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  1. Olbax

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery.
  2. Olbax

    clan battles

    I like your sense of humour. And yes. It was a troll formation.
  3. Olbax

    clan battles

    Second evening. Sh*t got real and Stalingrad -heavy lineups were history.
  4. Olbax

    clan battles

    On several occasions we got our asses handed to us. Should have played 7 Stalins intead of only 5. Then we surely would have had 100% WR.
  5. Olbax

    clan battles

    Wanna guess why we fielded a Stalingrad lineup?
  6. Typhoon wins are elusive. Time to act and find a new home. Looking for a Typhoon/Storm I clan that actively plays CW and wants to bolster ranks. I'm familiar with TS & Discord. Played mostly Des Moines during CWs. Also able to captain DDs. Have experience from leading battles (if needed). Promise to attend at least 3 CW sessions / week Native in Finnish Fluent in English
  7. Olbax

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle. 1: Roma if available or Alabama 2: Prinz Eugen 3: Doubloons
  8. Smoke camping, Back row sniping & Behind an island radar problems solved: Every ship can only shoot targets they can directly spot. Ships spotted by team mates are only visible in the minimap.
  9. Did not use the offer. I see no reason to financially support the current state of affairs.
  10. Olbax

    April's Mini Mission

    Hopefully OP is not complaining about not having the possibility to grind that 1 day premium. Worth whopping 1,09 €.
  11. Olbax

    We need more BB's .

    WG conclusion from both posts: 'There still are too many cruisers.'
  12. Olbax

    0.6.3 micropatch issues 31st March

    Generally you get what you pay for. Competent SW testers cost money.
  13. Olbax

    New trend: DDs now camping behind the BBs

    My only rant is that the rules of engagement between DDs in cap contests are: 'One that shoots first is at significant disadvantage.'
  14. Olbax

    So, why don't you play Carriers?

    UI is the reason for me. WG should just copy the UI of Supreme Commander from 2007 and the gameplay would be several times more enjoyable.
  15. Olbax

    Patch 0.6.0 Patch Notes - RPF is still a thing

    Every-single-one of my PvP captains will have Concealment and RDF because intel aspects >> dmg/survivability.