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  1. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Support carriers closed conceptual test

    Please delete a stun-ing ideas and replace with some more wanted features like: Sonar bouy Fighter plane without detecetion but better Range/speed/acting time Dropable mine that cause are restriction and casue flood ??? Why stun consumables in a pvp game ...
  2. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Azuma: Collector's Edition

    Please only buy this ship for role playing reason... Bought to utilise Azur lane commander original voice with her original ship. Every time when play is a pure gamble. Good things: fast and her guns are accurate -> end here BAD THINGS: Ship size is a Kremlin size WITHOUT Kremlin half submarine design. Armor full 25mm except belt but belt is nowhere from Khromtsh belt. Citadell is very BIG and random hit from BBs generate random insta trashed. Everibody know this and will fire You at any range for big explosion. HP not great for BC. NO ACCESS FOR BB SKILLS TO MITIGATE INCREASED FIRE DURATION. Most HE will full pen expect HE spamed too. Gun AP pen and angle is "normal" not magic/bulXXXt ammo like Stalin&Khrom&Petro. BBs belt can shatter AP and retrun fire will delete You as ship is big and "armored enough" to ARM ALL BB AP (for role play). No torpedoes for close fight. AA is good on paper but wont work vs t10 CV. Only 1 +utilty slot for sonar/defAA. Have "super" secondaries without any decent skill. Range extender most situation better than reload buster and reload is meh too. Dps low for AP/HE. Cost and arm and leg from doublon therefore have repeat: Dont buy this ship (ony for role playing reason). Original captain dont available now(not sure).
  3. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    HotFix: Game Balance

    I wonder if those stat can enligthen some developers? Zao and Henry current state. Zao: missing aprox 5-8k HP compared to other same type of ships. Armor is not good anymore as most new BBs have 30mm hammer guns. Cita not small too. No good utility. Balanced... Henry: After slowed accelation the ship very clumsy, aka like a BB with 30mm "bargain" armor. If not use skill very bad to manover. No good utility too. Balanced... This 2 are in current state from ages. Nobody cares in dev team. Then 2 purple elephant: Petro and Kremlin. They simply too many "gimics". All in one: Half submarine cloacked and armoured, and wont have bad manoverabiliy this stage. Excess armor, best hp, good concealment ( for Petro), no slownes and clumsines from deep water... Utility and AA too. In Kremlin current state (tonnage and overburden deep in water) with no enigne room the ship have to be poor speed and turn not and nimble as it now. Balanced... Dont want say too mutch from NEW CV line becasue they are in BALANCING state. Gimics incoming. By design they are full alpha stike, and this cause AA useless. Balanced...
  4. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Fifth Brawl

    Players are matched based on their skill level. How? This must be a blatant lie without explained detail.
  5. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Armchair Admirals: Battlecruisers

    Why BC burn like a BB without skills to compensate this? Why wont get better armor than same tier cruisers? Why not get own paired match making and own class?
  6. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Super battleships and the future of WOWS

    Cant get Asahio this mode. At least WG rent Shimakaze for clan battle and can be utilized with Torpreload. 20km useless torpedo stil exist. If want cuiser players this mode please enable Kitakami (alredy in a game) with some option to torp selection with Kuma detection range but with module slots. -> want Kitakami for enjoy the fun.
  7. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Srsy WG? How drunk are you?

    Chance to cause fire by a bomb reduced from 48 to 39%. If hit hundred bombs that cause that many fire as a target has fire place 4 for smaller ship and 3 for "right skilled" BB. CV 0 as constant run dmgcontrollpartyparade. Break apart any not armoured component like AA, torepedo tubes 25mm plated main guns. Is this needed or funny? If target area bigger pelase make sure bomb denstiy wont exceed critical mass otherwise "will be unpopular" for players. Fire chance have to be very low and not 40% / bomb.
  8. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Low tier seal clubbing recomendations.

    Keep in mind: T4 have "heavy" CV infestation -> 2 CV in a game expected and they want join club too. I think very few of them is learning to use the CV class... BB influx present too. If they use stat miner and Your stats is not hidden You can be abused by them. Spotted all day by a CV is a bad sign for low tier cruiser and dd. Bad AA and poor ruddes can harm too. If try to avoid drop can be vulnerable "sniper" BBs from that tier. HP loose permanent for smaller ships that tier.
  9. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Low tier seal clubbing recomendations.

    Have 19 points captain is good for punchthepeasantsmode. Some of mentioned ship can be utilised minimum 10 point captain. Tenryu needs concealment expert otherwise cant stealth torp and BBs will eat You alive. Yubari need this skill too with most AA skill.
  10. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    10.5, Asashio?

    As 50+ BB in cue can be carry all game, but cant fight in cap ALONE. CV is a pain if detected focused all day. Slow, low hp, poor manoverability. Usual random when sniping BBs "fromlineA" sink all small ship fast and DDs each other in cap fight and NOCV -> You are KING when only hordes of BBs left... Sleepy CVs can get present/surpries too. Can deny enemy BBs eneter areas if use reload well. If have freetouse resource buy it. Different from other DDs and matchmaking dependant from 0 to hardcarrysuperpower.
  11. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Low tier seal clubbing recomendations.

    T4 Yubari with full AA build with current CV infestation but have to avoid BBs antention. Most "potent" low tier trolls are not available sadly: Iwaki, ImpuratorNyaankolai, Giulio Cesare, any Kamikaze/Fujin Those are free tech tree: T3 Tenryu, St. Louis, Bellerophon, Bogatyr T4 Clemson, Orion T5 Émile Bertin, Conte di Cavour, Bretagne
  12. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Fastest kill ever - 100% HP no detonation

    Dont worry Emerad is magic ship, often deleted fast. When sailed in Khronstadt, and got 1 salvo from gremlin aprox 20 km from back side and -60k hp...
  13. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Air rework suggestion

    Some idea: 1 CV scouting only update minimap for others than CV herself (like radar in storm). The whole team get map updade but not other info. 2 CVs attack plane can have bigger scout radius for CV herself (consumables?). 3 CV interceptor wont scout at all. Only strike planes can scout. 4 Interceptors can have better range and patrol time (ability to intercept). If they wont scout they can be immune from ship AA at ceratin situation like they are fly high alt or something.
  14. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Worst tech tree cruisers t8,9,10

    All IJN Cruiser after T7 missing aprox 5-8 k HP compared with newer cruiser. WG counted HP from displacement in OLD times was now work in new relases. Old ships never get hp revsion as need balance change. If compared with size Zao have minimal HP. New DDs and SMALensk get more (counted as displacement). Shimakaze is not a small dd and her HP maybe a lowest today in that tier . Old ship not gunbot minimal HP... no balance for ages.
  15. Wedontneedmoregrippen

    Worst tech tree cruisers t8,9,10

    TrashBuki is a real contender. Mogamin hull with only AA addon and that is doesnt matter if face current T10 CV (can happen a lot). Minimal HP / armor & MegaCitadel for FUN. Has 10x203 mm guns with slow reload and doesnt have option for other guns. Nobody play Mogamin with 10x203 gun configuration as inferior in all aspect compared with 15x155... Reload boosted from 16 sec... Play options: Without a range mode has poor range for that tier and BBs at 15 km have excess accuracy and Gremlin exist too. -> got 5 hit overmatch from any angles and eat aprox 2-3 cita -> deleted as have 39k hp only. If use ranged mod have 19km range but shells not fast that range -> stationary BBs can curse You otherwise wont hit anything (max range). Retaliation fire will disperse from that range wont eat 5 BB AP just 2-3... Concealment is good but the module compete with ruder module as want turn better as slugish enough. Vs DDs dont good as 10x203 have slow reload and only tool is basic sonar. No def AA this case. Vs other cruiser AP just normal and DPS is low but cita is BIG and other cruiser equiped with Magic AP or reload booster will delete You fast.