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  1. Nerf or Remove Radar

    then it means those some more players are also bad ones.
  2. Nerf or Remove Radar

    oh so you dont like something and thats why it has to be changed? do you want everything as easy as possible so you can enjoy your game? sorry to dissapoint you but not gonna happen. (i also think its ridiculous BBs having radar or hydro but like i said its not like unplayable. i can deal with it and also something being more challanging always means more fun for me.)
  3. Nerf or Remove Radar

    no im using "cant deal with radar" as a definition for "is a bad player". because a decent one can improve and learn how to deal. bad ones just doesnt get what to do after tousend of battles and come to forum whine about how broken a mechanic is.
  4. Nerf or Remove Radar

    same data they have for radar ships too.
  5. Nerf or Remove Radar

    one side havin 5 dds other side having 3 was also a huge advantage for the team with 5 dds if there isnt a CV. and WG mirrored the amount of DDs. so are DDs unbalanced too? or do you only look from your little window?
  6. Nerf or Remove Radar

    no difference. baiting means you planed your safe escape in case of getting radared. so it doesnt matter that they radared right after cap being contested or cap being half caped. so you assume those 3 ships are at exactly same spot and deny the same area with their radar. in that case bait their radar 2 times. or switch side. or wait until one of radar ships sail futher back so it cant radar you anymore.
  7. Nerf or Remove Radar

    the problem was those fast and long range torpedos promoted very bad play. they also didnt require any skill to get rewarded. just spam some torps from max distance and surely you hit something, thats why WG changed those torps
  8. Nerf or Remove Radar

    well who said that you can not cap if there is a radar ship. bait it and you will have more than enough time to cap. you can also spot. only few radar ships has longer or the same radar range with their detectability range. other than than you can spot. and again if you get radared, its not that hard to get out of radar range. unless you get in 6-7 km to a radar ship without knowing the status of its radar.
  9. Nerf or Remove Radar

    and why is that? if they cant play around this mechanic and deal with it, it only means that those players are bad.
  10. Nerf or Remove Radar

    you cant balance a game around bad players.
  11. Nerf or Remove Radar

    you got it
  12. Nerf or Remove Radar

    no, it requires skill to make use of the radar and to have an impact on the game. well bad players die early no matter in which ships they are. almost everyday i see tier 10 bbs being first kill. if its hard, players has to try to improve. ofc i do. one side having 4 radars and the other side having none is a very big advantage. (not always tho) more radar shps are not always better. there are situations where you prefer other ships over radar ships. very simple example: in a heavy BB match with none ore 1 DD per side on an open map like okinawa or ocean. would you prefer DM or Worcester over a hindenburg? let me answer it. nope you wouldnt. so, its not always better. besides if more radar ships were better, we would see only radar CAs in clan battles or tournements. CVs are not broken. again the problem is playerbase. avarage players are so bad that they can not use CVs properly. thats why the skill gap between a good CV and an avarage joe is really big. CVs theirself are not broken. let me give you a secret. your conclusion is wrong. radar is a balancing game mechanic. if you are any decent in DDs, you wont have problems with dealing radars.
  13. Nerf or Remove Radar

    Having a tool doesnt mean its easy to use. They doesnt conflict at all. Even if DDs had ballistic missiles which can oneshot any ship, there would be some "players" complaining about something. Like i said, playerbase is just terrible. (Example to whiny playerbase: do remember some "players" claiming that belfast (the most stupidly broken ship in game) is weak and she needs heal or torps. )
  14. Nerf or Remove Radar

    what? having radar means you have to positiong your ship smart. you have to think how to get in this position and you also have to calculate how to get out of that position. doing all of this requires skill. if you dont have radar, you dont need to have that skill level because you are not gonna get into that position in first place. they shoot the DDs if they get spotted. they dont /cant fight them alone. before introduction of radar if your DDs died first, you couldnt do anything at all. (in a game without cv). all you could do was hoping that enemy dds to be potatoes so they get spotted by getting close. having a well balanced game is important. thats why we got this mechanic. game is already easy. if wg changed every single thing acording to tears of playerbase, we wouldnt need our second hand while playing. it would be something on mokey intelligence test level. so you cant balance the game around potatoes.
  15. Nerf or Remove Radar

    ofc it could dealt with. but it promoted bad gameplay. also didnt requiered skill or anything. ofc radar affects the gameplay more. and i does in a good way. againg, "removes skill from cas"? doesnt make sense at all. explain it. how exactly did radar remove skill from cas? fight dds without radar in a ca? all you can do is to dodge torps. dd is never gonna get spotted if the player isnt a potato. so radar gave cas the ability to fight dds and deny the area they are close to. well its not the problem of radar. problem is the players who are not able to use any parts of their "brain" while playing. Radar is fine and a necessary mechanic for the game. playerbase is a different story.