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  1. I received mine.Ye be thanked. I be aware of that hence why I be drinkin rum :P
  2. Have to wait out three more hours of work until I can check for mine...
  3. pssst. This generally works in our favour dont tell em that ;)
  4. Good to hear and all the best to you
  5. I say this with all the love I have but - YOU NUTJOB
  6. Welcome to the community@HanZZ6. We promise to make your life hell
  7. Grog just be a fancy word for me rum :P
  8. 2 and a half hours left for everybody to get it :P
  9. @Corvi you are a lifesaver. Been wanting this very much so and saw it just in time. 2 and a half hours left on it for those who are still trying to get it!
  10. @Tuccy well this be savin' yer hide now. I've been seeing this just in time this here day now Sharks will stay hungry but ye better hurry back to scrubbin the planks now and count yerself lucky. So thank you very much for appeasing an old sea dog here (On a sidenote - by far too few people actually follow the forum and/or facebook (I myself log onto facebook like every 1 or 2 weeks only) so it would be best to keep posting good stuff like this. Would also publicly make the EU Warships look as event heavy as it actually sometimes is. Something like this is a real shame to give so little publicity.)
  11. Does not matter what we be drinkin. It appears that @Tuccy has forsaken us. He must walk the plank. The pyrate code demands it.
  12. Put jack on her :P Otherwise same skills just weaker.
  13. @Tuccy yer scurvy rat - announcements for today be nearly over. Did ye landlubber forget about us pyrates? Where's me rum? Always these troubles with the colonial militias...
  14. 1) Any historical ship is welcome. 2) Always a fan of American BBs. 3) People [edited] about supposedly op BBs. Why do I not have any problems with them? Single planes and DDs spotting my torps or priority target warning of torps being aimed from unseen ships annoy me much more then a Bismarck or Missouri using their consumables (especially radar only lasts 30 secs so BB pushing forward to pursue is actually refreshing). 3) Ark Royal ever planned? :D (I gotta say I'd prefer her or other CVs over any other ship at this time)