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    What do you speak about komrad, our ship falls within spreadsheet parameters and is finely tuned.
  2. viceadmiral123

    Graf Spee For OPs. A Sound Investment?

    I would say Graf Spee is too slow and there are ship with better firepower for her tier, but I don't play Ops much to know if she has a niche.
  3. viceadmiral123

    So what's supposed to be so good about this ship again? (Henri IV)

    Henri, hmm. It's a good ship for randoms, but we have Venezia and Smolensk to compete with it for competitive. Soon Venezia to be replaced by another Russian ship from the new branch.
  4. viceadmiral123

    Albemarle - worst ship in the game? advice needed.

    We all know which cruisers are blessed by Putin with 50mm platings and laser guns. But they don't count, they are special exception.
  5. viceadmiral123

    Albemarle - worst ship in the game? advice needed.

    Play Albemarle cautiously. Like other fragile cruisers. This is how I deal with my biggest threat - BBs -
  6. viceadmiral123

    New in akizuki! Lets discuss.

    Enjoy your dakka :)
  7. viceadmiral123

    What a joke Wows has become

    This is why BBs should stay on the border with spotter planes launched.
  8. viceadmiral123

    Secrets of Izmail

    Izmail plays very similarly to Normandie, the tier VI French BB. I am regrinding the French BB line and Normandie was a breeze. Delete cruisers with AP, punish BBs and DDs with HE and have fun. I've shared some of my games you can skip through to learn something about aiming or positioning perhaps - https://youtu.be/gnG8ips0kqM https://youtu.be/E0tHFgMha7c https://youtu.be/r85Eqk3fW4I
  9. viceadmiral123

    Friesland vs. Alaska (vs. Azuma?)

    Keep your free exp for something better. If you absolutely have to pick one of those three Alaska is the strongest.
  10. viceadmiral123

    Getting premium Moskwa, how far would you go to get it?

    Moskva is a nice ship and worth getting. That said, try to conserve your free exp and credits. You can skip some ship modules and upgrades on t8 and t9 to save credits.
  11. This makes perfect sense to me. Less videos of the kind "omg this WiP ship is so overpowered/underpowered check it out", and more content focused on current events and finalized ships. There are now so many videos on youtube about WiP premium ships that customers are getting confused.
  12. viceadmiral123

    someone know about this? game crash-freeze.., help

    Run WGCheck tool, include report to support ticket. In the meantime check the internet for issues with your hardware components.
  13. viceadmiral123

    Ranked season 15 guide

    That's more of a long personal experience post rather than a guide. Thank you for sharing still.
  14. viceadmiral123

    IFHE & Secondaries

    27mm is a small treshhold, it's up to you if it's worth 4 skill points and half fire chance. I personally retrained Smolensk captain without IFHE. I think aiming for superstructure you will mostly shatter on the 30mm deck rather than get random hits on the 27mm plating. It's rarely useful.