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  1. If WG were actually concerned about legal aspects, then they could simply do some slight modifications to German Empire's naval flag. There are multiple never adopted historical proposals that could even function as basis for it: Fundementally the issue is that WG just doesn't care. They dedicated effort to give Izyaslav B hull historic flag which afaik no other Soviet ship uses, but all German ships can sail just fine under "almost-nazi" flag. And forum moderation is just lolz too. Forum rules specifically state "avoid inappropriate names, avatars or signatures including controversial religious, political or historical figures", but we all can see which extremely notorious 20th century mass murderer and tyrant is totally uncontroversial here.
  2. olmedreca

    Stalingrad OP

    It is pretty pointless to argue specific strengths and weaknesses of Stalingrad or what ships exactly counter it, every ship has them. Ultimately it comes down to what choices clan has for its CB lineup and making best of it. Stalingrad is very clearly a competitive choice in CB, so then clans who can't field one have to face it, inevitably discontent will ensue. As was mentioned earlier, loaner Stalingrads could be one way to solve the issue.
  3. olmedreca

    New ranked season T10

    Absolutely no improvements to subpar rewards of ranks 2-9, so I probably won't bother going beyond rank 10. Btw, I predict that T10 repair costs will become an additional source of frustration to many people struggling to grind to rank 1.
  4. olmedreca

    Conqueror is IMPOSSIBLE to citadel!!1!!!1!

    If you wanted to show off its "reliability" then you shouldn't have cut out the salvos where you got 0 citadels, it is obvious that there were quite many of those too.
  5. olmedreca

    Battleship Plague 1 - the Inevitability

    BBs are just so much more relaxed to play. My CV stats are far superior to my BB stats but my Taiho rarely leaves port. It is just such a hassle, whole game full of busy micromanaging and fighting with crappy CV UI. Sometimes I see my teammates providing "helpful feedback" about my air cover, but I am just too busy for telling them where to shove it, because fighters are having back and forth with enemy fighters, TBs are approaching target, and I need to give DBs takeoff order. In comparison my Yamato is just totally chill as long as I can position it to avoid nasty surprises (if you aren't that good then staying far back gives same effect). I just slowly cruise along, fire those awesome sounding guns, appreciate the badass appearance of my ship, take time to look at detail WG has put into landscaping some of the islands, give my confused teammates "helpful tips" about how they should play their ships and "suggest" interesting alternative games like Tetris to them, take a sip of beer, and finally it is time to shoot those awesome guns again, pure skill double citadel hit on some cruiser peasant, how glorious!
  6. olmedreca

    This is the last season of ranked for me, until something changes.

    Few simple improvements: 1. Improve rewards in ranks 2-10. This is generally hardest part of grind, so it is extremely frustrating then reaching higher rank after serious effort and time spent results in completely garbage rewards. Like for example just give out a lot more signal flags, ~55% winrate player aiming for rank 1 should end the season with at least as many signal flags as he started with. 2. Improve radar/hydro balance. If one team has 2 radars + 1 Loyang hydro and other team has 0 then you have messed up. 3. All campaign missions that require simply grinding XP should be doable in ranked, including the missions in permanent campaigns. That way my Yamamoto campaign wouldn't be completely dead in water during ranked grind. But that is only XP grind missions, those "kill 5 BBs with secondaries of Japanese CV" kind of missions should obviously stay out of ranked. 4. Only irrevocable rank should be rank 23.
  7. olmedreca

    Loyangs were a huge mistake

    Everyone has their own anecdotal story from ranked how they pwned some potato Loyangs, but overall stats seem to indicate that it does look a bit too good at winning ranked games compared to other DDs: https://imgur.com/ForU2Yz EDIT: forum seems to have some issues displaying image properly...
  8. olmedreca

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Initially I tried Benson just like last time then ranked was T8, but Loyang infestation really took fun out of it for me. So I decided to switch to my trusted Amagi and eventually it did carry me to rank 1. They really should improve rewards on ranks 10-2 though. If there hadn't been a Flint waiting for me at R1 in this season, then I would have had hard time to motivate myself beyond rank 10. Btw, Jolly Roger would have more value if we could shove them into faces of our victims just like we do with patches.
  9. olmedreca

    USN carriers still suck (Enterprise as well)

    I would expect Enterprise to outperform Shokaku in random battles. Those DB drop circles on auto or even panicked are just dumb.
  10. olmedreca

    Tier 10 BB's. What the bloody F????

    With Yamato it is two things, reasonable mid-range placement and good shooting. Ideal scenario is using up most or all of your repairs (with superintendent and premium repair) while still surviving until endstage. If you die early then you were obviously too aggressive. On other hand, if you tend to end battle with lots of repair charges still left, then you probably were holding back too much. Often I slowly advance on 1/4 or 1/2 speed, at maximum angle possible while still using all 3 turrets, ideally also with an island covering my side. If things get too heated then it is totally ok to turn back and lick wounds at backlines. Speaking of guns, secondaries suck, you have 9x18', use them, use them all, including back ones, you can still angle pretty well. Don't hesitate to switch targets if it feels advantageous, no need to focus on some angled BB if a juicy cruiser appears. You can also turn whole ship to compensate for exceptionally slow turret traverse, although that is obviously situational. Btw, I personally think that fire prevention is very useful on ship like Yamato. Makes it a lot harder for cruisers to set a 2nd fire that would warrant damage control, single fire can be simply offset by repair.
  11. olmedreca

    Will Just leave this here German CV

    I understand that WG wants to make their money on The Most Overrated Ship That Never Sailed, but putting this failure on same tier with actually good carrier designs like Shokaku and Enterprise is quite silly, and suggested loadout is pretty ridiculous.
  12. olmedreca

    USN carriers still suck (Enterprise as well)

    Imo US carriers need more and smaller squadrons and reasonably balanced loadouts instead of current all-in options. You can't really balance 2-3 squadron difference on same tier properly for all skill levels.
  13. olmedreca

    Cruisers - a self fulfilling prophecy

    Minotaur is an especially annoying glass cannon, so deleting one then it happens to be spotted has very high priority for BBs.
  14. olmedreca

    AP dive bombers...

    Eh, they really should start off by getting rid of this stupid rule of having all US squadrons with 6 planes. If at least some types of squadrons were smaller then whole stuff would be far easier to balance, loadouts could be more easily adjusted, and tier progression could be more gradual. It is quite stupid that Hiryu has more separate squadrons then Midway.
  15. olmedreca

    Fixing the Enterprise

    Which is perfectly reasonable, I avoid Montanas also in my Taiho unless there is nothing else left to bomb. Being generally off-limits for CVs is one of the few selling points of high tier US BBs.