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  1. ghostbuster_

    Plans for changing division matchmaking?

    so you are defeated by 3 people who were actually helping eachother and playing as a team and you are asking WG to do something about it? there is no change needed. play as a team aswell and you can win. its that easy. much easier than coming to forum and asking for some stupid change.
  2. ghostbuster_

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    CVs were OP back in Beta. When there wasnt strafing mechanic, much weaker AA and insane amount of strike planes. (Hakus 5 torp squads) but right now, CVs are far away from being OP with all the counters they have. Besides its the easiest class to counter. Stick with your teammates and you are gonna eat maybe 2 torps from one CV strike. If you sail all alone in a CV game, ofc you are gonna get destroyed by CV and you are gonna think that CVs are OP. But this is just dumb. But like many players have been saying: AP bombs are r.tarded and should be removed.
  3. ghostbuster_

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    does it matter? they f.ck up a drop and they can restart their planes. no punishement or anything. and enemy Cv can be much better than him, its also fine since he cant do anything about that guy. ofc there are gonna be people who will suck even with that new CVs. look at the tardproof ships we have right now. aka BBs. (btw. new CVs are even more r.tardproof than BBs we have right now.) there are people who cant do anything with those. or belfast. the definition of being OP. there are "people" who manage to score the bottom with her. to sum up, even if you gave laser guided missiles to some ships which would require only to click LMB to oneshot anything, there would be "people" who would score at the bottom of the scoreboard with those ships. so, saying "you still had people finish bottom of the scoreboard in them" doesnt change the fact that new CV gameplay is tardproof.
  4. ghostbuster_

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    i also played them on test server and yes they are. you dont have to worry about losing planes since you dont hangar limit! you dont have to worry about enemy CV outplaying you and dominating air since there are no freaking fighters and no skill involved. so yes they are as r.tardproof as possible.
  5. ghostbuster_

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    ofc radar mino has greater impact. its the same with all radar ships. but that doesnt mean smoke mino is useless and needs buffs.
  6. ghostbuster_

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    It depends. I play both
  7. ghostbuster_

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Me neither. I dont have to check his stats after him claiming that one of the strongest top tier ships in the entire game needs buff... Im also talking from personal experience. No buffs or changes are needed.
  8. ghostbuster_

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    This. And funny enough noone from WG has ever denied this claim. New CV gameplay is r.tardproof, boring and everything else than what WG told us.
  9. ghostbuster_

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    He has no freaking point at all. Mino is a very strong ship. Someone sucking in a ship doesnt mean that ship is not capable and needs buffs *edit. @Cpt_Mooney very basic suggestion for you: learn to play. They dont need any buffs/changes.
  10. ghostbuster_


    Seeing this sc triggered me too. Is it that hard to leave the queue and reenter if you play CVs? @Ham[edited]ance if you wait that long , you get r.tarded games like 2v2/4v4.
  11. ghostbuster_

    Unlucky or do i just suck at Tier X?

    i would suggest you to stick with t3-4 until you actually learn at least the very basics of the game like angling, positioning and actually hitting the target. about your question in thread title: i dont belive its because of you being unlucky...
  12. ghostbuster_

    clan battles

    Not all of them. Many i know calls her balansgrad
  13. ghostbuster_

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    lol locks the fighter under minos AA and he cries about CV divisions.... this guy really claims that he is a good CV player? omg. target picking alone tells everything we need to know about it.
  14. ghostbuster_

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    i have to correct you there. "just noobish player trying to talk crap and fail every single time when he tries." there you go
  15. ghostbuster_

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    so you decided to make even more fool of yourself. you have to be a very special creature.