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  1. JG4_sKylon

    WG - Something has to give....

    I almost never play Randoms anymore... just did a few games with the (for me at least) new french DD branch. Did the last sprint ranked season and only some Coop and missions.
  2. JG4_sKylon

    Anti CV Build Thread

    Thanks for this thread. I have undistributed captain skill points since the rework began, stopped playing for several game versions and totally lost track what happened. What i know is that the new "AA sector" selector is the button "O". I heard timing the activation is important. Can someone please tell my why the timing is important and when to time the "O"? Thanks.
  3. JG4_sKylon

    Alterdiskriminierung: ich erkenne NICHTS im Sturm

    So sieht es bei mir nur aus wenn ich nicht mitten im Sturm bin. Ich habe auch Probleme Schiffe zu erkennen, wenn ich nicht ganz so extrem wie beim TE.
  4. Is there a competition for the most retarded idea ongoing? European Council: We propose Panzer-Ursula as candidate for President of the European Comission. WG: Naval Training Center Suddenly, Zensursula for president seems not to be such a bad idea.
  5. JG4_sKylon

    ST: Priority air defense sector

    Please specify "meaningful" role? As it is right now, the "meaningful" role of CVs was to raise financial revenue releasing them OP and now nerf them to the ground again. Wow, great interaction. As if the recent nerf to CVs wasn´t enough and if the recent "buff" wasn´t useless enough, now introduce instaburst gib that can not be avoided by intelligent gameplay.
  6. JG4_sKylon

    Aircraft Carrier Bug Collection

    All what Saiyko said PLUS - no / or only partial ingame sound after pressing M for the map and M again to get ingame. Have to repeat this procedure to get the sound back, sometimes several times. - after starting attack run with torp bombers i often can´t move the squadron with mouse or sometimes with A and D. Have to press the right mouse button (free look) to get this fixed. Very annoying when lining up your TBs. - wtf is that camera animation for the Kaga dive bombers? Have to move the mouse very much to keep the target in sight.