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  1. Dude you actualy sold your Saipan for creddits Screen_Shot_2018-10-25_at_11.02.15_AM.jp


    And i am here contemplating if i should [edited]with WG to sell a carier 2 times .

    1. Reader666


      yeah, bye accident i was hoping that it automaticly would do the dubloon thing, because i dident know where to look at, i dident think about the inventory as a option. stupid i know, but if im honnest yes  i would like dubloons over the ingame money.

    2. cosminc


      and i assume you did the same with the other cvs, Shokaku enterprise kaga hiryu ziho renger hoso ? and not use that interface to get FXP?

    3. Reader666


      no because i waited to see if there was today any post on the forum, what i normaly dont use, and thats where u found me asking the question. its only the saipan.