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  1. The World of Warships ModStation!

    So whats up with the modpack now?
  2. The World of Warships ModStation!

    Cheers for the update mate. And of course get well soon Modpack Creator.
  3. Sound Problems

    So I have a bit of a weird problem. Whenever I start up Warships all other sounds (Spotify, Youtube and most importantly TeamSpeak) just stop. On TS I can neither be heard nor can they hear me. Warships is taking exclusive control of both the sound and mic (Ingame sound works fine). I do not have this problem with any other game. I checked the sound options in the bottom right. Exclusive control is not enabled and communications are set to do nothing. Drivers are up to date, etc. I am at this stage assuming that Warships is causing this problem as I cannot reproduce this problem with any other game/program but am clueless as to what is causing this. Any help would be welcome.
  4. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    Yeah we are doing alright :D
  5. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    It's always us who have to do all the bloody work Kudos to the KGV on the enemy team. I am not entirely sure whether he had a short disconnect or why he showed me full broadside at the end but whatever it was a good fight.
  6. Server problems?

    Well it let me back in but now I~m stuck in battle and can#t get in a new one or be invited to a group...
  7. The World of Warships ModStation!

    I mean all of them - in battle and in port. As a fan of history I personally don't consider them 'controversial' as they were simply the flags in use at the time. I understand the main release cannot have these flags due to laws in countries like Germany but I would like to see the actual flags (if this goes ship by ship even better). Personally I consider these laws pointless. Either way you steer a Nazi Germany ship and if you still can't look at a Swastika without succumbing to the Nazi ideology then frankly such a person is beyond repair anyway...
  8. The World of Warships ModStation!

    Any chance we can have a historical flags mod in this?
  9. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    This is what happens when people ignore my Graf Spee
  10. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    Join Brit6 today - bring a friend ;)
  11. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    Yeah it got better :D - say hello to the most op ship in the entire game (or so I've been told)
  12. [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    Gremyashchy with 10 point Captain and 180 days of Premium - neat loot indeed :D Also Hans seems to like his new Gallant ;)