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  1. Sarmanil

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    You could say that the Porto rRco is "priceless". Nice meme indeed! Edit: Just thought of something interesting; since the directives are so "easy" , I dare WG staff to live stream them completing this event. Some ground rules: No breaks or interuptions of the stream till it's completed Play one account and one account only! You can rotate as many WG staff as players as you like. Full access to all ships in the game CURRENTLY available to the general public. (so no Belfast, Missouri, M.K. etc. etc.) Total converted worth of signals and camo's used can not exceed 20,000 dubloons. Let's Battle!
  2. Sarmanil


    Same critical errors as the others mentioned since the last patch. I'll try a reinstall and see if that fixes it. Prior to this, hardly ever had the client lock up or crash like it does now. Nothing on my end changed, no overclocks, no mods or tinkering with files or anything like that. Very annoying. Update: Did the reinstall, only played a handful of games so far but haven't seen any more crashes. I don't have much spare time during work days so will know for sure next weekend.
  3. Sarmanil

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Got this from one of the super containers from the Hallsey campeign: Compensation for the flag or camo ones I got previously.
  4. Sarmanil

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Skip to around the 19:40 minute mark: According to WG the defensive fire AA mod is indeed OP on destroyers no less, as I expected. Those 6 extra seconds basically put you in god mode and is well worth the sacrifice. On other news, dropping your concealment module for the radar mod is also a stroke of genius on the Des Moin. You heard it here first people, abuse it while you can before this obvious exploit is patched.
  5. Sarmanil

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I would consider deploying it on battleboats, but due to hardware limitations (my S key wont function in-game) I'm unable to play them as intended.
  6. Sarmanil

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Recently I was blessed to receive the new defensive fire upgrade from a super container. As you can understand, I was overfilled with joy for receiving such a powerful and rare upgrade. This comes with a downside though. Because the chances I will ever receive one again are very slim, I want to make the most of the one I did receive. I could already taste the salty tears of carrier players who got outplayed by this amazing new addition to the game. After confirming it does indeed add a whopping 6 (SIX!) seconds to my defensive fire duration, I kinda felt overwhelmed with the options this brought to the table. I couldn't believe it was just a small 20% range (really expected 50% or something like that for such an insane upgrade)I had to sacrifice for it, but there it was on the screen. My first instinct was slapping it on a american cruiser, as they get more charges for defensive fire. But what about the russian ships? Because it's such a big game changer I'm a bit afraid to make the "wrong" decision here. So, is there like a recommended ship list for the new upgrades? For simple peasants like myself it would be extremely helpful to have a sort of "guideline" on how to utilize these (dare I say it) overpowered modules to their fullest. For example what upgrades did the wargaming staff get and what ships did they equip them on? A little help on the matter would be highly appreciated, as I said before, I'm kinda lost in the potential these things have.