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  1. Sarmanil

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Got this from one of the super containers from the Hallsey campeign: Compensation for the flag or camo ones I got previously.
  2. Heard it in one of the CC's video's, think it was Notser but not sure. Kinda weird they didn't post it in the patchnotes. Then again, they released 0.8.0 without proper testing so why am I even surprised.
  3. Sarmanil

    Operations - Newport baswe defence - an nightmare !

    Just did it with Nurnberg. It has good DPM, range and 1/4 pen on HE so you don't need a high level captain. Great team.
  4. Sarmanil

    Came back to this game but it's aweful then before

    Des Moin is still valid, simply cuz it's T10. But your highest tier played is T6, so not sure what you are getting at? In general the game is in a piss poor state, and has been for a loooong time. RN BB's is just the icing on the cake. Don't expect things to get better any time soon.
  5. Sarmanil

    RN BB NERF(rebalance) incomming?

    Thought they hit rock bottom with the Black and the Payfast. Guess I was wrong. It's funny people still reward wargaming for coming up with crap like this by throwing money at em. Un-[edited]-believable.
  6. Sarmanil

    Brilliant WG patch!!!

    Did not see the black window when alt tabbing, but I do experience random matches not loading for some odd reason. Usually I load in between 5 to 10 seconds and twiddle my thumbs till the match starts, but since patch about 40% of my matches it seems to get stuck in loading. Have to alt F4 out, restart the game and get back in the match with the first minute out of the window. What changed with loading maps, didn't see anything in the patch notes? It's pretty annoying since I often play destroyers and it's kinda hard to win a cap fight when I'm busy restarting the client every other game -.- Running on win 7, i5 3570k, gtx 1060, samsung evo 850
  7. Sarmanil

    Do u like the BB Meta?

    Judging from several posts, it seems nothing has changed in the last couple of months. Good to know. Next line to be released should be RN battleboats? lol...
  8. Sarmanil

    The state of the game.

    State of the game is still the same boring meta that's been going on for 9 months now. Which translates into apart from watching the king of the sea III tournament, I have no interest in wargaming or wows
  9. Sarmanil

    PC Upgrade Requirements to play wow

    Lets not pretend this game has very high hardware requirements cuz it doesn't. This isn't crysis 23 with horrible optimized coding. Sure, the file system used isn't great but any el cheapo ssd can tackle that. Unless you really have to because something broke down, I'd advice people to hold off any major upgrades concerning cpu / mobo/ memory. For the first time in YEARS, there is gonna be some competition and maybe even innovation in cpu land. Would be a shame if you missed it by just a few months cuz you wanted your new toys right now.
  10. Sarmanil

    Questions of the Community

    Several dev posts in a SINGLE DAY??? What is this witchcraft??? All jokes aside, thanks for jumping in Sub, means a lot to some folks that at least some peeps from WG still seem to care. Cant you make an intern browse the forum for an hour every day and link the higher ups to the important stuff?
  11. Sarmanil

    Adressing the Battleship Plague

    Please elaborate? If you are referring to the hordes of reversing battleboats that can only be a good thing no?
  12. Sarmanil

    Adressing the Battleship Plague

    Wargaming can ponder all they want, or just choose to continue to ignore the issue but the fac of the mattert is, it wont go away by itself. And in my opinion the game is less enjoyable because of it. The whole carrier situation ties in very closely with this, as that is getting ignored as well. Doing nothing simply isn't an option anymore.
  13. Sarmanil

    PC upgrade, thoughts

    As mentioned above you don't need an upgrade for wows unless you have a surplus funds problem. For FPS games things might be a little different. Still I'd hold off on any upgrade to see how ryzen 5 shakes up the playing field between amd and intel. Real progress in cpu's has been very, very minor for the last few years and tbh intel just got lazy with no real competition. That is gonna change soon. Sure, your 2500 is dated, but it's a very good chip and it still gets the job done. I'm in the same boat as you with my 3570k, but as things are now, it's simply not worth upgrading for just a minor performance boost. Personally, I'm keeping a close eye on the R5 1600 which fits my performance needs and wallet. You already have a new fast ssd to handle the silly amount of small files wows uses when loading into games. The rest is GPU bound and the gtx 970 is probably rendering wows with 5 fingers up in its nose. I had no issues with my old radeon HD 7850 2 GB (which is far, far weaker then your gtx 970) and I only replaced that for fallout 4 heavy texture mods. TLR: Wait till ryzen is optimized / intel drops prices and ddr 4 modules become cheaper. When you make the switch to a ddr 4 board you want to get the fastest memory you can get without paying an arm and a leg. I'd upgrade the GPU at a later stage and get a newer card or save some money.
  14. Sarmanil

    New Camo

    Belfast clearly needed the buff