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  1. Why didn't Japan ever make a quad 25mm?

    The Chicago pianos did not actualy had this problem, and it was not an issue for the triple mount too so I do not think this would have been a problem in the quad too, because there would have been more space behind the guns. In the triple mount they had 6 people in 2 rows, so in the quad it would have been 8 in 2 rows, 2 behind each gun in both cases. Of course a quad mount would require more space on the deck, but not much more than the triple.
  2. Tighter grouping of shells from same turret?

    I'm just a simple engineer, but I'm preety sure that I was tought the Gauss distribution during my high scholl years. It's not something difficult, if you spend some time on it you will find out that this thing is behind a lot of everyday things not just gunnery. It all has to do with the standard dispersion (where ~68% of the shots fall). In case of the Gremans, the value is sky-high and as a result the shells are far from each other. The real dispersion is in fact ruled be RNGesus himself but it has to be within the Gauss distribution limits (0-standard ~68%, 0-2*standard ~95%, 0-3*standard ~99,7%).
  3. Why didn't Japan ever make a quad 25mm?

    The triple mount had enough problems, mostly with ammo loading and accuracy because of oscilations caused by the recoil of the other guns of the mount that were unsufficiently dampened. A quad mount would only make matters worse. As for the increase of the number of crew members, it would have been a couple of loaders more in worst case, so having like 100 people more in a crew of 2800 (for Yamato) wouldn't have been such an issue. The added weight wouldn't have been an issue too because a quad mount wouldn't have had a weight much greater than that of a triple. Also, you can always make things easier by changing the gear ratio when talking about manual traverse, or even easier by choosing powered traverse, electrical or hydraulic. A quad mount, even with most assets reworked, wouldn't have been much better than the infamous American 1.1''/75 quad, know as the Chicago piano, that had a larger caliber and was clip fed. ~1'' caliber AA guns were unsufficient even at the begining of the war, so there was no need to even try to make a quad 25mm when even the triple was way behind the double boffors, that had a similar weight. The Japanese simply had to make a new gun, not a quad mount of an existing bad-performing gun.
  4. Tighter grouping of shells from same turret?

    The landing spots of the shells follow what is called a Gauss distribution. They land within an area defined by their initial position (the muzzle of the gun they came from), the spot you are aiming at, the maximum dispersion value at the distance you are shooting at and by the variation of the muzzle velocity. The standard dispersion distance from the target spot is defined by the σ value and the maximum dispersion. While the real dispersion can be anywhere between 0-max, about 68% of the shells have a dispersion value between 0-standard. When you are aiming at a distance that is much greater than the distance between the guns where dispersion values are relatively large (ex 15 km while the maximum distance between the guns is 100m and the standard dispersion is 150m), you can safely say that all the shells came from the same place with a very small deviation from reality, so you get what you discribed in the first image (green). When you are shooting at a close range (ex 2km while the maximum distance between the guns is 100m and the standard dispersion is 20m), you can't say that all the shells came from the same spot and you have to take into account the distance between the guns too, so you get what you discribed in the second image (red). Combining the above with gameplay now, if you ever happen to have an enemy at a very close distance (when brawling), you can notice that shells fired from the same turret follow more or less the same trajectory and this is because the distance between your guns is comparable to the firing range and the maximum dispersion value at close range is smaller that the distance between your guns (what you discribed in the second image). When shooting at long ranges you can notice that the distance between the guns doesn't even matter because the distance between you and the target is much greater and the dispersion value is larger the the distance between the guns. Keep in mind that dispersion depends on the distance that the shell travelled (the greater the distance, the greater the dispersion value). So what you are saying here is in fact already in the game, although it is noticable only at close ranges, where the distance between the guns is comparable to the firing range and greater than the dispersion value at the given firing range.
  5. Premium shells in WOWS

    Thinking of premium ammo in WOWS? Here is my opinion:
  6. Suggestions thread

    A nice Tier 9 free xp premium cruiser would be an Alaska-class large cruiser. The characteristics of the Alaska class are very close to Kronshtadt, having about the same speed and armor, as well as having the same number of main guns of an equal caliber. The Alaska class cruisers had a slightly weaker secondary battery than Kronshtadt ( A:6x2 5'' K:4x2 6'' + 4x2 3.9'') but a more powerful AA armament. Consumables should be the standard U.S. heavy cruiser consumables and main battery guns should have a rate of fire of about 2.5 to 3 rpm. The permanent camo should be the historical camo of either USS Alaska or USS Guam, depending on which of the two is selected to be in game (although my favorite is Guam, they both looked fantastic). Price should be the standard for the tier 750000 free xp. Alaska Guam
  7. where do i dl the smoke hack from please

  8. Richelieu, your opinon on guns dispersion?

    Accuracy is fair enough, better than the Bismarck while not as good as the NC. Plus you can bow-tank and still have all guns on target. But since this is World of Warships, RNG has the final decision.
  9. Game Faults Survey

    Although there is a bug report thread, this is a good way of finding out what porblems are usually encountered, if everyone here is honest of course. Though some of the the problems listed don't have to do with the game client itself in some cases. Some have to do with the internet connection of the players.For example I experience long battle loading times in afternoon (mainly during weekends and hollydays) because the internet lines in my region get overloaded, something that does not happen in morning. Others have to do with the graphics settings or with the computer of the player. Also after a number of game updates some players may start to feel that the game gets slower. A good way to fix this is to defrag the disk. Mods also affect the performance on some computers.
  10. Pre-Dreadnoughts at Tier 2?

    From the pre-dreadnought era we have many cruisers and destroyers, but we only have one battleship. I think this era needs more attention as this will make the game more diverse.
  11. Best IJN premium commander trainer?

    The higher the tier, the more xp you get. But for this to work it has to be a ship that suits your playstyle.
  12. Hydro versus Def AA?

    It depends on personal playstyle and on your ship's build. Personaly, if I have a ship with above average AA, I boost it with skills and upgrades and I take the hydro so that i can be more verstile. If the ship's AA is preety bad, I take the defAA. For high tier cruisers with acces to radar, hydro is not so useful so I take the defAA. But for the mid tiers that we are talking about it is clearly a matter of how you want to play the ship in most cases. If you want to be agressive and hunt destroyers in their smokescreens and spot torpedoes early, or your if ship's AA is strong enough and you want to be more versatile, you take hydro. If you want to cover your teamates from airstrikes (which means staying back with your allies and having a more conservative playstyle) or if your AA is below average and you want to protect yourself, you take the defAA. Just keep in mind that ships with good AA are not usualy attacked by planes (and in most cases they don't even get close), because most CV players know how this usualy ends (with some exeptions of course). Also the catapult fighters have the same effect on the drop patterns as the defAA (but not the same dpm), so the 2 planes skill is a decent solution for your AA problem if your ship has good maneuverability and relatively small size.
  13. Effectiveness of AA on warships

    The IJN 25mm had more problems than these. It was magazine fed, with 15 rounds in the magazine. Each time they needed to reload it (quite frequently), they had to remove the empty magazine and put a new one (these things were also heavy), drasticaly reducing the overall rate of fire. Also vibrations caused by the other guns of a dual or even worse triple mount were not dampened enough, decreasing accuracy. In comparison the Bofors were not only of larger caliber, but were also clip fed (clips of five rounds) and their opperation was not interuped by the loading proces and also had much better dampeners. As for fused shrapnel shells, IJN ships actually used them, they are the so-called type-3 or beehive shells. They were made for a lot of calibers, from 5" (12.7cm) up to 18.1" (46cm). The main problem with them was their overall inefectiveness, as the spread of the shrapnel was not good enough, guns firing them had generaly a low rate of fire and most larger guns (caliber larger than 6" (15.2cm)) could not elevate higher than 45 degrees.
  14. Why is Midway so extremely bad ?

    In the next update[0.6.14] Midway will recieve a 2-2-2 loadout and the dive bombers can be equiped with HE or AP bombs. Long rearm times for squads are still a problem, but this can be improoved with the apropriate equipement and skills. The next update makes tier 7+ U.S. carriers much more versatile and enables the use of AP bombs by their bombers (tier 8+).
  15. The halloween event 2016-2017

    Music is very hard to discribe with words and I don't remember well the previous soundtrack (it has been a year since then). You can check this out yourself in the public test