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  1. TerTerro

    Fix Atlanta AA please

    Get Atlanta AA back
  2. TerTerro

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    Just take our CV's out of the game and all will be good.
  3. TerTerro

    Defensive AA.. Does it even do anything now?

    So know we all have useless skills that buff AA that is useless and need to spec others and will not even help vs new CV's, great.
  4. TerTerro

    WG killed AA boats

    Atlanta went from GOD of AA, to a ship that can be taken out by CV easy. CV's dont need to be afraid of AA now it seems.
  5. TerTerro

    This whole new concept of "CV" is a disaster.

    Ruined gameplay now, that CV'sgot changes, ships with AA got nerfed to ground. Why, just why.
  6. TerTerro

    Demand Atlanta and Kidd refund

    I want my old Atlanta AA back, as to be serious i'm considering to get refund now. I bough her for fast guns and super AA to have fun, now it's changed completely. Why, just why?
  7. TerTerro

    [cv rework] no carrier limit ?

    Yeah missed that, what the heck happening here.
  8. TerTerro

    [cv rework] no carrier limit ?

    Still think Atlanta will start to look more interesting if there 6CV's in match :D But to be honest, that might ruin the fun.
  9. TerTerro

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  10. TerTerro

    Montana or Conquerer

    Montana or Conquerer to get? What is better for clan battles, ranked and for random play? Which is more fun?
  11. TerTerro

    Anniversary Event

    Event is boring and nothing good to get. Don't even bother with containers
  12. TerTerro

    Tripple bonus for NEWCOMERS only?

    Yeah, no deals for loyal players. That sad :(
  13. Looking for clan that does Clan Wars and is active, plays clans wars and has enough members for 1-2 teams always, has spots for people to play. Also clan should not have web applications and such. Hate mandatory web applications, complicated structures. Discord is good to have. Also clan should not be like 3-7days no play, you kicked, we all have real life and there are times we cant play. Want active clan with people to division up. Also like said, when clan battles begin want to be able to play in clan battles. If someone is interested in stats https://wows-numbers.com/player/529201252,TerTerro/ here.
  14. TerTerro

    Need help deciding next CA

  15. TerTerro

    30% coupon as a middle finger

    Can spend on ship, premium time. Would love such offer, premium time it would be ;)