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  1. herrjott


    Even when you consider Italy as southern Europe, there are volcanoes in western Europe. Recent examples (in geological terms, so like 10k years ago) would be the Chaîne des Puys in France and the Volcanic Eifel in western Germany.
  2. herrjott


    Is this groundhog day?
  3. No, this should be safe for them. You just get a discount for buying a bundle of eight instead of eight single boxes. The single box is also labeled as "special offer", but does not have a discount.
  4. Why would you take him away? You do not need to retrain a captain for a premium ship and the captains have separate skill trees for all classes
  5. herrjott

    1132 BXP - in a CO-OP GAME!

    That is a nice start, now try to get over 1000 base-XP in a non-supership and as "low tier" in a team with only one bot
  6. herrjott

    Santa Mega containers no steel?

    Why do you think there could be steel? It is not listed in the rewards: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/santas-gifts-are-here/#santas-mega-gift
  7. I cannot really comment on Yoshino, because I never got it (seems like a super Zao, which is not really fun in CoOp), but between Salem and Moskva, Salem is much more fun to play. Moskva only really works on more open maps and with many cruisers, when you can farm citadels on the bots rushing the cap next to you. I would say Salem is better for CoOp than Des Moines. 1. As you say yourself, the weaker radar does not matter in CoOp 2. The super heal is very handy when you yolo in for brawling 3. Salem is much cheaper to play in CoOp, because it gets 50% base cost and it comes with a permacamo with another -50% (so just 1/4 of what Des Moines cost per game). It will earn credits even without premium account.
  8. herrjott

    Skip Bombers

    To force encourage people to play the new soviet CVs, because they knew nobody would be interested in their paper fleet. That is also why every new RU line is designed to get maximum profit from arbitrary game mechanics: -CAs get bow plating to prevent overmatch citadels and railguns with improved angles and fuzes -BBs get plating that prevents overmatch and stops most CA HE -CVs get new skip bombers and one massive strike, while AA is designed to limit consecutive strikes But that is just a coincidence, because there is obviously no RU bias in this RU developed game.
  9. herrjott

    Why play a cruiser if you aren't using your utilities?

    It got him to at least one place, my ignore list
  10. herrjott

    Novorossiysk missions how to get?

    By the power of reading:
  11. herrjott

    Sub_O on NA: As we would all expect...

    Lesta's last game before WoWs was a totally different genre, how should they know how to make a "physics based" shooter?
  12. When they introduced the bug (most likely while implementing the homing sub torps), they already changed core game mechanics without proper testing, because else they would have noticed before putting it live. It is a great success, threads about "Unfair DDs killing me from stealth!!!!111!!" have dropped 900% over the last three months
  13. herrjott

    Dutch Cruiser Dockyard Mission #14- What did you get?

    And improved penetration power, because there is obviously no bias in this game
  14. That is why they are offering people hard cash for new recruits and we can assume WG expects to extract way more then 10€ from each of them (on average), to keep this scheme running.
  15. herrjott

    The Pointlessness of BB Modules

    Upgrades do not exist to provide variety, but to make you burn credits or use gold (f2p microtransactions) every time you go up a tier.