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  1. All the cuisine puns are making me hungry, guys. Myself, I'd have preferred Charlemagne or Jeanne d'Arc, but France is fine, too. My general progression speed means I'll reach her about the same time the Swiss Navy is implemented, anyway.
  2. As much as I like the chubby US battleships, I'm not going to buy a tier 8.
  3. Wasn't really planning on buying her, because CVs just aren't my thing. Definitely won't now. Even with hefty discounts.
  4. New torpedoes? Something to make my dear destroyers more fun? ...*reads up on dw torps* .... I see... okay.... hmmm.......... *buys another model ship instead* I really don't see why switching between deep water and normal torps in battle would be such a major balance issue. Especially in a new line that can be built with those torps in mind instead of adding them to already existing ships.
  5. Shiratsuyu is getting nerfed? Oh, go suck a barrel of vaguely torpedo-shaped objects, WG! What's so bad about the Shiratsuyu if abominations like Flint, Edinburgh, Black and Missouri get to exist? Spam? I do more spamming in my Warspite than any high tier DD does with it's torpedoes. Now the good old Umikaze with around 20 secs reload time, that's spam, but a cycle time of more than a minute? How is that spam? Even if we are talking the torpwalls, that's once every 3+ minutes and that's generous.
  6. When you activate smoke you disappear from view. That does not mean that shells already in flight will not still hit you. When in smoke you do not spot enemy targets since the smoke is opaque both ways. You can still see enemies whose position is relayed by allies/a plane/radar, hydro You can be spotted in smoke by: Radar, hydroacoustics, proximity spotting (once a ship is close enough to you, even smoke won't keep you hidden)
  7. Destroyers can be quite forgiving, though that does not necessarily couple with easy to do reasonably well, because to earn credtis and XP you need to deal damage. And that is quite hard if enemies do occasional manouvers, or, even worse run away, and you need to be quite close to use your guns. And once you open up, a lot of shells come flying your way. Myself I usually fail hard or win hard in my DDs (IJN and USN) some of the fails only more aggravating because I acted to scared and only landed an occasional torp netting me a win without any real participation. My battleship games are far more average.
  8. Heavens no! Just look for "mindless HE spam" or "island/smoke campers". If anything, the forums taught me EVERYONE knows better and EVERYONE is terrible/cheats/braindead/a monkey on a unicycle.
  9. Oookay? Sounds like a daft idea, but if it's a historical daft idea, I'm okay with that
  10. Torpedo-Stukas... How? Why? How is that supposed to work?
  11. Exactly, the Brits have this look of tough, no nonsense bruisers. Not the sleek, elegant lines of a Littorio or Nagato, but good looking in their own way. USS North Carolina actually carried the nickname "Showboat" for being such a pretty ship. The Colorado and the other Standards, however...well, I'd call their look "functional".
  12. I'd really like to see the KGV class at T7, but that's only because I absolutely adore her look and dislike gameplay at tiers 8+ Nelson looks interesting, tho, and the tiers 3-6 also look very promising. Those Brits know how to built good looking ships.
  13. Wow, that is one ugly boat! And not even in a looking-functional way.
  14. I got that about a day after completing the campaign...