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  1. viceadmiral123

    Graf zepplin

    I half expected this to be a topic from a DD user getting obliterated by GZ's secondaries and German sonar. But yeah, the noob-proof dive bombers may work as well :)
  2. viceadmiral123

    Just need 12 more players...

    There should be a few in-game chat rooms that are made for r1 players to arrange play times in the super league. However, the rewards are poor and most players rather play random.
  3. viceadmiral123

    Is the Tachibana Lima mission only for US players?

    Try it on EU website. Otherwise clean your browser's cookies and try again, you may be getting redirected by error.
  4. viceadmiral123

    Destroy Secoundary Battery?

    AP seems better at destroying secondaries, while HE gets more AA mounts, at least in my experience. The larger the caliber the better.
  5. viceadmiral123

    Ive had enough

    Thank you for keeping the game free for the rest of us. The game is evolving with the introduction of new lines and even some premium ships dictate the gameplay in their tier, perhaps you need a change of pace to another tier.
  6. viceadmiral123

    Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    Supporting Bulgarian navy all the way. They would make great low tier vessels.
  7. viceadmiral123

    [qualitypost] Asashio main complaining about life

    You can hit those 2 cruisers with every other DD in the game but Asashio. Instead of playing another ship you prefer to ask to change the mechanic that makes that one premium DD unique?
  8. Now that WG put the spotting and potential damage counters in the battle GUI it would be nice if you get a reward for them.Something similar to High caliber and Confederate rewards for filling up the damage counter. Perhaps those are already in the works, but it would a neat addition and would give more incentive for active play style.
  9. viceadmiral123

    Z-39, another premium passes the "WG balance" check

    I'm waiting for when WG drops a team event like KotS or CB in tier 7 and enjoy the shitstorm that will follow.
  10. viceadmiral123

    In defense of the current CV mechanics.

    CV mechanics are fine in general, OP has nailed it that it's the players fault. But since the majority of the players are too lazy or inept or just don't like CVs, there will be a change.
  11. viceadmiral123

    Z-39, another premium passes the "WG balance" check

    WoWS stats & numbers shows Z-39 has the best winrate in the t7 dd comparison, 1% higher than the Gadjah Mada. And that's with all the premium potatoes sailing it after they bought it yesterday. Pretty balanced by WG's standards.
  12. It seems another premium ship got a strong buff right before release and went in the "oops" basket with Belfast and the bunch. I watched some CC videos on the pre-buff version and it looked fine, only to find out it was dropped in t7 as is, even kept the camo module slot. edit: WoWS stats & numbers currently - 23/05/2018 - ranks the Z-39 at 3rd place in winrate from all DDs in the game, less than a percent behind Kamikaze in the 2nd place.
  13. viceadmiral123

    Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    Better sell all your t10 ships and stick to t2.
  14. viceadmiral123

    Zao: where to spend last point?

    I use the skill that gives you 2 scout planes.
  15. viceadmiral123

    Current Ranked T10 Meta

    Nothing new here. You forgot to mention the t8 meta - Kutuzov sits at 19km behind island in smoke and keeps star.