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  1. atlasapl

    Ere we go again

    Same here. Except I jump into Skyrim and run around for a bit while chopping a few heads off. Makes me feel so much better.
  2. atlasapl

    Tier 6 Premium ship

    Making credits should NOT be your primary goal. Any premium you buy, should suit how you play/want to play. That will always make you more credits anyway. BB's Warspite Arizona Prinz Eitel Friedrich Cruisers Duca D'Aosta Perth Graf Spee I don't play DD's or CV's so can't comment on those. Arizona is the only one of those BB's I have not played, but its reputation is extremely good. Warspite is very strong, slow turrets. I personally did not like it. The P.E.Friedrich I played on my NA account a few times as a free rental, and I liked it. Played the Graf Spee. Different playstyle. Fun, great torpedo angles. Perth is a Leander. Haven't played the Italian one.
  3. I could have sworn they did on mine before requesting a restoration. Maybe not.
  4. Its easy to check what you sold. Go to your list of modules, flags, camo's etc you have that you can sell. Sorry I am at work, cant remember what its called. Senior moment. Look at your list of camo's. It will list all the special ship camo's that cant be sold. Thats how I reminded myself what I had sold previously.
  5. atlasapl

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My greatest gaming achievement today, was getting my Gascogne up to 50% win rate. Its been a struggle to get my head around. Got to low 30's until I changed my approach for captain skills and upgrades, and as a consequence how I play it.
  6. atlasapl

    Why not a WW2 simulation event? Axis VS Allies

    World of Warplanes has tried this a few times. The problem with that wasn't the balance of aircraft. Japanese turn fighters played correctly are a match for allied turn fighters. The same for high altitude interceptors. In the higher tiers it was a close run thing. But in the popular mid tiers the allies were overwhelming winners. But that could be down to the Spitfire being incredibly strong mid tiers. I guess in WoWS you would also get a clear split in results based on tiers. I do like the idea though.
  7. Buying a container with the risk of either getting something or getting nothing is gambling in my opinion. As long as the content of the loot crate is always at least equal to cost of the crate then thats a different story. I guess value is open to debate. But people always want the big shiny things when they buy loot crates.
  8. atlasapl

    AA still not good enough.

    The CV in the game I had was a tier 8 Shokaku. But the responses assuming either the player was poor or a low level CV are expected. Lets face it, once an elitist on this forum gets an opinion in their head, there is no point continuing the conversation. As was the case two years ago when I stopped playing, as is the case now I have started again.
  9. atlasapl

    AA still not good enough.

    I had a game in my Gascogne earlier today. The fact I did 100k damage isn't the important part. What was more interesting was the fact I did over 47k damage (on top of that) to aircraft alone, and shot 33 of them down. Did I take a torp or two? Yes. Did I take a bomb or two, again yes. But the carrier player kept on coming and trying his/her best. That was with a 12 point captain, without either BFT or AFT. Clearly A.A. is working somewhere.
  10. atlasapl

    Consecutive losses

    That's pretty much what I do. But I have had bad runs in a ship, even when I have switched back and forth with other things.
  11. atlasapl

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    With a win rate of only 38%, I gave up on my secondary build for the Gascogne as it compromised the ship far too much (plus I still have to get comfortable with it). Still only have a 12 point captain, but re-rolled his skills and changed my upgrades to suit. This was my first game after that. Not a scientific example of a much better build, but it was a very close game that went down to the wire. 100K damage is the highest I have done in it. But over 47k damage to planes was the surprising stat.
  12. atlasapl

    German Battleships Secondaries

    The range on my Gascogne secondary guns is currently 10.6km. So I guess they are an annoyance to make people think twice. Its why I was considering the manual secondary skill for the increased accuracy.
  13. atlasapl

    Tirpitz players and obsession with torps

    The highest damage game I have currently had (179k), was in my Amagi. Towards the end of the game, I ended up at the far eastern part of the map against a Tirpitz. He had noticeably more health than me so I turned away, reducing to half speed. He followed, but at no point fired his main guns at me. I on the other hand continued to shoot at him, chipping away at his health. Clearly he was watching his torpedo tracking and nothing else. He got half way along side me at a very close range, fired his torps and missed. Unfortunately for him, I didnt miss giving him a full broadside. Those torps can be very handy. But at the end of the day the Tirpitz is a battleship. Some players forget that.
  14. atlasapl

    German Battleships Secondaries

    This thread makes me re-think my whole strategy around a secondary build. Its not something I have done previously when I played two years ago. But I now have BB's that are clearly going to need a secondary build. I have a Gascogne, which I enjoy playing, but the traditional 14 point secondary build doesnt include IFHE skill. I was thinking I would need it, but I wonder now. I could re-roll the skills now and dump BFT as there are some other skills at level 3 that would be really handy to have.
  15. atlasapl

    Best coin maker - oct 2019?

    Best coin maker is a premium account with the 'Signal Flags - Ultimate Offer' which is normally less than £10. You get the following flags:- Equal Speed Charlie London: +50% to XP per battle India Bravo Terrathree: –10% to the cost of the ship's post-battle service Zulu: +20% to credits per battle Papa Papa: +300% to Free XP per battle Zulu Hotel: +50% to Commander XP per battle You get 100 of each flag. You don't need to buy a premium ship for making credits. Get a premium account and those flags. Making extra credits then works for all your ships, not just the premium one.