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  1. ghostbuster_

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    at least we have a no fly zone after the rework. before 8.0 we had many no fly zones which were much biger than this new one with 8,6 km range. its funny to see people already complaining about this new AA. rework is crap but at least AA changes with 8.5 made the game a bit more playable. edit: you asked how you are suppoesed to play cvs after 8.5. because you are not enjoying them anymore. i have a question for you. did you give a sht about DDs who didnt enjoy the game at all after the rework? not only DDs every other class until 8.5 suffered because of the rework. and now just because AA got a bit stronger, you are complaining here. btw. new AA is still much wearker than the AA before the rework.
  2. ghostbuster_


    you mean the red houses on shore? you have to explain it man. otherwise it might be too complicated for him to understand
  3. ghostbuster_

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    yeah i witnessed that yesterday. my div mate got 60 plane kills because enemy cv wanted him dead.
  4. ghostbuster_

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    her AA is insane. she is like pre-rework full AA spec grozovoi.
  5. ghostbuster_

    No 1 in after battle list.

    for some reason i knew that someone was going to come with stupid "all luck" claim. thats why i posted this: and El2aZeR gave you the answer already.
  6. ghostbuster_

    No 1 in after battle list.

    Better player= has more impact on game, does more his team to win= higher WR. Simple as this. In div or not. In div wr can get higher because of the comunication between those players.but also to achieve high wr in div, players in that div should be good nd should do tbeir part to win.
  7. ghostbuster_

    Is this some kind of joke

    Replay dude, replay.so we can see if its the game or just bad aim.
  8. ghostbuster_

    No 1 in after battle list.

    Scoring the top is easy. Just farm damage and there you go. However wr is another story. Its a good/best indicator to player skill. No, WR is not just luck. No, people with high WR are not that lucky to get good teams. And no, they are not getting better teams because they have premium time either. (Wanted to say these before anyone comes with those stupid claims) they are just good players.
  9. ghostbuster_

    Angry Rant

    citadel is getting the position where it should be. underwater citadel makes the ships tardproof and this is dumb. besides rising the citadel is only gonna affect [edited] who shows broadside in them. nerfing the heal?`what are you talking about? that heal is already stupid AF and its getting buffed...
  10. ghostbuster_

    80 K Free exp

    then why do you care about few signal flags that much? if you think its hard and not worth to grind 80k free xp, just dont do it.
  11. ghostbuster_

    Oh no Kremlin isnt OP

    Lol! This is not 45 degrees but almost full broadside. "Shows broadside, doesnt notice that he is showing broadside, thinks that he is angled, gets blaped, comes to forum and starts to whine. btw. that happens while he was playing in a T9 ship. T9 and he still doesnt know how to angle" perfect example to 90% of wows' playerbase
  12. ghostbuster_

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    No! Those would be straight up buffs to ships. A henry with radar? Or a dm with leg module+engine boost? Shima with torp reload? Yamato with reload booster? Hell no.
  13. ghostbuster_

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    much better than re-grinding everything.
  14. ghostbuster_

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Like you said people didnt like the idea of buffing the ships as reward. It was one of the WGs most terrible ideas. But you are missing something. Not only the rewards were a bad idea. This whole regrind concept is just stupid. And if i remember it right, playerbase also made it clear that they dont like the regrind concept. So, new ideas? Forget about this NTC thing completely. Who the hell does come with all those tarded ideas anyway...
  15. before introducing something like naval training center, open an in-game vote and let it last at least 2-3 months to get as may people as possible to vote. this is a huge and also a very unnecessary addition. seriously WG-devs, wtf are you smoking with every new patch im getting pushed further away from the game. its ridiculous.