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  1. Oh yes, I thought about that and forgot it when I made the poll. Now I cannot edit it in at the appropriate place in the poll, only lets me add stuff at the end. Guess I have to split a vote
  2. It is not meant to be multiple choice. I tried to order the answers in decreasing likeability of the game. So just go top to bottom and pick the first answer you can agree to. For example, it is not important if you like to play with friends, when you like to play the game in itself. But if you can only enjoy battles with friends, then pick that.
  3. As we all know, everyone loves statistics, especially WG. Here is another totally objective and unbiased poll for your entertainment. Vote away
  4. herrjott

    Admiral Schroder: thoughts?

    As already mentioned, you have two weeks. But it is also specifically designed to be an extensive grind, to make you buy more than the minimum required stages (when you do not want to grind hard, get the big booster). And the final stage is always extra grindy, because when you are "almost there" you are more likely to finish it for cash. Dockyard is not about you playing the game, it is WG trying to play you...
  5. Just another FOMO mechanic to keep the loot addicts playing. Who needs fun, when you can have "free" stuff?
  6. herrjott

    When does damage count as damage upon spotting?

    The damage dealer must not see the target himself, only indirectly through your spotting. When you want to farm spotting damage in COOP, you basically need to blind your team by laying a smoke wall once the first bot is spotted and then continue to spot them for your team.
  7. herrjott

    point blank shots

    What exactly is the matter of this thread? That "nothing hit at all", despite "all flew where i aimed" or that you just did not get the citadels you expected (seems like you somehow did 6k damage)?
  8. Maybe they had another idea from the start. There already is a german DD with RN-smoke and slightly elevated gun-DPM and they want to make a T10 version of it: Z-35. It also has weak, short range torps and is one of the worst performing and least played DDs on T8. Everything working as intended
  9. herrjott

    Do we no longer get birthday stuff

    People making rational buying decisions and who can wait to get something are not their main target, that is a bonus. They prey on the "new stuff, want it now"-crowd , that is why early access to techtree and coal ships is such a big thing. By now, instead of another "next week", they should go back to the good old days of soon™
  10. herrjott

    Wargaming: You win, I give up!

    That is his whole point, because it has the "new" players from the CIS-Server. How bad would the current numbers be without them?
  11. herrjott

    What happened to CV plane spotting rework?

    I can tell you their vision and why they are reluctant to communicate it, but you must promise to not tell anybody else! Secrit WG document:
  12. Don't worry! Superships are not T11, they are just special ships.
  13. herrjott

    Offtopical Disco

  14. herrjott


    Even when you consider Italy as southern Europe, there are volcanoes in western Europe. Recent examples (in geological terms, so like 10k years ago) would be the Chaîne des Puys in France and the Volcanic Eifel in western Germany.
  15. herrjott


    Is this groundhog day?