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  1. Can't wait for Gulio Cesare and Kamikaze R rebalancing, as well as a few other well known ships in the same basket.
  2. She used to be good back in the day (compare her to Mahan for example), but since has been powercrept by every new DD line. Leningrad is a straight up better destroyer than Blyskawica in every aspect and also is a common SC drop.
  3. viceadmiral123

    King of the Sea mision.

    No twitch I hope, can't be bothered with that.
  4. viceadmiral123

    King of the Sea mision.

    How did you activate the mission?
  5. viceadmiral123

    Buff Flint's range

    No komrad, only Rusky ships get to keep their bonus range after nerf. Your question is cancelled.
  6. The lack of 2,000 steel reward is a bit too much for me.
  7. viceadmiral123

    Readers of the News Beware

    I use IE for legacy/compatibility situations. Edge? What is that.
  8. viceadmiral123

    This is indeed a day of days

    You answered for yourself.
  9. viceadmiral123

    Coal drops from Resource containers nerfed?

    Triple coal is rarer than supercontainer (but better). Weegee likes to change such numbers without including them in patch notes so I wouldn't be surprised if the coal drops are getting reduced.
  10. viceadmiral123

    Worst T10 BB in your opinion?

    Vermont, lacks speed to impact the game.
  11. 40-45% winrate is about the average WoWs player. Nothing wrong with the mode, it is just as before the remodel.
  12. viceadmiral123

    Worst match result ever?

    Yet somehow he holds the top score in his team for that battle.
  13. viceadmiral123

    Congress TVIII prem US cruiser

    Maybe Congress will get the 10k hp axe just before release and never get buffed again, who knows. Unless weegee has plans to put her in the Christmas scamboxes
  14. I doubt a ship is designed with a specific captain skill/trait in mind. But if a captain skill gets a rework that negatively impacts popular russian premium ships, they will get a buff to compensate for the change.