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  1. 0.6.8

    The ARP ships are not the only problem! Even in the regular ships the voiceovers have mixed voices! For some commands I hear the old voiceovers and some other I hear the new (wich sound like the scenario voices). In a regular national voiceover this is somewhat ok but in the ARP ones it is really confusing (if you have played all those ships a lot) and weird. This defenately needs a fix!
  2. 0.6.8

    You are right here! Without her consumables, she is more like a tier 6 ship than a tier 7! I mean, just compare her to Fubuki! Fubuki has one more tube and reloads faster while having 4 guns instead of Shiratsuyu's 5 and generally Shiratsuyu has similar stats: her speed is a knot lower, she has 100 less HP, the same AA rating her gun range is 0,5km shorter and her detectability range is 0,3 km shorther. She is on par with Fubuki but a tier higher! Also, Hatsuharu is not a good ship, but she can stand at tier 6 taking into account that destroyers of other nations still lack in some fields (although I think she must be buffed a bit), something I can't say for Shiratsuyu now as she is far behind everything else, in terms of speed, gunpower and torpedoes. Improoving her torpedo reload booster is useless because nobody will use it! Smoke is much more important for such a slow ship, even cruisers are faster! Without smoke, you can't escape! About the Soviet destroyers, they are already strong and get even stronger. Even when playing American destroyers I am afraid of their guns and now I hear they are buffed! Most destroyer players try to avoid them because if you are spotted, their guns will finnish you rather quickly, while they are also more durable (substantial armor, high HP and even repair consumable!). I think they must be nerfed instead of buffed. As for the Khabarovsk, it is a nerf but, this ship was never that good at stealth torping anyway, with a stock detectability range equal to the torpedo range. Even with skills and upgrades torping had not good results in most cases as you had to fire your torpedoes at ranges near 8km which makes the chance of hitting something low. This means that a bad torpedo boat became worse, while remaining the strongest gunboat, while Shiratsuyu..... well..... from one of the best torpedo boats she became easily one of the weakest ships of the tier. All I say here is that I don't like to see ships that only existed in blueprints or saw very limited action to outperform by that much ships that not only existed in reality, but took part in real battles, most of them in many throughout their service lifes or in very brutal ones, and prooved their capabilities; and besides that, arriving in game long before historical ships that even people who are not intrested in naval history have heard of!
  3. 0.6.8

    I agree! Shiratsuyu is totally destroyed in this update, now she is lacking behind all the others. She allways had less firepower and lower speed than all the other destroyers of the tier but the compensation was the consumables boosting the torpedeos. Now that is gone, leaving her well behind her Japanese counterpart, Akatsuki that has one more gun, one more tube and reloads much faster! Not to mention the speed difference, with Shiratsuyu beeing the slowest destroyer of the tier. All that she has left is her concealment but... I like her other strengths better. My personal opinion is that the quick reload nerf should be kept at 8s, while keeping ALL the consumables (and maybe nerfing a bit some of them as well) and nerfing the concealment to Akatsuki levels; if you realy want to nerf her without hurting her potential. She is just too weak without her consumables! But I like this ship as she is now, I don't even have any problem facing her with allmost any ship so I don't see any serious reason for such a nerf. A small nerf (as mentioned above) would be good but now, she is really destroyed, she has nothing special. Now she is neither a gunboat (she never was) nor a good torpedo boat (as she used to be).
  4. I would like to see USS Worchester. While searching the game files I was able to find Worchester in the file so I also expect to see this ship soon.
  5. This is clearly a Ju 87D-4, a land based aircraft suited for anti-ship role, as I know the Ju 87E was only a concept, no actual work was done (blueprints, prototypes etc) The Bv 155 was a redisign of Me 155 as I know - they are closely related (thats why they had the same Air Ministry number designation), made after it was decided to stop construction of Graf Zeppelin. Anyway I'm talking about Me 155 beeing cancelled and Bv 155 prototypes made afterwards. No matter what, Me 155 never left the drawing board as originally designed so we know too little about it to be able to have it in game, I mean we know something about the engine and other mechanical parts but the armament and other things like performance are not actually know, all we have is just speculations.
  6. Well, the Me155/Bv155 project was cancelled just because it was decided Graf Zeppelin would not be finnished, with only 3 prototypes made. As for the Ju 87E, I don't know if this variant ever existed, if you have found something on that I would realy like to see it, all I know is that they developed Ju 87R variants from the Ju 87C. And as for the Ju 87C, it was both dive bomber and torpedo bomber, specially made for that purpose. As for the original planned layout with Bf 109T, Fi 167 and Ju 87C, this is what I really wanted to see, but I will be satisfied with just Ju 87C in both dive and torpedo bomber roles.
  7. The german captains first have the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with oak leaves, and then with oak leaves and swords and maybe with diamonds, I am not sure about that though because they look similar and the image is quite small. Diamonds are unlikely as less than 30 people would have been given this award, but you never know.
  8. Threy were removed to be placed in fortifications like the Atlantic wall and the Siegfried line so re-installing them was unlikely considering that Germany was starting to loose the war that time, after work stopped in 1943. They had much more important things to care about like the lost North African campaign, the Soviet counter-attack, Allied invasion of Italy and the imminent Normandy landings (talking about mid-late 1943 onwards). Finishing a carier was not as important that time and such powerful guns were needed elsewhere and they were more consentrated in submarine warfare, not to mention that resources for such a project were limited. I think it is more likely to be the early 1943 planed configuration than a 1945 one, taking into account the planes and armament.
  9. Well.. preety nice that this is is finaly in game but I would like to see the other historical squadron layout with the Fi-167 torpedo bombers and Ju-87 dive bombers, or with the Ju-87C beeing in both torpedo and dive squadrons, just for more diversity. Anyway the only "problem" I see here is the there are only 42 planes on a tier 8 ship, which seems very little compared to Shokaku and Lexington that have 72 (in reality 84 and 78 respectively), not to mention the Enterprise with 96 (~90 in reality). All I can see is a buff of the historcal data (more planes than in reality) so that you don't run out of planes very early, or maybe better planes than the others have, like Saipan.
  10. For sure a long awaited ship I hope we see more Royal Navy ships and lines in the near future
  11. I met Tuccy a long time ago, he was in his Maas.
  12. Nice update with the new ships added, but still in the Essex class carier selection it writes Interpid instead of Intrepid. Actually this is the name I choose for Essex because of the historical skin I use but it would be good to fix this anyway. I would also like to see the flags redone soon, defenately one of my favorites.
  13. I am using the white spiderweb gunshight (#7 or #8 I don't remember). The multiple lines help a lot when the enemy is angled. This also helped me to improve my accuracy. Since it is in the client by default, no mod is needed. Personaly I haven't found yet anything better than this.
  14. Sounds amazing but I wish I had the time to do this. It's exam period and I'm studying​ a lot. But summer is comming! I hope this happens again, I would join for sure!
  15. Well, if you live in south-western Greece, high temperatures and humidity levels during summer make you worship your air-conditiner (while cursing the electricity company)! -from a guy living there