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  1. _Xaero_

    I cant enjoy warships anymore, please help

    Honestly mate, you may not want to hear it but the best thing you can do with this game is to quit. I've played this game for years and the only thing that really kept me playing was KOTS and clan battles. That being said, the game isn't worth it anymore. There are so many other games out there that are more deserving of your time and money, from a dev team that genuinely care about their audience. WG will never change, they will never listen to their CCs and STs. They don't care about feedback or about the balance of the game overall. It's unfortunate, but it is what it is. I miss the times i'd play this game with friends, having banter back and forth or playing tactics for high level CBs but in the end, this game isn't worth mine, or your time. Don't give WG anymore of it (or your money) because it's clear what direction the game is going in and who their real target audience is.
  2. _Xaero_

    Latest 'Return to the Game' email

    Got this email today, too. I quit the day before the very first time WG announced subs in randoms. The premise of the game is fantastic and i've had a lot of fun moments with my clan mates whom i'm still in contact with. Above all else I can't continue to support a company who do not care about their consumers, let alone everything else that they've done both in the past and in recent times. While it is a moot point coming from me since i've already spent my fair share of money on the game (so WG have already gotten what they wanted from me), no kind of reward is ever going to make me return. WG would need listen, seriously, to the feedback that they get from community contributors and ST's. They would need to stop releasing snarky codes aimed at their CC's and not hire devs that literally blame the player base for their failings. Unfortunately as we all know the likelihood of this happening is pretty much 0 and much like feedback, this (my) post is just as pointless in the grand scheme of things.
  3. _Xaero_

    Stupid WG ships

    Kansas is a big turd and for me, probably the worst T8 bb i've ever used for reliability so I wouldn't expect the world from it. 1). For the first point, unless there's something broken after the patch, I can't imagine any DD being able to citadel you. Even with a beast like Kleber, I highly doubt it's possible. For the sake of argument, lets say it could citadel you, it certainly wouldn't take half of your HP. Kansas on the B hull gives you 61,300HP. If there's a DD out there that can citadel BBs for 30,650HP, I will lob my wallet at WG. If we're talking about other BBs though, (and balans cruisers) then yes, its very possible. Given how many times i'm in a T10 game in a T8 ship, someone taking half of your HP if you show side is gunna be standard, as every T10 BB is going to overmatch you (regardless of angle, too). There's also alot of super structure so a good salvo from heavy American HP from say, a Monty, will still take 10k to 20k off of your HP pool. 2). Missing targets at 1km. I can actually believe this as i've watched my shells fall around targets at 4km before (pre Kansas sigma buff). I haven't used it since it's buff so I can't comment on it's current accuracy. 3). Statistics aren't manipulated by WG, if you lose lots of games you'll have a negative winrate and vis versa. Same goes for everything else, damage dealt, accuracy, battles survived. I know WG are alot of things, but this simply isn't true. 4). "Why do good players even play?" This doesn't make sense. If you're good at game, whether it's WoWs, or CoD, if you're good at the game, you're generally going to have more fun playing it because you understand it's mechanics, how to dodge, when to go dark, where to shoot, etc. Finally, as other people have mentioned through constructive criticism, statistically there is room for improvement on your end. When you improve upon yourself you'll find you will have alot more success in ships! I mean all of this in the best way possible and i'm not looking to attack you, just my two cents from my time playing this game :)
  4. _Xaero_

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I'd like to enter the lottery :)
  5. _Xaero_

    Worst BB line in the game: new USN FreeXP turds?

    For sure, it will also draw alot of fire, Musashi, Yam, Shiki will eat it alive and equally conqueror with the HE spam. I also find it to be a torpedo magnet, too. In the Vermont you really need to be able to know when you get closer to targets and when you cant as like you said, it's not like you can disengage. Fun ship to play when it's done right and very punishing too
  6. _Xaero_

    Worst BB line in the game: new USN FreeXP turds?

    My experience with the line: T8 Kansas: Honestly the worst high tier BB i've ever used, not because of it's speed or other features, but the guns - i'd rather walk on hot coals than ever play that ship again, the accuracy is so terrible you somehow miss targets at 4km and get one shell hit. North Carolina is better in every single way imo. You could maybe say that the NC doesn't get access to def AA like Kansas but the NC has such strong AA you're still going to wreck planes anyway. T9 Minnesota: I actually enjoyed this ship, having access to the artillery plotting room makes SO much difference, the guns are actually pretty accurate and while their pen isn't going to be as good as the standard line, I found the guns to still wreck people. BBs go angled, you go for super structure and get 10 to 15k salvos if you hit well and because they're 406, any broadsiding cruiser will straight up be deleted if you hit them well. Would I say this ship is better than Iowa, probably not but I still enjoyed it. T10 Vermont: Vermont is where it all changes, yes, the line is slow, but I never really found that to be a huge problem if you position yourself properly and learn when and when not to push. Having 12 457 mm guns is huge, easily do 30k salvos to BBs that show side and nearly just as much going for their super structure. If a cruiser shows you broad, they're dead, straight up. AA with the def AA is savage, will kill whole squads of planes very quickly. Major downside imo is that there's alot of super structure, so you're venerable to HE spam and to the American heavy AP even when you're angled. That said, tanking 3+ mil a game isn't unusual from my experience. Is the Vermont a better ship than the Monty? Hard to say yes or no honestly, I like them both alot. tl;dr - They're slow ships but I can personally overlook this - you only play this line to get access to the Vermont. Kansas awful, Minnesota enjoyable, Vermont savage. 40 second reload teaches you to be patient and strike at the right times, rewarding you with huge alpha strikes.
  7. _Xaero_

    Is the game getting worse and worse, do to the player base?

    I'm not 100% sure but I think it stops people them from messaging you - i've also heard that it means MM will try and not match you with said blacklisted person, but i'm not 100% on that
  8. _Xaero_


    Hello, someone from DAVY here, this isn't cheating, I on occasion meet people from my clan in games when i'm playing in a div - ta
  9. _Xaero_

    Is the game getting worse and worse, do to the player base?

    Yes that's also an issue, the system isn't perfect for sure, but no system ever is. Best ways is for players to actively submit reports to the WG support team, etc, in terms of banning the right players. CBs is yeah and it is only available for some of the time. In terms of clan battles benefiting the standard game, CBs teaches you about tactics, positioning, how to play, when to shoot, how to kite, etc etc. Especially if you're on discord or whatever and chatting to your team mates, it helps you become a better player in general :)
  10. _Xaero_

    Is the game getting worse and worse, do to the player base?

    12 man div - that's what clan battles are for, 7vs7 and everyone in coms. A 3 man div can hard carry games, anymore than that and it's unfair as MM doesn't always pair up teams with the same amount of divisions. In terms of spotting damage and damage tanked, completely agree. There's alot of things like that that should be rewarded alot more than what it is currently, if players knew they would get rewarded this might actually encourage players to be more active in participating in team play, etc. People who troll/purposely TK - agree, I know there's already a report system in place, players who are continually doing this shouldn't be allowed to play with other real people. I've known some people to get an account ban for a week or so to disrupt this. tl;dr - some good suggestions, if WG will listen or take not is up to them, you'll always encounter people that just want to be an [edited] (etc) and there's not much you can do aside from report and then add them to your blacklist :)
  11. _Xaero_

    How can this happen???

    There's nothing in the rules that states you can't grind your way up through CO-OP battles to get a T10 and then play randoms in said T10 - yeah, of course that player is unlikely to be very helpful as a teammate, however, they're probably playing care free, so pointing it out to them or whatever is a lost cause. tl;dr - Unless WG change something it's gunna continue to happen, so i'd just laugh it off and carry on honestly!
  12. _Xaero_

    wg needs to rework Co op match maker

    Unless everyone is using Klebers and running at 55 knots in your co-op games this simply isn't the case, co-op is incredibly easy and even more so for farming missions/directives, i've never had a problem when using BBs (and haven't heard others complain of this either) in this game mode. The entire MM system shouldn't be changed just so it benefits you, or in this case, a certain class type. As soon as you do that you'll simply have someone make another thread like this, and around around it goes. Additionally, unless you're using low tier BBs i'd say MM isn't the issue if you're averaging 20k damage a match (=
  13. _Xaero_


    edit, thought it was CB and not ranked, oops
  14. Just turned into easy mode co-op :P