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  1. Probably this. Mogami and Hipper made me severely dislike T8, now in my North Carolina and Benson it's not too bad.
  2. Suggestion Swedish ships - example minor nation

    I visited her in 2009. Interesting ship and very nice presentation in the museum. Definitely worth a visit.
  3. I'd argue DD being fragile is represented by their overall low HP pool. I mean, I have often devastated a DD in a salvo without the need for a detonation. Battleships and cruisers suffering catastrophic damage is reasonably well portrayed by citadel hits already. I'd prefer if the game referenced the events of ships blowing up more graphical and less mechanical. Like, every time a ship takes a salvo that takes it from more than 50% HP straight to zero, there is a chance that instead of the normal sinking animation, you get an extra loud BANG!, a smokeplume and maybe the wreck breaks apart faster. Also, it being rare is really shoddy balancing. If I proposed, say, detonation poker, which is like ordinary poker, but with a 1 in 100 chance that you just don't get to play and loose all your chips, but get 10 vouchers which will stop that from happening for one game each, you'd call me silly and rightfully so.
  4. Any news about upcomming french battleships?

    Looking at the previewed French battleships, I'm not too much of a fan of the T5-7 ships. They are kind of ugly and not in a functionally ugly way. Richelieu, though, oh boy, I want her in my port!
  5. Joke level pro...

    Thanks! I would put my actual current phone number on it anyway, just to have a way to recover it if the account somehow borked my current password and required me to set a new one. It's really a hassle I just ran into because I used my old phone, which was a prepaid phone and forgot about it. And then the phone company canceled it because I did not make them enough money. Probably for the best if I just let the account die. WoT just gets my bloodpressure up unnecessarily, anyway.
  6. Joke level pro...

    Just curious, could you provide proof of ownership or did you send them screenshots of payments? Because I would have a similar problem as the OP with my old WoT account. Not that I would want to play WoT ever again, but I might give that account to a friend.
  7. A bit of a question: Is the "Campaign Ends" timer ingame correct or does it not include the two days extension that was added because something was buggy?
  8. Look carefully which missions can be done in Coop. I believe the one where you have to be in the top three can be done in coop, which may make it much easier.
  9. Managed to get through the last bit of Stage 5 yesterday and then completed the first mission of the New Years raid and got the exact badge I needed to complete my collection. Now to see if I can finish the New Years Raid in the next two days.
  10. 25k XP left till I get my Duck of York. Stage five was a b*tch to grind through. Sorry to the 20 BBs I murdered in my Kamikaze today.

    And Hydro.
  12. You need the right kind of braindead. The ones tunnel visioning and being at least moderately aggressive. There is also the other kind, who as soon as they see any enemy turn tail and run for the border. Those are really hard to torp... And what's it with the sudden influx of CVs? I had a game yesterday where two CVs had such a raging hateboner for my poor DD that they chased me for nearly fifteen minutes before finally bringing me down. Meanwhile, our team won on points. And another one, where a CV used his torpedobombers to keep me permaspotted, not that anyone could fire on me at that time. One of his teammates still managed to blunder into my torps though.
  13. Killed a ship with Belfast and torps?

    Simple explanation: Loading crew accidentally loaded a torpedo into your guns and carrier was killed by gun launched torpedo. Screw up is to blame on the munitions department. Long explanation: I got nothing...
  14. I'm about 20k XP short of completing the Final Task for Stage four. Not too bad, when I could only really start on the campaign till middle of last week. Stage five seems doable, but mostly because I own a Gallant and the Kamikaze R, which makes blowing up the occasional one or two battleships not much of a problem. I even managed a 90k torpedo game in the Kamikaze yesterday, but that took the worst battleship squadron I ever saw... Sadly, no.