also solve the annoyance of constantly having to redownload this pack.
  10. US Navy CV changes

    It is a shame that those stat lists of yours don't show the average spotting dmg. Cause that one will heavily outweigh the actual dmg and make up for it in large amounts. Also a stat not seen is spots prevented. But this is exactly why crap disappears from game because people only see one dimensional charts. Frankly I couldnt give a rats arse about stats. I heavily disagree with your idea of 0-0 - while so when it comes to rewards the game is in fact about much more then just dmg done.Youa re right about one thing though - AS CVs depended on their team and that could go either way but frankly that is not a bad thing. Contrary to popular belief not everything in this game needs to be able to solo carry games all the time. The current powercreep is exactly the result of this. One powerful ship necessitates the next one and so on with no end in sight. Teamwork should be the deciding factor - shitty teams while frustrating were nonetheless a factor I could accept as part of the game. And in the end I have at no point said that the new strike loadout shouldnt be in the game. My main point is removing the AS module was a big mistake and in addition also taking variety from the game.
  11. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    193k DMG done in 6mins before some second rate Gearing decided to launch torps from the second row.
  12. US Navy CV changes

    1) So you enjoy the fact that people can no longer play a certain style even though they enjoyed that and might even have been good in it just because you aren't and don't like it. What a credit to the community you are... People like you are the reason why games constantly get dumbed down to hell because others fail to adapt and to see value in diversity. We'll see how much you like this change in the coming weeks when you will be under attack non stop and completely unopposed as Air Dominance disappeared from US CVs. 2) Not only were the DBs still useful at DD hunting and supporting BB strikes especially when coordinating with the firestarters in your team but a good air strike CV could completely deplete an enemy CV so yes he might get one or two but then he is done - no more spots, drops, nothing while his team is now under completely unopposed spots and dmg.
  13. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    @quirkyjock I have sent you an invite to the clan mate (hope I sent it to the right guy :D ). Once you're in give us a shout in chat and we'll get the TS details to you pronto like.
  14. US Navy CV changes

    Not too happy about the changes. At the very least the Air Strike module should've been kept. As it stands right now you will neither gain full air dom (at the very least Japanese CVs are now able to contest it) nor will you outdamage them. Japanese CVs now have a more then decent air fighting chance (I dont even wanna meet a Hakuryu with 4 fighters) and will still outdamage you. Also how is a Lexington now supposed to fight the Graf Zeppelin? - Unless the lockup occurs right over friendly AA the GZ will win every single fight. I truly believe this setup to not be too bad if you wanted to replace the old all or nothing strike loadout but removing the AS module was a big mistake which also clearly removed some variety in gameplay. It also means yet another problem for all the other guys as air support won't be able to be maintained.