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  1. Yeah, I know, I know.. One more thread about this. But I have a specific question. I also do have, amongst other Tier X, Yamto in port.. And you know what? She's not my ship. Great against BBs, sure. But most of the ships are DDs and Cruisers. Montana is better against DDs because she just has more guns. But also against cruisers, because in my Yamato I get (except citadel hits) only overpens. So lets say a Atago shows a perfect broadside.... 5x Overpen -.- . I would have insta-killed the Atago in the Montana. So, GK can do that, too. But, what are the advantages of the GK over the Montana? What I know... + GK has better survivebility - GK is larger - GK is less manouverable - GK needs more time to accelerate / stop - GK has less accurate guns (you need to check dispersion per KM, Montana has more dispersion, but also higher range, overall she is more accurate) What about GKs 420mm guns? Same overpen-issues as Yamatos 460?
  2. How many credits are the Smith-equivalent?
  3. 2N5R

    Tausche Gamescom Bonuscodes

    Danke für den Hinweis! Habe auch T-25 Codes, ist geändert.
  4. Ihr Lieben, ich habe noch einen Gamescom WoT T-25 Code und einen WoWs Campbeltown. Soweit ich weiß, gab es ja auch andere Codes (Emden zB.). Ich wäre interessiert an einem Tausch ;-). Bei Interesse bitte schreiben.
  5. Guys, dont wanna open a new thread for this. When driving the Yamato or any other Battleships, hitting citadels from 10km or more is more luck than skill for me. How about you? Is that normal, or is my aim just poor?
  6. Hallo zusammen, ich bin's leid trotz 200.000 Damage im Spiel zu verlieren, weil das Team nix kann! ;-) Deshalb suche ich jetzt andere Spieler oder einen Clan, um zusammen zu fahren. Ich selbst bin 28 und suche Mitspieler + / - ca. 10 Jahre. Wichtig ist mir, dass es keine Clan-Verpflichtungen gibt; ich bin zwar oft online, aber das echte Leben geht vor. Schifftechnisch habe ich BBs bis Tier 10, DDs bis Tier 8 und Cruiser bis Tier 7 zu bieten; am liebsten fahre ich BBs. Ich denke, ich spiele ganz passabel, aber kann sicherlich noch was lernen. Bis bald, 2N5R
  7. 2N5R

    Any chance to change Yamatos Camouflage?

    Guys, I didi it, thank you!!!
  8. 2N5R

    Any chance to change Yamatos Camouflage?

    I seem to be too stupid - i'm sorry: Do you mean this tool?: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/resources_extract.html And where is the .xml file, I cant find it :-/ ?
  9. 2N5R

    Any chance to change Yamatos Camouflage?

    I found this: http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/yamato-re-texture-camouflage/ Is it suitable to replace the camo, or just the standard texture? And how do I install it?
  10. I love playing the Yamato, but i dislike the green camo (uuaahh). As i am running a concealment build, i still want to keep it. But I wondered if there is any way to remove the camo? Eg by overwriting the camo-file with the default ship texture or so. Anybody any idea? Thank you!
  11. 2N5R

    enough with the cyclones. they suck.

    I love cyclons, even in a battleship. When you are sailing Tirpitz, and a half HP New Mexico appears parallel to you followed by a 100%HP Colorado, you turn to NW, after 3 Salvos shes dead. Meanwhile you launch your torps to Colorado, 3 more salvos, bye bye. Tirpitz is a brawler, and the cyclons save her from long distance fights. Love it!
  12. 2N5R

    Which Tier X cruiser is right for me?

    Will choose that then. Also thought about Survivability Expert, cause it decreases the HP disadvantage Zao has compared to other T10 cruisers by 40%. But yeah, seems like DE is more useful!
  13. 2N5R

    Which Tier X cruiser is right for me?

    That's what my conclusion is after lot of reading! by the way, do you think demolition expert is a usefull captain skill for japanese cruisers, especially the zao?
  14. 2N5R

    Which Tier X cruiser is right for me?

    Thank you guys for all the answers. I think i will go for the Zao. Reason is, Zaos playstyle is much more different from BBs than Hindis - i like to play the yamato, and Zao does then offer more variety. ;-)