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  1. Sharon_Valerii

    The Mighty Hakuryu [358k damage]

    That was... inspirational. I like how you dont even need that fast fingers with 8 squadrons.
  2. Sharon_Valerii

    Lexington squadron setups...?

    I have couple of dozen games in CV, but so far I enjoy striker setups. It's like.. lottery.. sometimes you are just unlucky and get shot down quickly but in games where enemy CV doesnt pay attention to you, its really nice how much damage you can put up. It's random overall tho. It's random if tehre are 2 or 4 CVs in match, if they have fighters...
  3. Sharon_Valerii

    CV: IJN, USN or Saipan?

    Thank you all. I've been watching some high tier videos and all that usual stuff. I think, since I do want to stop at elast for a while on tier 7, I'll just get USN and IJN to that tier and by that time it should give me nice idea what they are all about. And tier 7 is matter of days so, it shouldnt be so hard. Thank you all.
  4. Sharon_Valerii

    CV: IJN, USN or Saipan?

    Hi, I recently started to play cvs again. Did some research and decided to learn on the us cvs. Since there are less planes to manage. Well i thought its gonna be realy tough on unit managing as any other rts and it isnt. Due to economics of the game Id like to stop on tier 7. But now Im not sure what to grind and play as stated in the title. Ive read mid tiers the IJN are better but more planes to manage. Ive played rts games in the past, Starcraft even to competitive level, so right now I find 3 squadrons on my tier 5 too easy to manage and most of the game im watching movies on the other screen. Anyways, what i want to know is if its a good option to just drop Bogue and start with IJN? Will i be able to do more ar that final tier 7?
  5. Sharon_Valerii

    Sudden battle stutter

    Back in like June, I had no problem on my old PC, now I have some stutter few times a minute and its pretty annoying. It holds me from playing any more WoWs. I have an SSD, had it before when it was fine. i5 4670k@4.3GHz Asus strix GTX980ti 16GB RAM Both Win 7 and Win 10 do that. *sad panda* Tried to edit engine config.xml but with no change.
  6. Sharon_Valerii

    Cleveland shell velocity

    After playing it more yesterday I like it more and more compared to Omaha. Definitely like my new role.
  7. Sharon_Valerii

    No team work on EU server. Language barrier too Big!

    Dude i do that ever day with my cruiser. Not all people would do it but more ppl than now would do so.
  8. Sharon_Valerii

    What is clan wars going look like ?

    Im all for more teamwork.
  9. Sharon_Valerii

    Vlhká zpovědnice

    +20% dostřel.
  10. Sharon_Valerii

    Pochváľte sa vašimi úspechmi

    Přesně tak.. Omaha aj ten Fénix umí, na tier 6 už mě chybí torpéda, to jsem si myslel že to nikdy neřeknu.
  11. Sharon_Valerii

    No team work on EU server. Language barrier too Big!

    Ofc we need ping commands... like LoL, Dota, Heroes.. /thread
  12. Sharon_Valerii

    Why cant you have 2 CVs in a Division

    It wouldnt. You with your friend would be put against one CV.
  13. Sharon_Valerii

    Letadlové lodě

    Lidi.. hlavně CV piště si o tu podporu.. na začátku hry máte čas na to.piště piště pište.
  14. Sharon_Valerii

    Vlhká zpovědnice

    To bdue asi jedno jestli beta nebo ne. Prostě když není dost hráčů tak ty kritéria pro výběr to rozšiřuje víc a víc. proto máš určitý rozptyl ve 3 ráno a v 8 večer.
  15. Sharon_Valerii

    Vlhká zpovědnice

    Zapneš to v nastavení. Je to zaškrtávací políčko "alternative battle interface mod", první věc co jsem zapnul. Když máš elitní loď tak může XP z tý lodi převádět na free xp ale potřebuješ dublony.