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  1. Picturion

    Bottom tier CV

    Oh, thanks. I'll move this there.
  2. Picturion

    Bottom tier CV

    Maybe this has been mentioned before, but I haven't been active in the forum until now. I really like the CV rework, and I think it is going in the right direction. But bottom tier CVs are near useless in a match, out of spotting. I know I am going to get stomped by all the "macho" unicums insisting that I have to adapt and "git gud", but it is hard to get better when you can't approach your targets in those lovely battles where you are the only T6 CV in a sea of T8s. It seems to me that AA power creep by tier is absurdly steep; I know that an Omaha is not great, but there is a way to work around its severe flaws. With planes, this is as if in other ships shells could be shot out of the air. I don't know. One thing is to be bottom tier and the other is to be useless to the team.
  3. Picturion

    Which tier do you enjoy playing the most?

    My playzone is between T5 and T7. There is a good mix of ships that actually existed and average decent teamplay, with teammates that know more or less what they are doing. I don't know; there is something very primal and direct about T6 and 7. Battles are head on and rythm is fast and pounding. I deeply hate T8 and up. Overtiering is rampant in T8, and beyond that I just don't enjoy the gameplay. Shells take an eternity to get to the target at those distances and I get frustrated when I miss 90% of my shots (yeah, I'm not great at the game). I let the unicums delve up there, and I am content in not having to deal with them. In my way of viewing it, nothing exists beyond T7.
  4. Picturion

    Not liking the new "shards" rework

    Now that everyone is commenting about the CV rework and its faults and merits, I think there is something that has been passing under the radar, the "shards" map. I really hate this iteration of the map. I mean, it's just decent, but I hate that we lost a really cool map with a lot of flow and interesting mid game for one that it is just a garbled mess of islands thrown against the canvas without any thought on making it engaging. I don't know what was going through the developers minds when they decided this, but I think it's a mistake. Maybe, instead of killing a map that was perfectly fine, we could keep both, for anyone that likes the new version. Also, it feels bigger. Is it to adjust it to T8 and 9? These are just my thoughts. Opinions?
  5. Picturion

    Sound quality drop.

    I have also noticed some issues, but only with the ship horns. They sound double, or wierdly overlapped, like there are two horns and one starts slightly after the other, or they start twice in the beggining.
  6. Picturion

    About the HMS furious

    The other day the game brought up a survey about the new CVs, but I had only played the hermes, so I had no idea what feedback to give, considering that all T4 CV play is awful (but that is to be expected) So now that I am informed I can give some specific opinions that I should have given in that survey. The good Health and surface detectability are fine. Plane HP is good enough and AA firepower is as good as it is necessary in its tier. Torps are slow but powerful and rockets are not very hard hitting but accurate. The Bad Those cluster bombs. I cannot even describe how frustrating and unreliable they are. They scatter all over the place, hitting everywhere but the target area (I swear that sometimes they land outside of it). I would say that to be different from the other nations they should be accurate, but not very powerful. Even the gigantic dispersion circle of the ranger's divebombers gets better results. Everytime from the ranger or ryujo to the furious I feel I'm getting a hand tied to my back, like every type of squadron I have matters and has a purpose. Air surface detectability; not fatal, but even the ranger has better concealment from air Again, this is the opinion of someone who never plays beyond T7 (I just don't like the higher tier gameplay and the endless overtiering in T8), so I don't know how all of what I've said applies to further ships down the line.
  7. Picturion

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    I have been playing several battles in the T4 and T6 CVs; Rockets are accurate and torpedoes are absurdly slow, but I can work with that. On the other hand, cluster bombs are the worst thing that this game has seen in a while. How can the americans hit more with three bombs than the brits with 6? I would expect to get a lot of low damage hits, rather than a few hard hits and fires, but almost every attack run end with all bombs splashing all around the target. The aiming reticle is smaller than the americans, but accuracy is worse, which doesn't add up. Even the microscopic reticle on the japanese AP bombs is representative of where they will fall, but on brits anything goes. Also, it is impossible to be useful to the team in a bottom tier CV. I can make work any other class, but getting deplaned in the first minutes makes me useless for the rest of the match.