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  1. atlasapl

    My first impressions of New Operation

    Quite enjoy this op. Played it around 6 times, got 5 stars twice. Once in the Scharnhorst, once in the ARP Myoko. Will give both the Algerie and Pensacola a go.
  2. I would just like to find a supercontainer. But if I did, either the Ishizuchi or Prinz Eugen.
  3. atlasapl

    What happend to Ashitaka?

    No idea. I haven't seen anything regarding the release spec.
  4. atlasapl

    What happend to Ashitaka?

    She is in the shop now. £29 for just the ship, up to £66 for the top Admirals bundle.
  5. atlasapl

    The Gneisenhau. Deliberate error?

    And had you spent 30 minutes reading some history web sites, you would have your answer.
  6. atlasapl

    So... Endless queue issue

    I quite enjoyed the 12 Nassau v 12 Nassau while it lasted. If there is an over population of BB's waiting in the queue, then put them together in a random. Subtle it ain't, but loads of fun it is.
  7. atlasapl

    How much do you like WOWS?

    And here we have somebody who thinks one dimensional. Not everybody is AFK through intention, and not everybody who doesnt move straight away is AFK. Some players wait and see where a) his/her team goes b) the other team heads, and then moves to the appropriate sector. Then real life gets in the way on occasions, kids/phones etc. Its fine for those of you who don't have any responsibilities and can just sit on your arse all day and play games, but those of us who live in the real world cant predict when we have to get up and do something. Now I doubt you (or WG) can some up with an algorithm that can differentiate between a player who is AFK through nefarious reasons, and somebody who is AFK because they had to answer the door.
  8. atlasapl

    What's the point of upgrading?

    Skipping the Colorado is an option, but I wouldn't recommend it. It took me a long time to 'Get it'. Disrespect the Colorado at your peril, its a tough old boot that packs a punch when played right. But as always, don't play it in its base configuration. The lack of speed is practically irrelevant in most scenarios you will find yourself in (you should be used to slow BB's by T7), and those 16" guns are always relevant.
  9. atlasapl

    How much do you like WOWS?

    I assume all those who voted 1 or 2 either dont play the game anymore or are liars. After all, why would anybody play a game they think is rubbish. Lets face it, most people are not totally honest when it comes to public opinions like this. They tend to exaggerate and simplyfy. For me, its beteeen 3 & 4. Somethings I dont like, some I do. But as a game I dip into now and then, its fine. For those who have played 10K+ games, maybe the problem is you. I dont mean that as an insult, but after that many games, just what else is there to discover? If the game really is stagnent to you, why have you not moved on to something new.
  10. atlasapl

    Argument to replace HMS Iron duke already

    A joke thread mate. Seriously, you think the Iron Duke is weak? Based on what? You havent even played it yet. As for HMS Canada! Give over. Iron Duke not being in the main tree is laughable. HMS Canada could be a premium at some point, but it doesnt belong in the main tree, not in place of HMS Iron Duke.
  11. atlasapl

    Destroyer Line for a Beginner

    There are two reason why I wanted to try DD's out:- 1) I wanted to play something different prior to the RN BB's coming out. 2) I thought it was time (as a BB player) that I understood DD gaming more. Only way to do that is by playing them. I have both the Wakatake & Wicks. From my limited time in them, clearly the Wicks is better, but I think the Wakatake will suit how I would like to play them more. But one assumption about DD's I had that has born out to be true, they are a real blast to play, but getting your positioning right isn't easy. Certainly not from a BB players prospective. Survival is still a slight issue, even if sinking ships isn't.
  12. I have lots of codes and stuff. Nothing I actually play, but as its all free, I wont complain.
  13. atlasapl

    British battleships incoming

    There is absolutely no doubt that some players are afraid to move forward and get stuck in. We all want to win and not let the team down. But if you don't take risks, you never find the answers on how to play effectively, what ever the class/Tier you are at.
  14. atlasapl

    Destroyer Line for a Beginner

    Had a quick dabble with T3 DD's (Wakatake, Wickes, & G-101), in coop as I have never played DD's before. The G-101 is ok, nice torp arcs. But the IJN and USN feel way better (after only a handful of games in each, mind you). The Wickes has the edge over the Wakatake for me, as it has torps on both sides. So you can swing around and have a second go without waiting for them to reload. Plus I had a 13 point USN captain sat around without a ship to go in. As I am working nights until Monday, and then I am away for a week, I wont have much chance to play much more until after I get back. But the few games I have played have been a blast. OK its not representative as its only coop, but never the less. Fun it was, so I shall pursue it further for a while.
  15. atlasapl

    Destroyer Line for a Beginner

    Food for thought. Thanks. You do all realise don't you that me playing DD's is probably going to be hilariously bad.