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  1. they sold kronshtadt and missouri for 750k free xp. so, alaska should be also 750k. "people have more free xp right now" statement is just stupid.
  2. ghostbuster_


    what is the status of alaska? when are we gonna get her?
  3. ghostbuster_

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    CVs are my least played class and my WR in CVs not much higher than WR in CAs or DDs. so i have to be objective enough for you, right? but i still do think that the CV rework is utter sh.it. are there some problems with current CVs? yes. but those problems can be fixed in RTS mod. but yeah there are some other reason of this rework and balancing is not one of them. btw another reason why we cant call CVs borek is very few ships being AA spec. if more people speced for AA, CVs wouldnt be able to do anything. f.e. have you ever see full AA tirpitz? most of the time you think "nah its just tirpitz eaaasy target" well, AA spec tirpitz eats planes alive. i have 3 19 point captains for tirpitz and one of them is full AA spec. if i want to div up with CV, sometimes i use that captain. and with that spec i have never been killed by a CV. another example: hindenburg. if hindi doesnt have AA spec, its one of the easiest ships to drop imo. but if its AA spec. holly molly. you lose all planes before you can even drop. so, before someone says"CVs are OP/broken" he has to consider that ships we have in game are not build for AA.
  4. ghostbuster_

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    actually its still easy. because if they shoot, you can see how angled they are. unless its a stalingrad in the smoke, you can just hit them hard.
  5. ghostbuster_

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    yes and there is nothing to do about it. you can do nothing at all. they are not problem. it looks like a problem because one side gets the unicum one and other side gets the potato who needs help even while breathing. yes and that certain amount of team play is enough if everyone has 2 brainscells. he is a good player, yeah but that doesnt make everything he says right. is he the only player who can manage solo unicum stats? i know many other players who dont agree with him about this. WG does a lot of things which doesnt make sense at all. f.e. they are gonna buff iowa and nc. sooo yeah. its WG...
  6. ghostbuster_

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    and there is nothing wrong with that. playing in div with voice-com makes the game fun. other people being unaware of team play is the problem. and punishing the divs for that is just stupid. so what? do you think i agree with everything flamu says? i think people really think when a streamer says something, all of his clan members agree with it... its the case in most games where you can div up and play with your friends. so its normal. that one random noob doesnt have a chance true. if he works with his team, he gets the chance. very simple example. you see a friendly bb going to one direction. dont follow him. try to create cross fire. this doesnt require voice-com or something. it only requires 2 braincells. sure. i would like to. but yet again we have prime times for clan battles. should good players be able to play only in those prime times? you know what, when we have 12v12 with no BB/CA or DD limitations,,CVs also being allowed and no prime time limitation in clan battles, im gonna stop playng randoms and will play only clan battles.
  7. ghostbuster_

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    why? just because they annoy some people? how about no?
  8. ghostbuster_

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    so we are gonna mirror everything? besides mirroring the CV divisions would increase the queue time really hard. and this is something we dont want. ofc you cant ban 3 player CV AA div. unfair how? carrying the team to victory is unfair?
  9. ghostbuster_

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    my bad but then we have change the random battles` name to mirrored battles?
  10. ghostbuster_

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    like even tho all of those cv AA divs get 100% wr, you cant ban those divisions just because people can work as a team (3 players) and carry their team. lol. just wait for it. wg said that they might consider allowing CVs to div up with another CV after the rework.
  11. ghostbuster_

    CV refunds

    the problem is i "dont need a 19 point captain for any USN or IJN ship. (i guess many people also dont need a captain for those nations since they were the first 2 nations we had in game) we spent much elite com xp to get those captains to 19 points. so, i would demand to get elite commander xp so i can use it on other nations.
  12. ghostbuster_

    USN BBs need buffs

    "We have very detailed stats on every aspect of every ship, we know who performs well and are not going to balance ships around potatoes or unicums - neither would be good for the game." sadly actions of WG doesnt support what you said here. how can anyone justify the buffs to NC and iowa?
  13. ghostbuster_

    CV refunds

    and how about our 19 point CV captains? are we gonna get all those xp as elite commander xp?
  14. ghostbuster_


    an UI which actually works properly for the first time after 3 years. i would also wish WG not to release the CV rework.
  15. ghostbuster_

    Ban CV *Edited divisions....

    based personal experience. so you are askig for a restriction just because those divs have high wr. well unicum DD-CA-BB divs have also very high winrate. if 3 people ,who know their role , strengths of their ship, how to position,time to play passive/aggresive ... , cooperate as a div, they will get high wrs. with or without cv in their div. so, banning a div because people can make it work and get high wrs. sounds dumb, doesnt it?