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  1. CapitanoAraym

    [ROT8] - Seeking likeminded individuals for NSA fun

  2. CapitanoAraym

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    3rd day too with the problem. As it is unrevealing, I'm too one of those that downloaded the "pre-patch" a couple of days ago, and get it installed later. I'm already not so much into logging into WoW, as WG is constantly screwing the most loyal playerbase with questionable decision, but not being capable to find a solution is showing to me how this game is just a cash-grab enterprise that does not care at all about the people still trying to have some fun with it. I do not care if there is some browser pages that could let me recover some basic function: my ONLY reason to still playing this mess of a game is just having fun with clanmates, but with NO CHAT it is impossible to me, and "solo RANDOM" with the bunch of potatoes around is NOT what I'm looking for...
  3. CapitanoAraym

    [ROT8] - Seeking likeminded individuals for NSA fun

    I'm more than happy to confirm myself as one of the available recruiter to screen any application... ... even more if you are a girl. (YES: if you are guessing, I'm indeed one of the few cool italians in the game and in ROT8 clan )
  4. CapitanoAraym

    How should I play DD's in the current meta?

    THIS!!! I'm quite of a DD player too, and THIS is the most classic actions done by a CV: a fast fly over the caps, and maybe the row just before them in the straight path from spawn point to such caps. If you spawn from the sides in a map, try forst to move diagonally toward the borders... If you spawn in the center, or the needs basically will bring you toward the center of the map, slow down and pair with a cruiser: if you are going to use USA DDs to "learn" (they are very good in put you into DD discipline) you can practice how to use the LONGEST (duration) smoke in game: in the above mentioned tactic, you will get AA cover (kinda) from the cruiser, and also waste more time to the carrier if you use the same smoke not only to hide you, but also your companion cruiser. In case you can push to a cap, having a nearby cruiser hidden could also help when you meet the enemy DDs. The life of a Dd captain is harsh: you have to learn "what the enemy is thinking". As said by the message that I quoted, most of the CVs are quite the "egocentric": if they cannot find you, they feel not being useful and start to go hunting for damage, rather than patrolling. Once you see that they put out bombers and torped bombers, you know that they are stopped patrolling, feeling to have wasted time. Also, USA DDs are not really torp boat, until t.7 (the Mahan is the first one that has torpedo range bigger than the concealment) so it DOUBLE the reason for you to "choose" a fellow cruiser as mate, and use the smoke to cover him and then spot/share the smoke for sojme gunboating (if you are sure to have someone else spotting). When playing solo, with random player cruisers that I want to notice me in that role (I do it with every nation DD, very often... USA one are just the best as "smoke suppoet" because the smoke span for minutes and minutes), I use a simple trick: hit [F3] shortcut pointing at the cruiser that I choosen as "mate" (... the radio-button that tells "protect that ship"), to get his attention (the closest one... or someone that is sailing where I'm going to meet him, even if coming from different directions/spawn position)... ... then immediately the [F8] ("set a smoke screen") pinging in map (... [CTRL]+ clicking in the minimap) the area where I will probably use smoke once he will be spotted Eventually do it again if I notice that he didn't get the message. Unless oblivious potatoes, generally the message is received and you will make a friend, if you keep staying around and dropping smoke more than once for the same cruiser (that will enjoy free farming) meanwhile roaming just ON THE SIDE of the smoke to give him visual on enemy with my spotting/going to engage an enemy DD with him covering my back (Why staying just out of the smoke not in front of it but to a side??? because smoke is an enemy torpedo magnet, and you do not want to stay "in front of it" in the most probable path of enemy torps) Once you will get the Mahan, you will be also capable of stealth torpedo, so roaming at distance to drop undetected, meanwhile spotting, will became easier. BUT MOSTLY IN A CV MATCH do not feel compelled by any comment by anyone in your team about "not going straight to the cap": it's one of your role contest a cap, but it cames AFTER "not die". DD = patience. If the enemy start to cap, you immediately have the advantage to know "where are the enemy DDs", as your CV, that probabloy will start to drop there. You can deploy then your strategy, still undetected, with a better picture of the enemy strategy
  5. CapitanoAraym

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    And this year there are 32 Supercontainers: 3x 14 days premium 3x 7 days premium (for a total of 63 days) 1000 doublons 1500 steel 45000 coal 50000 free xp 900 assorted normal signals 150 assorted special/economic signals 450 assorted camos ... no ships (but I NEVER get ships.... in 5 years of WoW I got ONE ship only thru SC: the Monagan <--- I even forgot that existed untill I won it a couple of years ago )
  6. CapitanoAraym

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    Some fun facts: pretty normal, at 3400 battles only, to not have reached any t.10. To me, it tooks 5 years and 15.000+ battles to have (almost) all of them (disclaimer: I do not play carriers and I left behind a couple of line that didn't bothered to grind because "reasons", but I had plenty of time, if willing to have "everything"): with more than double your matches I was barelly into "a couple of t.10s"... do not expect to have the right to claim "the best rewards" if you are not nearly close... I saw plenty of "events" for t.10 owners long before I had one... If you want to enter the "club", play and grind. It's not a closed door... it needs just time: with 3400 battles, simply, you are close, but not exactly at the right address EVERYBODY, THEIR CAT, MICE AND DOGS is going to buy t.10 as soon as possible. There are people that (and it is evident by their stats, with entire tiers jumped) BUY WITH REAL MONEY doublons to convert free-xp to have t.10. If not, it takes time. You cannot complain if you have not enough time in game to claim the same rewards as long-timer players. maybe, then, they will not always play them (lack of premium account could put some strain in your credits, to have to play low tier, but with a good performance is easy to offset the malus even without premium... but ANYONE is going to buy t.10 in any case, even if playng them sometime only..) Wargaming is not compelled to give anything for free: they are simply (sort of) kind to reward those that spent time, efforts and value into the game. Upon them only decide "what" is the "measurement" of those efforts. They decided "t.10 ships" ages ago: it's fair enough to measure how involved player is (as said, I could have more t.10 ships too, but I'm not blaming WG if I do not like some line/I was just lazy: I'm getting what I played). It's a long practice now. Calling for a change just because you are still not there is just "entitlement" (sorry pal, but that is what I'm reading between your lines). if you are not at t.10, you will get in any case some rewards (camo/signals) that wisely spent could, in the near future, make your grind faster to get your future t.10 and get better reward the next year... like anyone else that didn't have t.10 when this "tradition" started, and put effort and time to get, now to the point to have the "right" to better rewards In the end, Wargamming is willing to give FOR FREE once in a while some rewards. They are not ordered to do so. They have plenty of flaws in a LOT of matters, but NOT in this case: your complains are just petty because you are looking at the "neighbour's grass" and seeing only how greener is, without measuring HOW LONG IT TOOKS to your "neighburs" to grew that. Do you want it: put efforts to have it, without asking "shortcuts" just because you have basically not even started to plant seeds... I have spoken. Have a nice World of Warships Anniversary.
  7. CapitanoAraym

    Assymetric Battle Poll

    Played 1 match, as low tier. As said in another post, I tried the Kamikaze R. It was just a Co-Op battle: a poor human in a Bismarck surrounded by bots. Blapped personally 3 ships, human included (it was not the brightest tool in the rack among playerbase). High tier team **could** have a chance if the setting were balanced enough (token cost) to have a steady presence of hi-tier players, but up to now it is not: even a single bot could impair greatly their capability and the hi-tier has to pray to have a CV with GOOD skills. Otherwise the sheer DPM from low tier is unbearable and if the low tier can work as group, any hi-tier dd get vaporized as soon spotted by the "low tier wolfpack", a single BB focused by anything with guns and HE burn like paper in a furnace, hi tier cruisers have to be in any case aware of BB shells if they simply make a mistake. Left the mode, to farm my dose of supercontainer, but I'm not so amused to try it again, if it ends to be just a glorified Co-Op...
  8. CapitanoAraym

    Expert Marksman is currently bugged

    Can we have a WG statement about THIS?
  9. CapitanoAraym

    detonation with one torp to kur!!!!!

    If HP less than 75%, any hit (ANY) to a sensible compartment (it means: near enough the citadel) = an RNG check = KABLAAAAAM!!! It is called "detonation". A "fun mechanic" to recall the historical (mostly british) feature of having random lucky hit exploding ammo magazines/sinking a whole ship (alike the Hood against the Bismarck, or multiple ship in the Battle of Jutland). Solution: the antidetonation signal, a "must to have" (alike the camo) basically on any ship, if you want to avoid disappointment. ... and actually it is "better" than in old days, when detonation could happen IN ANY MOMENT, even on a 100% HP ship. I remember a full HP North Carolina of mine that "detonated" in a (failed) torpedo beat, when the torp spread was too narrow and, in my naivety, I decided "better take one only torp on the tip of the bow rather than more than one on the side"... one torpedo hit, in fact, exactly ON THE BOW TIP (the most far possible point to any ammo magazine) but, in any case, RNGesus decided "nope... you have to KABLAM 3 mins into the battle". Since then, never left port withoud antideto signal.