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  1. alalos

    5.1: US Destroyer NERFs?!

    this patch did kinda kill dd´s... if no1 noticed.. you can be spoted through island now.. aslong you stay in 2.5km range.... yes sonar increases even the spot range through islands... we abused that sheet right hell... wth is wrong with WG ?
  2. alalos

    Border "fix" annoying surprise

    this is just perfect ! Thanks WG !
  3. alalos

    Equipment and camo for Atago

    shibu greetings. for the newbies here.. some people did play the beta and some matches with their WoT account... since WG announced back in the days.. that you couldn´t join another clan when you have one in WoT .. guess what ? Old account.. dead.. new account.. iam sick to say that all the time. Nor i won´t change to my WoT account when iam posting .. using 2 accounts is forbidden.. so.. i write with the one iam using. Would you take an advice of a 45% cruiser player ? Realy ? Would you ? Guess not... its common sense.. when it comes down to modules. These aren´t expert questions... and i didn´t give expert advices.. just random stuff which apply to almost every ship. If you find me posting in a battleship ( and maybe CV ) thread... you can correct me.. cause iam a pretty avg cv player... except the sealclubbing fraction tier 4 and 5 .. battleships aren´t my style.. so i don´t play them.
  4. alalos

    Balance Destroyers for goodness sake!

    i ask again.. why balance each ship to another ? Some ships have strength and ships have weakspots... so ... ? Make them all the same ? I did write that in WoT like 3 or even 4 years ago in the beta... make everything the same... flat map.. no one can move and let them shot eachother.. great fun ! I know people have problem to see their own weakness.. how they could possible spot the weakness and strength in their whole team. There are cv´s and you have 6x Us Ca´s ? Good.. move together the dd problem is solved too... the enemy must think.. cool lets kill those us cruisers so our cv and dd´s can work.. what happens ? Right booning.
  5. alalos

    Balance Destroyers for goodness sake!

    why is that a problem ? You can handle higher tier dd´s pretty well in a lower tier dd.. aslong they are from the same nation. If a tier 7 US dd want to kill me in my tier 9 IJN dd.. all i can do is run.. and since iam slightly slower in my tier 9 dd... well good luck. for me at the higher tiers.. it is more of a problem if there are 2 us dds vs 2 ijn dds... cause they normaly do what they are made for.. hunting dd´s. but thats okay ! the problem starts here : battleships shoting other battleships instead of cruisers.. cruisers shoting battleships instead of other cruisers/dds if there are more cruisers.. the dd´s having an hard time.. okay so be it.. same with cv´s and other stuff.. thats the game... why try to balance it when the skill of the teams isn´t balanced ?
  6. alalos

    Tips To Make You Unstoppable

    shots are fired.. outch lol
  7. alalos

    Equipment and camo for Atago

    I give you 1 hint... before you listen to people.. check their profile and ingame stats. camo vs accu : camo : okay you get 3% camo whats your firing range ? how close you have to be ? Firing your guns will add spotting range on your ship.. how much are your firing ? firing accu : how often are you spotted ? do you get shot alot ? moduls : what is your main weapon ? How often do you use torps and how often they getting destroyed ? There is no torp ammo which can explode ( keep that in mind ) steering or engine ? what is more important...? Keep moving or able to go left and right for about 15 seconds till you run out of speed and stand still ? How often your engine breaks down ? How often your steering gear ? A sitting duck is a dead duck. *these are more general things.. you need adapt that to your own gamestyle*
  8. alalos

    Jap CV vs US CV

    that is the perfect scenario. We had yesterday in our team 2 tier 6 us cv´s vs 2 tier 6 ijn cv´s.. guess what ? US CV´s stats : 0 kills 39 planes IJN CV´s stats : 5 kills 23 planes okay... our team wasn´t the smartest when it came down to avoiding torps.. but they were together.. and our cv´s even failed to protect the last 3 ships from torp runs. this happens... 2 skilled cv cpt will always find a way to counter the enemy cv here and there... but at the end.. it depends just how skilled the cv guys are... and how "stupid" the enemy team is. There is no 100% protection.
  9. alalos

    Causing Damage but no Credit for Sinking.

    since you care so much.. why not makeing a thread about spotting xp / credits and capping xp / credits ?
  10. alalos

    Balance Destroyers for goodness sake!

    the last 4 days.. i did end up with 3-4+ dd´s on both sides... not so many cv´s tho. ( i mean at tier 9 ) It was a matter of time since you could see so many dd´s at tier 4-6.. so somewent to the higher tiers. But in my book (i never did play battleships past tier 5 since i dont like the playstyle ) dd´s are the hardest at tier 6 and 7.. the gameplay changes alot... and alot of people getting frustrated ( pointing at the mutsuki.. that was realy hard as a new player )
  11. alalos

    Causing Damage but no Credit for Sinking.

    in a teammatch it doesn´t matter who gets the last hit.. a dead gun is a dead gun and points for your team.
  12. alalos

    Average winrate

    a draw is draw..okay.. how much xp do you get for a win ? how much xp you get for a draw and how much xp you get for a lose ? See ? Answer that question... and you see what i mean. Doesn´t matter anyways.. since the last big patch.. there aren´t any draw anymore.. so they are a non factor anyways. About your damage.. 20k in a tier 8 ship ? 65% winratio ? That means he kills dd´s and caps alot.. and knows how to win matches. Even that player got 1.00 kills each match and survives 30% of his matches. A player with 60k avg damage and 45% winratio is still a player who loses more as he wins ( in my defenition of draws ). *don´t tell me you never did rage about the battleships who are sniping in the last line near the cv and end up with 80k useless damage* *since your playing minekaze too with an higher avg as me.. but a way less k/d .. guess why my wirnatio is much higher as yours ? correct.. i dont yolo for 65k damage kills into the enemy for a battleship kill.. for your info i did lose 9 % winratio over the last 40 played matches since i dont play my minekaze in streaks anymore.. and i need always some matches to adjust my gameplay again.. at 50 matches i was somewhere at 85% winratio* the winratio tells the truth.. maybe not at 200 matches since you can be lucky here n there.. but you get bad teams too.. so it is even.Sometimes it is better to camp with your 3-10k hp in a corner as to do an extra 20k damage and to win a match by camp cap.
  13. alalos

    Tips To Make You Unstoppable

    75% of these kills.. were pure luck.. and like he said in his video.. stupid players. http://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1002165061-Claus_Kellerman/#tab=pvp/account-tab-ships-pvp/Minekadze-pvp these are those unstoppable dd stats..... but i give you credits to promo your yt channel even in eu. bump
  14. alalos

    TX - we need some changes

    plenty ? with your *cough* 65 tier 8 matches ? see that´s what i mean.. it is bullsheet. It is the same thing as in WoT ... *all i can say fail division*.. they do have all stats.. and don´t need to listen to people.. who did play 65 tier 8 matches and ended up in plenty of X matches. *shakes his heads.. and goes away.. keep doing w/e your doing here guys* oh and btw.. Tier 9 and 10 should be so expensive.. that bad players should ran out of credits by playing it..imo
  15. alalos

    Average winrate

    50% is avg for me.. draw are no wins.. so you failed. everything under 48% is bad. if you bring up the division thingy.. check the ranked matches. If the winratio is the same like for random matches.. you can spot a good/bad player.. and division or not.. the guy/girl knows how to win matches. At the end of the day.. it doesn´t matter.. aslong your not flaming in the forum.....trying to fix the game... or command the team.. who cares about stats ? *i have always to laugh when people with 4x % coming to the forum and trying to tell people something is broken.. oh and yeah.... mixed ship wise iam at 60% too.. just as info*