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  1. GeorgeT1012_gt


    Although I prefered the previous Tech-tree discount system on premium ships instead of the armory coupon the event in general looks good. We get supercontainers and a free T6 premium after all I sent a ticket and the reply I got was that they are aware of this and that they will eventually give the tokens with the exact time unknown. They later announced that it will be before the release of 0.8.9 so that we can spend them.
  2. Yesterday I got the long awaited Scharnhost. With the current coupon system and the included slot it costs some 600 doubloons more than the previous 30% discount...
  3. The screws have an additional problem as the shaft has to go through a hole bellow the waterline, meaning that there are issues on making the hull completely watertight. So gaskets have to be used, but at the same time the gasket must let the shaft rotate with minimal resistance (friction). Materials for those gaskets in the early years were expensive and unreliable, it took some time to develop proper materials and designs. The use of screws also demands the use of thrust bearings, as the force of thrust the the screw generates that has to go from the shaft to the ship, is parallel to the shaft. Thrust bearings are generaly more complex than axial ones. Besides mechanical probles there are industrial problems too. The whole shipbuilding industry has to addapt to the changes. There are changes in the way ships are built, so machinery as well as manpower have to addapt, something that takes time. There are also design related issues. Most new designs are based on older ones, this makes the designing process faster and easier but at the same time the design itself is more reliable, as it is based on something proven and working. The machinery arangement of a paddle steamer, as well as the propulsion way itself, differs from that of a screw propelled one, making the general design different, so the designers in order to save time and money went with the already existing idea instead of experimenting. Most changes are gradual (coal to oil, propellers to jet etc), so is the case here. Keep in mind though that everything has advantages and disadvantages that are very distinct for certain applications.
  4. GeorgeT1012_gt

    Georgios Averof armored cruiser(Pisa-class) 

    As a pre dreadnought ship i think Averof would be a nice and unique ship. Although there are many more ships from the Hellenic Navy that can be added, not only destroyers but cruisers and battleships too. I just can't wait to see them in game, most likely in the European tree.
  5. GeorgeT1012_gt

    Armada: Yūdachi

    Brings back memories of the good old Shiratsuyu before the nerf.....
  6. GeorgeT1012_gt

    German T10 premium battleship Brandenburg

    Why not the the H43? It was planned to have 8x19'' guns. It would be like the Ohio, maybe with more penetration but less accuracy. The H44 with the 20'' guns is another idea but it would be harder to balance though.
  7. GeorgeT1012_gt

    Fan made German aircraft carrier line

    Nice proposal using mostly real designs. The conversion plan for the unfinished De Grasse could also be a premium.
  8. GeorgeT1012_gt

    French destroyers event: Part 2

    I got a reply, they told me they know about the issue and the are trying to solve it. The exact time of the token distribution is unknown.
  9. GeorgeT1012_gt

    French destroyers event: Part 2

    I did not receive any French tokens from the hall of fame. Last time i checked (9/12/2019 23:00 UTC +2), I was in the top 10% with ~8400 points, with the limit for the top 10% at around 7600 points and also well above the top 25% limit (some ~3000-4000 points). Today I only received the French Riviera camos. Will the tokens be given later or the top 50% limit increased that much over night?
  10. GeorgeT1012_gt

    Public Test of Update 0.8.5


    Many other players had the same issue, a lot (including me) were pink because of that. The small patch thought seems to have fixed the issue. It doesn't crash anymore and the ammo selection memory seems to be working. I have to notice that despite the fact that the message said I needed 3 battles to get out of the teamkiller status, I had to play way more than 3, that was before the patch thought.
  11. GeorgeT1012_gt

    Public Test of Update 0.8.5


    Game frequently crashes during the waiting time before the start of the battle or shortly after. It also rarely crashes when I press the windows key in battle. It once caused my PC to crash too. It also does not seem to remember the ammo type choice from the previous battle.