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  1. _Xaero_

    How to make the Kremlin work?

    I really enjoyed the soviet line, enjoyed every BB up to the Kremlin as well which is unusual for me when grinding a ship line. I just can't seem to make the ship work, though. At close engagements when I should have accurate guns, I maybe get one or two hits if i'm lucky even when aiming square on the target, not mentioning in two HE salvos i'm left with 4% of my AA rendering one of the strong points of my ship obsolete in CV games :P I had great success in the Sovestsky Soyuz, locking down caps and by parking bow on and using islands to block line of sight, etc etc. Not sure if i'm just potato'ing super hard in the ship or if i'm just playing it wrong, any suggestions will be appreciated!
  2. _Xaero_

    Thanks to WG for GO NAVY! event!

    Agree, loads of coal, plenty of free XP camos, etc and those special signal flags - a nice haul (=
  3. _Xaero_

    The credit grind is ridiculous.

    Honestly if you play well you get rewarded. I run premium but even without it I would have made 316k credits a in T6 game. The game is designed that if you don't run premium and other paid for stuff, then you're gonna have to run through lower tier games to earn enough credits for the upkeep/purchasing of your T9's and 10's, so if you're finding credits hard to come by play around T5 where the service and supply costs are super low - you don't have to be super purple to earn credits imo, if you play fairly decently you should earn a reasonable amount each game (=
  4. _Xaero_

    Cheating encouraged in WOWS

    lmao what that's the point of a discussion, people listening, or in this case reading, and then saying why they disagree with you if they happen to do so. If you make a claim that there is cheating in WoWs and you don't have evidence, then it's just ends up being he said/she said You're allowed to share what you believe has happened to you, because this a public forum, but when you publicly put your opinion out, expect that there will be people responding as to why they may disagree with you. This isn't white knighting, just people with different opinions
  5. _Xaero_

    Cheating encouraged in WOWS

    Two people reasonably and politely respond to what you posted and you move into name calling about white knights?
  6. _Xaero_

    Cheating encouraged in WOWS

    You account is on private and you have two forum posts, tells me everything I need to know It's not cheating, you're just bad at the game, maybe put in the effort to learn and get better, and you'll find you will enjoy the game more
  7. _Xaero_

    Injustice and unjust

    It's not the game or other players, it's you. I'm gunna be that guy, your stats clearly show you're a below average player across the board. I'd suggest to start from T1 and work your way up to learn the game and how it works (how to position, aim, etc). You'll find you will have much more success in battles if you do so; this wont stop you from getting those teams that make you question life and the universe, but it will sure help your chances of winning.
  8. _Xaero_

    fix this turd of a ship ( Des moins )

    >makes thread about how DM is crap >post screen cap of a 244k game 2/10 bait
  9. Nothing is broken, an existing line with radar has been given a split, so obviously there's going to be more radars per game than usual until it dies down
  10. https://tenor.com/view/im-out-of-here-[edited]-gif-4982448
  11. _Xaero_

    Do you keep your highest or last rank

    I've been going up one star a day, I have found that I don't rage so easily and makes ranked much more enjoyable by taking it slow and steady
  12. _Xaero_

    Do you keep your highest or last rank

    Most players going for rank 1 will take a break if they're on a losing streak and come back after a day or whatever, the more frustrated you get the worse you'll perform so I don't think it makes people stop playing altogether. It may put off less skilled players imo, or those that don't want to grind ranked, etc
  13. _Xaero_

    Do you keep your highest or last rank

    What principat said, the rank you're on when the season ends is the rank you will be put at, so if you was rank 3, moved to 2 but went back down to 3 again and the season ends, you will still be on rank 3
  14. _Xaero_

    best ranked game so far

    current XP system in place rewards you for damage, so even if you did nothing for 15 minutes in battle then farmed damage for the last 5, you'll always end up doing better than those that actually /did/ something for the team
  15. _Xaero_

    Jean-Jaques Honore advice

    it's def viable, french have a real nice fire chance on their secondaries so with manual designation it's like having a mini cruiser on your ship. I suppose what you have to decide is, do you want to go for a tank build that will likely work out more effective in battle, or do you go for the more fun approach and go for a secondary build