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  1. Is this an online .dds editor? If it is, I would realy like to get the link. P.S. Γεια σου πατριώτη!
  2. Well, I didn't see anyone talking about same type drops anywhere in here, let alone 3 identical items, everyone is talking about 3 different items each time. But even if you enable the game mechanism to drop same type rewards without removing the dropped item from the list, the chances triple. Of course the chance rebalance is much easier in this case but still there is a chance to get 3 identical drops, for example 3 of the same special equipment, something that is against the general idea of beeing able to choose the reward you want. How can you choose according to your needs from 3 identical items? Getting 3 identical rewards that you don't actualy need and having to choose one of them causes a much greater inconvenience than simply getting one reward you don't want. By the time the rewards that most players don't want have a much higher chance of dropping, I can assure you that such cases will be often! So considering how statistics work and what players want, enabling the system to give 3 identical items and letting you choose, let alone that this will be often, will make players angry more times than it will make them happy. Independent drops for 3 SCs are not what the players realy want and you end up with removing the dropped items, so my analysis is not so unnecessary.
  3. The Wargaming anniversary was in August, you propably mean the World of Warships anniversary. Most propably there will be discounts, both in game and in store and special missions that give various rewards, and most propably, a comemmoretive flag with no actual income bonus. Since the game is relatively new, just 2 years old, the game anniversary has happened only once in the past, so I personally don't know if they will do the same things this year.
  4. I see you get the general idea but you made some mistakes here, for example 33+33+33+4+4+2=109, if you add the percentages of chances the result should be 100, and some other things are wrong in this proposal. Everyone makes mistakes, its ok. Please don't take it personaly, no offence intended. It's not obligatory for everyone to know statistics. Anyway I get your point but this is not exactly how this works, so let me explain this a bit. In fact you get 3 supercontainers at once, while you have to choose one. Each item has a pre-set chance of dropping. For every SC option you get to the list and randomly get a reward, according to drop chance. With flags modules and camo for example having the biggest chances the most usual thing will be a combination of theese three. But it will be also possible to see 2 or 3 SCs of the same kind at once! This does not make sense, considering the original idea right? Unless you set it differently. You have to disable the option of double and triple drops by removing the item that dropped from the drop list. For example: flags 50% camo 25% modules 12,5% doubloons 5% credits 5% ship 2,5% The first SC has flags, we remove them allong with their chance So the chance sum becomes 50%, but it should be 100%, so we multiply the chance sum with the right number to become 100, in this case 2 With the same number we multiply all the other chances and get to the next drop The new chances for the other rewards are: camo 50% modules 25% doubloons 10% credits 10% ship 5% The second SC has camo Doing the same we did before and: modules 50% doubloons 20% credits 20% ship 10% ..... So we end up with 10% chance of ship for the last SC from 2,5% for the first, 4 times higher! And all that by not letting the player get the same reward type multiple times! Of course in game the chances are different, I chose theese values to make the example easy but I think you get the point. By having 3 different reward types, as the original post suggests, you increase the chance to get a very good reward at the last container (of course not by 4, this was just an example). This means that players will get the very good rewards more often, here things become a bit complicated. Players getting ships and doubloons more often may be good for them, but at the same time this not so good for the company, as this lowers their potential income, the sell less because the give more things for free. So here comes the chance rebalancing, if you lower the initial chance, you lower also your final right? But at the same time you have to increase the chances of the 'bad' rewards as the sum has to be 100%. This means that when the high chance item drops and gets out of the list, the other chances are multiplied with a higher number to reach again 100%! Anyway, the chances will not remain the same throughout the process and the last SC will always have the highest chance of a good reward. So no matter what, the chances of a good reward increase and most players will select doubloons and ships, something not ideal if you have a business right? Good idea overall, but as you can see I don't expect something like that to happen for ..... obvious reasons.
  5. The basic idea is simple, you have do download the wows unpacker and use it to unpack the files you want to edit, the unpacker can be found in Aslain's page. Once you have located the file you want, you have to convert it from .dds to an other form that you can edit, for example .png. Then you edit the file, while constantly checking where your changes aply in the ship texture. After you are done, you convert the file back to .dds. Both convertions can be done using an online file converter, you don't need to dowload any converting programs at all. When your skin is finaly done, copy and paste it to the same folder you found it in the res_unpack folder, but this time in the current game version folder in the res_mods folder. Keep in mind that the folder structure has to be exactly the same. This is how you do it after update 0.6.10, I hope this helped. If you want to ask anything feel free to do it.
  6. I don't know exactly how the bots are programmed in this game, but from what I know the instant torpedo evasion is entirely possible since the server has the torpedo trajectory data and the bots have direct acces to all the server data. My opinion though is that this is not done like that because it is a bit unfair for the player. I think it is more like the so called WASD hacks, they change their trajectory constantly. Its a fact though that bots can perform better than players, not necessarily because some players are bad, but because bots have a fraction of the human reaction time and they have better computing abilities, let alone the direct acces to all the data. Bots are also able to acomplish a task much faster than a human, so the time it takes for a bot to aim for example, is much less than the time it takes a player to aim. It is a matter of how the bots are programmed, you can have easy to beat bots when for example you increase their reaction time, but at the same time you can have almost impossible to beat bots if you choose the fastest possible command sequence.
  7. Well..... This whole story is know.......
  8. The Kongo class were among the most powerful battlecruisers ever built. In game, she performs great if played right. BUT REMEMBER: She is a BATTLECRUISER and that is how you should play her! If you show broadside your dead. As a battlecruiser she does not have the armor to withstand hits from other battleships. Use your speed and always change direction, while attacking the enemy from a reasonable distance and allways angle your ship. AA is also very good when upgraded. She also has good secondaries but they are not to be used all the time, she is not as a good brawler as her counterparts of the tier. Dispersion is not so bad, at 10-12km (the recomended distance) you will hit your target hard. Kongo is a great ship overall. you just need to play her the right way!
  9. I don't think it is a good idea overall. Shells already have very good penetration, and the IFHE boost, although significant, does not give you any significant advantage. Most ships have more armor than the IFHE penetration value or less armor than the standard penetration value. I think the points can be spent somewhere else, ex. concealment for high tiers or fire prevention for lower tiers, according to personal preferation. Also keep in mind that this decrases you fire chance without giving you something significant.
  10. Mostly older people with limited English knowledge are offended by such things, anyone who knows that in English ships are female is defenately not. In Greek you can refer to ships as male, female and neutral! It depends on the noun of the ship's name. A common way, when the ship's name is unknown, is to refer to the ship as neutral because the Greek word for ship is neutral. But in ancient Greek the word for ship is female so things start to get a bit weird here, especialy when reading older texts. Generaly we prefer to refer to the ship by using the name.
  11. Flags and camo, the last good supercontainer reward was 1000 doubloons, 3 months ago. Seems like luck is not with me........
  12. A good example of what you are saying: The ship in my profile photo is Georgios Averof. Georgios Averof was the man that paid 1/3 of the price of the ship, so the ship was named after him. Refering to this ship as a female (when speaking english) in my country can be insulting for some people. That's not 100% true, personaly I don't care that much about the profitability and gameplay, I care more about the ship class and the history behind. I see the ships as a collector. Yes we do, but here i just say that if you see someone refering to a ship as a male, you should not be surprized or offended, same with female, it depends on what each one is used to. I agree that Missouri is better in game than Iowa, but N.C. and Alabama belong to different classes, so thing are a bit more different. As for the 'free' issue, all I can say is that people have different opinions of what is free, which is natural, there is no reason to argue.
  13. * Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, Lord Nelson was not a girl! P.S. I know ships are legaly considered as females but in my language (and not only) we can reffer to ships as males considering from who (or what) they took their names.
  14. I was farming free xp for Missouri and for the time i have ~400k but....... HMS Nelson looks much better! Maybe I won't get Missouri soon but who cares? I already have Iowa so, another ship of the Iowa class is not as intresting as HMS Nelson. As for the price, it looks far more achievable than the 750k for the Missouri. For me, this costs no real money or doubloons. I was just playing the game and I wasn't using any free xp for about a year, also without spending a lot of time playing. What's my tip for getting HMS Nelson for free? Just be patient! Play the game as usual, and don't spend your free xp. It will take long, but it will cost you nothing in the end. But if you can't wait, your only way is spending doubloons to convert xp. The price of the ship depends on how long are you willing to wait and how much are you willing to play. And taking into account the containers, if you are lucky, you can get HMS Nelson for free much earlier! I can't wait to see this ship in the game, my free xp is more than enough!
  15. I asume Ashitaka (better known as Takao) has the same fate as the U.S. proposed cruiser Buffalo or Tone(that also was removed from the wiki and her testing was suspended). Maybe they were thinking of adding her but they later decided that this wasn't a good idea, for unknown to us reasons. Maybe we will see her in the future as a tier 7 Amagi A hull (like Mutsu or Shinonome), tier 8 or an other hull seem unlikely to me for mainly historical reasons. If you ask me, I don't think we will see her in game. As for the Amagi class, Akagi is the only ship of the class (other than Amagi) that i expect to arrive in the game.