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  1. CapitanoAraym

    #Funtage Video Contest!

    Nobody here?
  2. CapitanoAraym

    Qualche consiglio e suggerimento per iniziare

    I consigli generici che ti hanno dato sono, ovviamente, buoni. Qualcosa di più tecnico, soprattutto per alcune meccaniche più fini, lo puoi vedere approfittando di alcuni consigli in video: ... a breve la serie dovrebbe essere completata dall'ultima parte, che il nostro buon Francesile della IRN sta terminando ;) Per il resto, tanti buoni esempi pratici (con i dovuti distinguo di abilità e cu-...ehm... fortuna rispetto a noi poveri mortali) li puoi vedere spulciando Youtube con quei player internazionali che, giocando nei tornei, mostrano veramente al meglio cosa le varie navi possono fare sul serio: Flamu (anche su twitch, come flamuu) è il più conosciuto, ma ci puoi mettere assieme anche alcuni altri del clan OMNI... Notser (più "normale" come giocatore, ma comunque buono in consigli) e tutti quei vari altri replay su youtube che mostrano i migliori risultati in game di altri giocatori sparsi Alle volte qualche immagine spiega di più di mille parole
  3. CapitanoAraym

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Bugs

    Italian premium battleship "Giulio Cesare" has a DISTURBING visual bug: in her nameplate, her name is "Ciulio", with C, when is "Giulio", using the G!!!!!
  4. CapitanoAraym

    BB Giulio Cesare

    Gielo diciamo alla WarGaming che il nome, sulla chiglia, dev'essere "Giulio", con la "G", e non "Ciulio" con la C???
  5. CapitanoAraym

    World of Tanks - Armada: Guillio Cesare...wtf?!?!?!

    ... "TANKS"?!? ... "GUILLIO"??!!??!!?? ... ERROR 404: we don't care if not rusky... C'é così tanto di sbagliato che se scrivo altro mi cacciano, da quanto sono inferocito!
  6. CapitanoAraym

    Arp-Kirishima voice again scrambled with Iona one...

    Sadly my personal "mod" About Kirishima is not working anymore, since the change in audio compression/newest sounds in the game. The only actual workaround to not have Iona talkig using Kirishima is just to select Kirishima voice from settings option for ALL captain, play Kirishima at our heart content, then change back to the standard voices (I use by default the "national" audio, to have each of them sound in the language they should have)
  7. ... controfirmando Francesile, aggiungo: si tornerebbe a far "squadra" assieme come ai vecchi tempi dei tier 4-5, Giolonutz. Quando s'era sbarbatelli del gioco e scarsamente equipaggiati
  8. CapitanoAraym

    Balance changes

    Stealth fire removing? Not particulary amazed neither before, with some ships only able to do it (pretty unfair advantages to some ships, where others have not), neither now, with ALL the swhips levelled on the same ground. I found lacking some of the example above: Akizuki (I have it) will have trouble if alone, but the same role of the Akizuki was about a "fleet destroyer", meant to move with the fleet, playing AAA role and anti-dd role to protect bigger ships, not being an invisible ninja firing behind visual... The same example made by eliastion worked even now against any Akizuki: you start firing to a target (confiding on your stealth firing), only then experiencing that a much closer opponent is inside your detection range is still keeping you spotted for the next 20 seconds then you were nailed (generally another DD, but as it is the game now, even a bunch of cruisers have a non-firing detection lower than my own when firing: IJN... US... RN... all kind of cruiser that could be inside or at the edge of the unsecure zone for me to fire). Now you have just to keep your eyes a bit more open, rather than making damage with impunity. Basically you have to become a "good player" like anyelse that cannot rely on sthealt firing (by ship characteristics), rather than those kind of players that do not play the WHOLE game, but just those sparse ships that offer a BIG advantage of some kind (stealth firing... HE spam mechanics... BELFAST - a whole OP ship... Chapayev -with a radar zone bigger than his concealment, to trap DDs...). I'm more contrary about the carrier removal of manual drop... AND I'm talikg as the receiving end of them, as I play all the 3 classes with guns (DDs, BBs and CAs) but NOT any carrier (I'm not in micro-management needed, and i never liked the "satellite view" of the battles). WG actually removed a way to learn to be useful in a carrtier (for presumed "seal-clubbing" ability of more advanced player coming back at lower tier), just to open the seal-club party to other classes, piloted by a skilled player: my ninja DDs torping and sinking battleships that, piloted by new players, sail straight... my BBs, capable to wipe out CAs (I love my Kongos: playing it I can pretty do hard pwning, but not only at her t.5... I'm not ashamed to go against t.6 or even t.7 - My best target is hunt Sharnhorsts: small guns bouncing if I'm angled, more guns on my kongo to rip them piece by piece, speed to dictate engagement unlike other later BBs), now will have an easier job to stay alive and MORE PWN lower experienced players... my CAs, that now I have just to swing around to fool plane's drops of any kind (WASD-hack) and keep killing enemy DDs and burning enemy BBs... REMOVING OF MANUAL DROP FOR CARRIER IS BAD: new players in low tier carriers will be only frustrated by lackustre opportunity to do something, now, in a whole, because it's only the game that decide on your performance, and not just because they are, in meantime, learning HOW to do it. About stealth fire (as a gunner-type of player by myself) find me absolutely indifferent. Neither now (a far away stealth firing enemy needed just to be left a bit behind, to not be anymore a problem, moving away generally only one kilometer will be sufficent) neither after (I always found lacking of actual taking part on the battle of those that, relinquishing in second-third row, never did anything aside firing when sure nobody can fire back). EDIT1: My ideas about "firing detectability balancement", to be in the between of actual gameplaying is and the proposed WG balancing for 0.6.3. WG should just make the larger detectability in par for the gun reload. BBs? they reload for 30 secs = you are visible for the same time (YES: firing is meant to receving fire back... this will make UNhappy players like the US hi-tier BBs, capable to appear and disappear at long ranges during reload if actually stealth-concealment focused)... CAs: 20 to 15 seconds, based on their guns (similar or a bit better than now)... finally gun-boat DDs, that could NOT have a full stealth, but a "blinking" stealth-ability: you clearly give you your position, but you can disappear in few seconds if far away enough, as your smaller guns reload faster (up to the captain to be still detected, keeping firing, or be the "ghost" that appear and disappear). That will be also a balancement for those "bigger gun DDs" that actually are most played just for the advantage they have: it will be a trade to be more spottable against smaller guns DDs, capable to evade faster...
  9. CapitanoAraym

    [MOD] Arpeggio Kirishima voice fix

    Even if was fixed for some release and then for other ones the problem reverted back, until 0.6.1 was possible to change/rename some of the audio files related to Arpeggio ships to have Kirishima (human form) to use the voices from Kirishima-Yotaroh (bear form) instead to sound like Iona. BUT from 0.6.2 all the audio files are now packed in .pkg archive format, difficoult to manage for a lot of users. So, waiting for WG to, eventually, fix this audio bug, using some files I saved from 0.6.1, this little mod could be used: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qe4mqlz431i7iw6/Arpeggio_fixed.zip?dl=0 INSTALLATION: 1- simply copy the content of the zip file (as it is) in the folder "res_mods" of your copy of World of Warships 2- enjoy Kirishima voice playing with Kirishima in human form
  10. After a bit of work, reading here and there how to mod sound banks, I was capable actually to put back my "corrected Arp voice pack" in res_mods and made it work to let Kirishima talk like Kirishima (actually Kirishima_Yotaroh, the only available bank with the right voice) and no more like Iona. As it could be useful for other players too, could I handle it back to your "modding group" to be again published here? (I cannot guarantee to eventually keep it in check, when here it could right "sponsored" by your periodic "bump" as other mods will be updated)
  11. CapitanoAraym

    Arp-Kirishima voice again scrambled with Iona one...

    I still have the "corrected by me" voices, sorted in folders as they were before, in 0.6.1: that is not the issue. As I never modded, I'm trying to figure how make them a functional "audio mod", but focused only to sound with Arp ships, not making it a complete change to "all the voices", even when playing national ships. For the moment I'm lacking to have found a proper folders tree inside "res_mod" folder... EDIT: NEVER MIND! I found how to make the right folders tree in res-mod, to let Kirishima talk as Kirishima, and not like Iona.
  12. CapitanoAraym

    Update 0.6.2 Feedback - Sound Improvements

    Arp-Kirishima (human form) still sounds like Iona. Now that all the sounds are packed in compressed .pkg, is no more possible (with a bit of good personal will) move and rename those from Kirishima-Yotaroh (teddy-bear form) to have the correct voice. Will there be a day when it will be definitelly addressed by Wargaming and corrected?
  13. Simple as stated in the title: with patch 0.6.2, and the audio files now encripted in .pgk file format, Arp-Kirishima - human form (at least on my end) sounds again like Iona. It was corrected for a while, up to around, when it reverted back to have Iona files. With the old file system, it was possible just to swap and rename the .wem audio file from Kirishima-Yotaroh (teddy bear) to work as Kirishima... ... but updating, the system deleted them, to package in .pgk Is an issue localized only for me, or is it a common problem? Is there any doable workaround now with the .pgk compressed format? But, mostly: could Wargaming simply, once for forever, just use the above Kirishima-Yotaroh-bear sounds files for Kirishima-human???
  14. Kirishima sounds like Kirishima (at leasdt on my end) only if I select Kirishima-bear (Yotaro). But that way ANY ship sound like Kirishima "National" or the proper "Kirishima", and it sounds like Iona. It was corrected for a couples of WoW versions (I rejoiced at the time), but then, around, WG went back again mixing files (so I saved my sound banks and continously "corrected" them manually) but now... meh... no more .wem files to mess
  15. Any idea how to modify again and fix Arp-Kirishima's voice? Back in time, up to last 0.6.2, I simply swapped/renamed those from Kirishima in Yotaro-bear folder... ... now WG has compressed all the sounds in something no more easily accessible like before. Any hint about it? -EDIT- P.s.: I saved the whole old Arp voices pack "corrected", to overwrite any new client installation that continously messed up Kirishima until 0.6.2 hits, but now is it not working anymore. If it could help having those files just pm me here, I could send a zip to someone that could "hack" the newly pkg files...