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  1. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    yeah balans... making them useless means balancing them
  2. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    WG: "CVs spot DDs and DDs cant do anything about it" according to this video DDs still get spotted by CV and DDs still cant do anything about it but hey WG managed to make CVs useless. incredible... just incredible
  3. Improve 203 mm guns reload cruisers

    If some people cant it work, its not because ships needs any buff. Like i always say, you cant balance any game not only wows around bad players.
  4. Improve 203 mm guns reload cruisers

    Is this guy really asking for a buff to Hindi? its really sad to see that kind of "players" actually exist...e
  5. [Diagram] Possible solutions for five-class balance.

    According to first pic: right now CVs counter CAs with AP bombs more than they counter BBs. Which is a ridiculous situation.
  6. What is it with the Fuso ?

    12km-16km is optimal for fuso. She is not a brawler so dont expect her to be any closer.
  7. Radar Discussion Megathread

    The thing is: peole who are pushed towards noobish long range torpedo spam are mostly bad players anyway. (Talking about randoms)
  8. Carriers are not good for the game

    tier 7 and 8 CVs are not that rare. so tier 5-6-7-8 ships are not affected? Well i played all those solo games. Recently i cant enjoy the game when i play solo. Its much more entertaining if i chat while im playing. Well a higher tier ship striked to you and you couldnt do anything. Let me tell you this. We started with fuso so im gonna keep going with it. Fuso attacked by kagero=fuso cant do anything. Fuso attacked by amagi=fuso cant do anythin because of 410mm guns. So are amagi and kagero also OP? This is not valid. In wows no matter how good you are, heavy AA ships are gonna shoot down many of your planes once you in AA range. You cant change it with skill. Good players dont lose as many planes as a potato because they choose right targets at right time. Flamu, Flambass they both might be. In div you get other 9 or 10 people randomly its not that different and about CVs, when you div up, you dont take heavy AA ships all the time. Or you cant stick together to combine your AA all the time. Like the example with yamato and shima. You have to play with your team no matter what if therr is a CV. Its fair. You have to be immune to one thing. If you were able to immune to everything, well this would be even more full r.tard mode than it is now. There are few ships which suffers from +/-2 MM but other than those, you can get good results. In div or solo doesnt matter because ships are competent enough to perform in +/-2 MM
  9. Carriers are not good for the game

    You can stop acting like i have never played solo. And nope it doesnt. Well i would try to use my teams AA. Bit hey if i those CVs get an oppotunity, its just dumb to whine because higher tier CV striked me. So player being good doesnt make the class OP. itself. The problem is, WG has always been trying to "balance" the game around potatoes. However a competitive/semi-competitive game should be balanced around good/top players. And balancing around top players means balancing the ships according to their full potential. Well according to my experience it is that easy. We have completely different experiences.btw nothing to see there. You just claim something without experience or basis. And E2aZeR says pretty much what i think. (I said many times that AP bobms are just stupid) Not entire team... 3-4 ships staying together is enough to rekt planes. Ofc its skill depended. Take AA build or stop whining about CVs being OP. Its a choise that players have to make. If they choose not to spec AA, they have no right to whine. Lol because i have never played solo and because when i play in div i dont get other 10/9 random people in my team... Well lets say i dived up with a shima and yamato. My div mate has cant help me with planes. So i have to use/always use my teams AA. If i can make it work, i think there is problem with you. Next time try something else than "play solo" "argument".
  10. Carriers are not good for the game

    Playing in div has nothing to do with this imo. If you are bottom tier doest matter that you are in divi or not. Besides i do like playing my fuso. And when i play it in div i still get overmatched by top tier BBs. Regarless me being in div. Well i have all the tier 6s. Spory about not playing them stock... Having more influence=/=class being too powerful. Any ship is powerful in a hands of a good player. But CVs has more influence on outcome. Well CV requires much more multitasking but anyway. Lol zero counter? wait until planes are at 3-4km and press one button. Easy. I guess some people are just lets say speshul. Do you have any idea about having 17km no fly zone circle? Have you even ever played tier CVs yourself? Its pain in the .ss. these AA values are just ridiculous. If the map dosnt have a central position, just stay with your team. Tadaa you just denied enemy cv. Do you really think that i have a unicum CV mate in div all the time? I get those less skilled CVs in my team. I just stay close to my teammates. It worked every single time. Many times i said this: Skill gap is the problem about CVs. Not they being broken or OP.
  11. Carriers are not good for the game

    I agree with that. AP bomb had to be effective against BBs not CAs.
  12. Carriers are not good for the game

    Why? There is no need at all. Only tier 6 ships suffer a bit but its not like unplayable or something. Maybe 100th time now. Ofc CVs have more influence to the outcome of a battle. Noone can deny this. But are the CVs broken or OP? Nope. Well if you get baited to use your def AA, ofc CV can kill you. Using def AA too early/late can get you killed. Its nice to have a little skill involed in "i win" button against CVs. And you dont need to block entire map wtf!? One central position can change everything for a CV. Sometimes all it takes 1 heavy AA ship to block a CV. 8,6 km no fly zone is really a big deal. Without any punishment? CVs are the only class which lose its strike capabllilty while striking other ships. Its a punishment. Besides its a choise that players should make. You can not expect to have everything and be immune to any threat. To see someone expecting this is just funny and sad. lol If a CV can easly drop you from multiple angles, it means that you potatoed with your positioning. And yes you can avoid it. I never had any issues with staying close to my AA bubble in any ship. I guess its too hard for avrg BraindeadBob to do. no difference between farming high damage numbers on BBs with BB/CA/DD and farming high damage numbers on BBs with CV. didnt say they have the same farming potential. A guy said conqs arvg damage is high because it farms useless damage on BBs. And i said CVs also farm BBs to get high damage numbers. So there is no difference.
  13. Carriers are not good for the game

    Yes they will have less spotting. But on the other hand, player is gonna be able to dodge the AA. So if the CV player decides to keep a DD spotted, that DD is gonna be spotted until its dead or until it smokes. @Sub_Octaviansaid on stream that if a shima gets spotted by a CV right now, it has nothing to do. I wonder what makes them think that its gonna change. Right now DDs can shoot down some planes if they get good rng. But with the new terrible CV gameplay, how is that shima gonna get a chance while enemy CV player is actively dodging shimas poor AA? How is it gonna be different for that shima? Yeah, its amazing that WG said CVs are too difficult for players to learn it after removing manual attacks at tier 4and 5 where people starts to learn the basics of CVs... this is some crazy logic right there Well i remember us shutting down unicum CVs many times. Its not rare :) I have also many battles with atago. And i have never played it without def AA in randoms. Because an atago without def AA is a dead one. Exactly. Playerbase is the problem. Yeah just WG... I agree. Probably more than 90% of the playerbase is just ... lets say very very speshul(!) Ofc. An alone sailing BB shouldnt be able to defend itself against a CV. I saw it, yes. Those "people" play CVs in randoms. And ofc there is a huge skill gap because of this. Like i said: CVs are just fine but players=the only problem Ofc they would try to kill DDs. And good conq would also switch to AP to punish some CAs and of course DESTROYERS. (another great mechanic by WG... they are still working on "fixing it". I hope they dont things up completely like they did with CV rework!)
  14. Carriers are not good for the game

    @DFens_666 Skill gap is to big because certain players can actually play this class and others are just incapable to learn how to play this class. How come does it mean that this class needs a nerf hammer if some of the playerbase are just too dumb to play this class properly? We have very different game experiences or you are cherry picking. Because shutting down a CV is not rare and all it takes 1-2 heavy AA ships. About wrs, again some of players are just incapable. Well they needing to choose is not a problem. If you dont want to get rekt, you should choose def AA. There is nothing wrong with this. Besides if you dont choose taking def AA with some ships in randoms (like moskva, dm, zao, henry), it means you take some risks. And if there is a cv you have to pay for your wrong decision. Captain skills, same deal. I always use basic AA skills on some CAs for randoms. If you choose not to, you have to pay. You cant have everything optimal for you. No decent AA on ijn? Have you ever seen a full AA spec zao? It is far better than being decent... in fact most plane kills with a CA i have ever seen was with zao. If im not wrong, 105 planes by strangers. So their AA is actualy not bad but people dont spec for it. Its their choise. But if they choose not to spec AA, they have no right to complain their AA being not decent. "If they WOULD LET HIM" well let my any BB by showing broadside all the time, i would kill 12 ships aswel. Let my DD by sailing in straight line all the time, i would kill 12 ships with my DD. If you potato and let any ship to farm you, doesnt matter which ship its gonna kill you. In CV case the mistake is staying isolated from heavy AA of your team. Btw forgot to mention AP bombs: they are stupid indeed. They should be more effective against BBs and less to CAs. No, if certain amount of people are capable of dealing with CVs but some others are not, the problem is not with the ship itself. If the ship was soo broken, noone would be able to deal with it/counter it. Well not only worcester. Its only one of them. Mino, DM which is in game like since 3 years. (Maybe more). For tier 7: Atlanta, flint, some other CAs with decent AA. Have you ever seen AA spec lyon or scharhorst or gneisenau? They are more than capable of eating all those planes. Saipan is stupid tho i agree. Just because no plane penalty after exit-strafing. Again im gonna say it one more time. Skill gap is the problem but removing entire skill factor from CV gampelay CANT BE THE SOLUTION! Instead of this bullcrap "rework" what WG could do is introducing actualy challenging tutorials and force poor performing "players" to do different tutorials over and over again until they reach to some skill level. For example: after researching a new tier CV, everyone has to complete several tutorials about that tier CV and other ships at that tier. One tutorial about strafing, counter strafing, exit-strafing. One for droping different type of ships which are defended by enemy fighters. One for spotting. List can go on. After that if a player performs poorly in a battle wg could force that player to complete some mini tutorials. For example your midway shot down 10 planes. What is the avrg plane kill in midway? Lets say 20.(you might make it even 75% of arvg plane kills. Those limits can be changed) That guy is gonna need to complete a small tutorial about strafing and defending allied ships to be able to play his midway again. After some point people are gonna learn how to play the class properly. And after they learn how to play it, they are gonna enjoy it more and they are fon a want to play it more often. One interesting point. You called conqueror useless he spammer and ignored the damage number of that one. So on which ships do CVs farm damage mostly? BBs. On which ship conqueror farm damage damage mostly? BBs. So i dont see the difference really. About your question. Those players with super crazy stats are not more than couple hundred imo. Even if you take the extreme bad ones,i dont belive that those two are the majority of CV playerbase. After i get back home, i can search for it. I dont want to bother with my phone.
  15. Carriers are not good for the game

    So player base not doing the counterplay is the fault of CVs being broken? We all know how "potent" the playerbase is... it takes one worcester and a decent CV to deny an unicum CV player. Its that easy. Again, ofc there are more with cvs because of higher impact. But im sure the numbers are not crazy.