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  1. Neo_ST

    What happened to Amagi ?

    Thank you! I'm gonna record some gameplay and report back...
  2. Neo_ST

    What happened to Amagi ?

    I would like to think that, but now it's been 2-3 days it's trolling me :/ EDIT: OK, gonna have to start recording my games and then report back to show you what I mean...
  3. Neo_ST

    What happened to Amagi ?

    Hey, yes I know my stats are not "great", but I've been playing with Amagi a lot, and something definitely changed, especially the shell spread. I could swear on that, or I'm going seriously insane. Seriously.
  4. Neo_ST

    What happened to Amagi ?

    Lately I noticed something has changed with the Amagi. Before, it used to be a great battlecruiser, powerful and devastating guns, but now it's worthless. Big shell spread. It used to be more concentrated before. Constantly getting max. 6000 dmg, even on small distances, shells falling around ships instead on them. Haven't had a citadel for a while as well Now it's as effective as Izumo, in other words, it's not. What have they done? It used to be my favorite BB, now it's worthless.
  5. Neo_ST

    General Feedback

    Worst patch so far. Guys... do you internally test your builds before releasing them ? I mean... 3 direct salvos from Amagi to North Carolina from 8km range CANNOT possible do NO DAMAGE, which is what just happened to me. That's my feedback, this patch sux big time and because of it I'll lose my Premium.
  6. Neo_ST

    Ships firing from smoke while invisible

    What's that got to do with the original post? Are we commenting my decision or the game mechanics ?
  7. I already thought of writing this complaint several times, but now I had a game where I really lost my nerves with this mechanic. I was in Cleveland and enemy DD was in Farragut. He was 4km away from me, dropped smoke and disappeared. He kept shooting at me from the smoke, while remaining invisible. It lasted to the end, where I was destroyed by him and another Cleveland who was passing by. Anyone else thinks this is stupid ? Invisible while shooting at 4km distance, but visible if his AA guns start shooting. IMO, smoke should be used as a defensive, life saving feature, where you try to make distance from the threat and save your head, not as a offensive mechanic to keep engaging while invisible.
  8. Neo_ST

    Damage for border abusers!

    No need for damaging or warning, just don't allow ships to go through it... It could be easily achieved by putting another, invisible, barrier a few meters before the visible barrier.
  9. Neo_ST

    why do Myoko get a nerf

    Use the "faster reloading" upgrade and the same captain skill to buff the nerf, then you'll get pretty much near "old" Myoko.
  10. Neo_ST

    Mogami: 155mm or 203mm ?

    I'd love to aim for citadels, but in my experience there's no certainty or logic behind it. No matter how good I aim for citadel (and hit it), it randomly registers a citadel hit or not. Sometimes my shells fall far in front of the ship - and I get a citadel hit. Sometimes they fall behind it - and I get a citadel hit. I don't really understand what's the point of "aiming for citadels" then? Maybe it works predictably in a lag-free environment (such as LAN), but so far I haven't been able to get citadel hits very much although my aim is correct and shells fall onto it.
  11. Neo_ST

    Mogami: 155mm or 203mm ?

    I tried using AP, but all I get is 500-700 damage. With HE I'm constantly getting 3-4k damage. I guess I'm using AP incorrectly ?
  12. Neo_ST

    Mogami: 155mm or 203mm ?

    I currently have 155mm guns on Mogami and I love it. Is 203mm upgrade worth it, or should I skip ? Which one would you choose and why ?
  13. Thing is, props are still turning way too fast for it to be from sea current. Large ships, such as those in this game, have large propellers. Large propellers, even under full throttle, turn very slowly because they're made to give huge amounts of thrust from low revving engines that are used in ships. Take a look at these clips and see for yourself, how much water is being pushed by slow turning props: 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uKjh5OEpt0 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEulEoYEHzw These move slower, or similar to the speed of props in the game, and yet, that is enough to move these behemoths. So, for all of us having OCDs ( ), I suggest that they just slow the props down drastically while ships are stationary and we all win