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  1. where do i dl the smoke hack from please

  2. Richelieu, your opinon on guns dispersion?

    Accuracy is fair enough, better than the Bismarck while not as good as the NC. Plus you can bow-tank and still have all guns on target. But since this is World of Warships, RNG has the final decision.
  3. Game Faults Survey

    Although there is a bug report thread, this is a good way of finding out what porblems are usually encountered, if everyone here is honest of course. Though some of the the problems listed don't have to do with the game client itself in some cases. Some have to do with the internet connection of the players.For example I experience long battle loading times in afternoon (mainly during weekends and hollydays) because the internet lines in my region get overloaded, something that does not happen in morning. Others have to do with the graphics settings or with the computer of the player. Also after a number of game updates some players may start to feel that the game gets slower. A good way to fix this is to defrag the disk. Mods also affect the performance on some computers.
  4. Pre-Dreadnoughts at Tier 2?

    From the pre-dreadnought era we have many cruisers and destroyers, but we only have one battleship. I think this era needs more attention as this will make the game more diverse.
  5. Best IJN premium commander trainer?

    The higher the tier, the more xp you get. But for this to work it has to be a ship that suits your playstyle.
  6. Hydro versus Def AA?

    It depends on personal playstyle and on your ship's build. Personaly, if I have a ship with above average AA, I boost it with skills and upgrades and I take the hydro so that i can be more verstile. If the ship's AA is preety bad, I take the defAA. For high tier cruisers with acces to radar, hydro is not so useful so I take the defAA. But for the mid tiers that we are talking about it is clearly a matter of how you want to play the ship in most cases. If you want to be agressive and hunt destroyers in their smokescreens and spot torpedoes early, or your if ship's AA is strong enough and you want to be more versatile, you take hydro. If you want to cover your teamates from airstrikes (which means staying back with your allies and having a more conservative playstyle) or if your AA is below average and you want to protect yourself, you take the defAA. Just keep in mind that ships with good AA are not usualy attacked by planes (and in most cases they don't even get close), because most CV players know how this usualy ends (with some exeptions of course). Also the catapult fighters have the same effect on the drop patterns as the defAA (but not the same dpm), so the 2 planes skill is a decent solution for your AA problem if your ship has good maneuverability and relatively small size.
  7. Effectiveness of AA on warships

    The IJN 25mm had more problems than these. It was magazine fed, with 15 rounds in the magazine. Each time they needed to reload it (quite frequently), they had to remove the empty magazine and put a new one (these things were also heavy), drasticaly reducing the overall rate of fire. Also vibrations caused by the other guns of a dual or even worse triple mount were not dampened enough, decreasing accuracy. In comparison the Bofors were not only of larger caliber, but were also clip fed (clips of five rounds) and their opperation was not interuped by the loading proces and also had much better dampeners. As for fused shrapnel shells, IJN ships actually used them, they are the so-called type-3 or beehive shells. They were made for a lot of calibers, from 5" (12.7cm) up to 18.1" (46cm). The main problem with them was their overall inefectiveness, as the spread of the shrapnel was not good enough, guns firing them had generaly a low rate of fire and most larger guns (caliber larger than 6" (15.2cm)) could not elevate higher than 45 degrees.
  8. Why is Midway so extremely bad ?

    In the next update[0.6.14] Midway will recieve a 2-2-2 loadout and the dive bombers can be equiped with HE or AP bombs. Long rearm times for squads are still a problem, but this can be improoved with the apropriate equipement and skills. The next update makes tier 7+ U.S. carriers much more versatile and enables the use of AP bombs by their bombers (tier 8+).
  9. The halloween event 2016-2017

    Music is very hard to discribe with words and I don't remember well the previous soundtrack (it has been a year since then). You can check this out yourself in the public test
  10. Kreigsmarine Colorized

    Very good job indeed, keep working on this, it realy nice to bring back to life pieces of history!
  11. Rewards for not torping allies at low tiers

    The team torping is something encountered at high tiers too, less frequently of course. There have been many cases where DDs or even CAs spam torps (many times as their last hope to deal some damage when their death is sure) while not paying attention to the courses of their allies, and this happens especially in high tiers where torp ranges are long, or torps are very fast. Although in most cases it is an accident (caused by lack of situational awareness), team torping can even be an action of 'revenge' or anger, for example when somebody kills an enemy they wanted to kill, or because they are just jeallous of what you are doing in the battle (this happened to me in a tier 4 game, when I got the kraken medal an "ally" delibarately torped me). From what i have seen, the frequent team torping incidents are mainly encountered in tiers 2-3, where the first ships with torps exist. At tier 4 (the lowest tier of the mission marathon) this becomes pretty rare, just a bit more frequent than in high tiers, because the majority of players have learned how to avoid it. Maybe you got a bit unlucky and the MM didn't like you that day, or someone wanted to 'troll' the others, as generaly after tier 4 team torping becomes rare. As for the medal you propose, this is something that I would like to see. I think this should be like the WoT medal, all team damage should be taken into account, even ramming. Rewards for it should be decent, because it is a bit hard not to ram, or -in most cases- not to be rammed. If ramming is excluded, rewards don't actualy make sense because it is much easier (if not an everyday thing) for a normal player not to cause damage by main armament (secondaries don't cause any team damage now as I know) and also this is what a player must do to comply with the rules. I think though that in order to prevent team torping there should be intro videos in the game, or part of the intro mission, reminding the new players to be careful when torping, not just the advice given before the battle starts that nobody pays attention to. Also the penalties for the teamkillers should be more strict, so that players think better before deliberately doing any team damage.
  12. Complete Carrier Guide

    Really nice and informative guide, thanks for this post. Carriers need much more attention in this game. As they are difficult to play, a lot of people don't preffer them, but guides like this really help people improove. I am also waiting for the carrier rework to come, I really want to see what they will look like after this. I hope more people play carriers in the future.
  13. Any news on HIJMS Tone?

    From my point of view, i can see 2 main ways of making possible the use of attack/fighter squadrons. The first is the current way that carriers command their squadrons, through the minimap or the overhaed view. The main problem of this is that commanding both your ship and your squadrons becomes a bit inconvenient. The second way this could work is locking the target, just as you are about to shoot or launch torpedoes, and then select the attack sqaudron. The planes take off and make an automatic drop on the target. Fighters can just go and dogfight with other fighters or attack planes selected by the player. The first way, although more difficult to learn and use is much closer to the current way of commanding squadrons, thus easier to get in game. The second way is easier to learn and master but at the same time there is no manual drop. This means that the fighters are vulnerable to enemy carrier fighters strafing them, while the attack planes will not be as accurate. There can also be a mixture of this ways, combining their features. Personaly, I think that we should first wait for the carrier changes the were announced and then see what we can do to make the hybrid ships possible.
  14. Is this an online .dds editor? If it is, I would realy like to get the link. P.S. Γεια σου πατριώτη!
  15. Supercontainer Change proposal

    Well, I didn't see anyone talking about same type drops anywhere in here, let alone 3 identical items, everyone is talking about 3 different items each time. But even if you enable the game mechanism to drop same type rewards without removing the dropped item from the list, the chances triple. Of course the chance rebalance is much easier in this case but still there is a chance to get 3 identical drops, for example 3 of the same special equipment, something that is against the general idea of beeing able to choose the reward you want. How can you choose according to your needs from 3 identical items? Getting 3 identical rewards that you don't actualy need and having to choose one of them causes a much greater inconvenience than simply getting one reward you don't want. By the time the rewards that most players don't want have a much higher chance of dropping, I can assure you that such cases will be often! So considering how statistics work and what players want, enabling the system to give 3 identical items and letting you choose, let alone that this will be often, will make players angry more times than it will make them happy. Independent drops for 3 SCs are not what the players realy want and you end up with removing the dropped items, so my analysis is not so unnecessary.