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  1. No. Why would u want to increase Free XP price.
  2. BB - Conqueror (most say best BB now) DD - Gearing (for smoke for team, decent concealment, good torps) Cruiser - Zao (Overall very good T10 cruiser, good armor, good firechance), Moskva for radar. Minotaur maybe for smoke again. CV - no idea.
  3. 3euros for 30flags and 10 camos most of the time probably it's not worth. For 1euro probably you can try the luck. I better go buy the pack for flags :)
  4. Third set: 100 detonation flags 25x Halooween??? camo (+100 xp one orange ones)
  5. I don't like the map too. If you in short firing CA, you can't do much.
  6. Just move on. What could be done best i think, if you team kill somehow, flags and camo if you have them are deducted from your and put in that players inventory for compensation :) Yes there might be times were he has no flag or camo, but would be ok. Also more punishment is bad idea, accidents happen. And i don't think if u get an accident team kill, u would want a ban for your self. :)
  7. Atago is Fragile, u kidding right? Compared to what? BB? I say the diff, it's quite tanky if angled correct. Yes citadel is more exposed, but i don't call it fragile. Atlanta is fragile (Paper armor), but not atago :) Agree that you need to use AP especially on broadside cruisers. Again, torps are not situational, torps are there to be used and angles of them are very good. For example, u can use torps to force enemy to turn. Also agree, don't show broadside to BB :)
  8. Would be nice to pick what you need more :)
  9. How torpedo use is not worth on Atago? U can get to 9.3Km visibility and your torps are 10km. They perfect if you want to use them. Another use is to fire into smoke when you see enemy DD smoking up. Also if u go bow in vs another CA or BB (1v1 of course), u can tank pretty good. Then u even have torps when needed. I play Atago a lot. And first 20-40 battles were hard, had very interesting playstyle for me. As i played mostly DD then :) After that i got used to it and it's still one of my favourite ship. Just don't show your broadside and you tanky enough. Also try to be angled all time when shooting. Don't overcommit. Also if you see it's getting to much, try stopping shooting and go beyond 9.3km to get unspotted, heal and get back in :)
  10. Yeah, clan still down. Can't look at members nothing. "Web Server Unavailable"
  11. 1000 duoblons 50 Halloween camos
  12. I like the suggested approach of WG right now :) The range increase in spotting ;)
  13. So right now RN BB do not look that impressive at all. What do you say?
  14. If you getting TK'ed every single game. Just move on ans that's it. 1 game is no big deal, yes its annoying, but just get into another game and have fun there.
  15. From lucky boxes. 1000 doublons 750 free xp 4x zulu flags +50% xp ones Can't complain :)