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  1. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    @MacArthur92 you call them dead admirals but sometimes they can see what you or someone else in team doing wrong in your team and give suggestions. and when it comes to insults and command spams, its most likely one or 2 who does these things. just mute that one or two. but muting all the players in battle is just dumb.
  2. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    and how often you got insulted in chat? every battle? dosnt matter how often you get a valuable info in chat. even once in 100 battles would be enought not to mute the entire chat.
  3. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    have you ever thought that maybe someone is gonna ask you to radar or he is gonna give you a valuable information like "gonna radar in 15, keep your guns reloaded"?
  4. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    exactly thats why i asked for replay. so we can see the reason behind it. and ofc to tell OP what he was doing wrong.
  5. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    i said, its internet and you shouldnt care about language here. DONT BE A SNOWFLAKE with other words. instead of that, try to improve. maybe the other guy has right and you can learn something from it even he abused you verbally. so this is not promoting. let me show you how would promoting look like: "just use verbal abuses againt those [edited] because those [editeds] can only understand what you are trying to say in that way." see the difference?
  6. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    promoting? telling him not to focus on language but on content because of the possibility of learning something new and improving himself is promoting verbal abuse? jesus... wows playerbase is really mindblowing
  7. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    you might learn something by reading the chat if you kept it on. but you dont care, do you? yesterday for example a guy wasted 15 mins after the battle with telling me how he is gonna report me to WG because he thought i was using an illegal mod. and i think he wasted another 30 mins just to submit a ticket with 15 screanshots. (he said 15 ss). i tried to explain him what he did wrong and what he had to do, why he got blaped by me. didnt even use a bad language. worst thing i said was: "what the f.ck are you talking about?" so, that guy kept saying that he knows how this game works better than me and how the support works, when my account is going to be blocked and so on. so he wasted like min 45 mins for that. he could have taken 5 mins and think about what he did wrong. i must add he was a complete potato with 6k+ battles. he could learn something from what i told him. but no. those kind of people i mean. they have their own opinion, altough its a useless one, they dont want to listen anyone regardless what kind of language he uses. like i said, people get angry and need to cool down sometimes. its an online game dont focus on language. focus on content. try to understand why that guy was telling you these things.
  8. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    like said, maybe he did it just to cool down. why would you care that much about bad language and again, if you do your job and help the team win, you wont get that bad language in chat. if everyone put the same effort at improving his/her gameplay instead of thinking how to report bad language in chat, there wouldnt be potatoes in this game.
  9. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    not for me ffs. there is one goal of this game and its winning. if someone tells you to do something, its for the team to win.
  10. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    dude you are missing one thing. this is an online game. . you are just in the same team with with a random person. dont mix it with real life. instead of caring too much about the language, focus on what he or she is trying to say. you may learn something usefull about gameplay and maybe you dont make the same mistakes again and again.
  11. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    so just because someone yelled at you and told you to do something, you dont do it altough its the right thing to do? ... no words
  12. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    i dont even remember when someone talked to me like this last time. maybe its just me then? btw. lets see the replay why the OP heard those words.
  13. ghostbuster_

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    oh boy! wouldnt that be nice
  14. ghostbuster_

    Reporting chat abusers

    im gonna give much simple solution. play better, try to learn from any advice and you are not gonna hear those kind of words from other players.
  15. ghostbuster_

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    doesnt have enough game knowladge to understand this. so i didnt even bother to write it. he just wants to be able to attack anyship with his reworked cvs without losing anyplanes and then clap his hands like a little happy seal. thats why he is whining about the "strong" AA