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  1. HoeWoe

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Any chance of joining window lickers? Just picked up sheep game again few weeks ago so might still be bit rusty but hopefully i'll be good enough in a bit. Currently got only 1 T10 sheep but hopefully it'll change soonish.
  2. HoeWoe

    0.5.5 Incoming ! Patch Notes

    Don't think this consumable will make CV immune to sniping. Most likely it will just postpone it by 2-3 minutes and first real attack will be on some other ship. On another thought it might even make it easier since no one will be providing AA cover for CV anymore due to consumable. Just have to bait CV to use it, then go kill another ship and by time your planes travel and rearm consumable has ran it's duration. Then proceed to kill CV in those 4 mins when cooldown ticks down.
  3. HoeWoe

    What is exactly DEV's problem?

    I wouldn't mind if repair costs went down, but at same time ammo cost should go up to encourage people to actually hit stuff not just survive.
  4. Not that it's slow but it also stops at half way Otherwise
  5. HoeWoe

    Yamato setup?

    Loads of Yamato advice in BB section.
  6. HoeWoe

    [edited] Fighters shoot down my Planes in 1 second, WTF ?!

    Actually he learned to play with buggy strafing and now that it got fixed with last patch according to THD post 1-2 days ago he's having troubles. But doing some forum search is hardest thing to do so best is to accuse hacks.
  7. HoeWoe

    Pure, unrefined frustration

    Just how much xp does base defence give? I mean close to 1k more base xp in losing team then best one in winning team is kinda
  8. HoeWoe

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not sure if it should go here but getting detonated in 2 battles in a row in Yamato.... First was from torp and second was Amagi shell.
  9. HoeWoe

    What class has the least annoyance potential?

    Pretty much got same opinion.
  10. HoeWoe

    How to I go about getting a refund on my Atlanta?

    For me it doesn't really matter which torps i use. I just can't seem to be able to get that ship working for me. Don't think it has anything to do with torps tho, more like whole package just isn't clicking in. Might be too few games in it but at same time i was quite comfortable with Blys from start and can get ok results with it. So atm i also do regret getting Lo Yang.
  11. HoeWoe

    Hotspot map deployments

    I think most of problems would be solved if both spawns would even try to link up instead of steaming to sides of map and be without any possible help.
  12. Next patch you can do it for free once
  13. HoeWoe


    Not commenting on overall skill needed for different DD's but skillful use of smoke is still skill no matter which DD.
  14. HoeWoe


    Don't think it's too good idea to have counter, maybe indicator that you are in smoke but both would actually lower skill required to play DD's well. Got somke times from http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/42242-explain-smoke-to-me/page__pid__803709#entry803709 so just count time and show more skills