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  1. This is a summary of your ships Ronin: BB's: Every single one is a premium, all of the premium ones besides the ones that were removed. CA's: You have the Buffalo and a few others but the majority are premiums. CV's: Hosho and Langley. DD's: A few, but the most played are all premium. You are the problem. 41% winrate, absolutely terrible. STOP PLAYING YOUR PREMIUMS, and earn your way to all of the tiers you have bought, then come back to this forum when you have an idea of how to play and not waste your teams time.
  2. _Raskeria_

    Upcoming Ships - How to get them!

    I believe, with the way it was written, it is definitely final, there is definitely no way it was written like that and could still apply to the DevBlog section rules.
  3. _Raskeria_

    Friendly fire defensive AA

    Bless him? Are you saying that I dont know that the WoWs player base doesnt communicate, I said encourage, not guarantee it lol. I have been around in-game long enough to know that communication is never guaranteed lol.
  4. _Raskeria_

    Friendly fire defensive AA

    I was wondering what kind of affect a friendly fire defensive AA would have, I mean the biggest problem CV's have right now is powerful AA and def AA, but if there were consequences to using def AA for both sides then people might be hesitant to use def AA. For example: Torp bombers going in for attack from enemy cv, a bb is its target and a cruiser is sat near it in def AA range, but on their side their CV's bombers and fighters are using the cruisers AA, the fighters intercept the bombers and the cruiser activates def AA. With the current system, def AA is activated and the bombers are panicked and the fighters help destroy them. With the system I am suggesting, the cruiser activates def AA, they begin to shoot down the enemy bombers, but also begin to destroy and panic the ally fighters and bombers. So it would really add quite an interesting system because there are pros and cons with activating def AA with this type of system, for one the friendly CV cant use the cruiser for AA, the ally fighters would have to be hesitant to intercept and the enemy CV's bombers get a nice clean drop off if neither the friendly CV or cruiser make a decision. It encourages more communication, the cruiser will have to tell their CV that they are activating their def AA, and the CV will have to talk to its allies during certain times to ensure that they dont overlap. There are pros to this, no more op def AA that just affects enemy aircraft, gives CV's more breathing room (which they definitely need right now (since AA is op on every ship type except DD's)), also adds a bit more micro management needed, because CV's cant just leave their fighters/bombers over a cruiser and think they are safe It would make CV's less hesitant to attacking, because these days as soon as a CV sees a cruiser that can slot def AA they almost always move their aircraft out of the area and that area instantly becomes a no fly zone, but with the system I am suggesting the no fly zone goes both ways, if the cruiser doesnt know what they are doing both sides suffer. Anyway tell me what you guys think, I am interested to see what people think to my suggestion. I am also a frequent player of every ship type, but I am predominately a BB main, but I am all for making CV's easier and more powerful.
  5. _Raskeria_

    Why did strangers123 leave OMNI?

    Yep, exactly what the title says. Thanks for any answers.
  6. Ok, I want to get into CV's. I have the Midway and Hakuryu, but I am just so afraid to play them, I am by no means amazing, but I know the basics, I can do well. The other night I played the Kaga, managed to kill the enemy CV off because he was alone and I thought why not. Did 207k dmg helped my team and enjoyed it, I overall love CV's, I love every ship class. But the the night before that I played against a Kaga in my Saipan, and this guy knew what he was doing, strafing didnt work, his bombers appeared in the least expected spots and overall I couldnt do anything, my team then said I was terrible, Kaga vs Saipan is so one sided and all of that other stuff, and that really put me down because before that I had a really fun Saipan match. When I play CV's I feel this overwhelming pressure, that I need to perform well and not let my team down, and those comments that my team made in the Saipan match are the exact comments I hate and really discourage me. Also another thing is that my team expect me to have fighters everywhere like they can teleport or something, I cant instantly get them over there and they say I am bad just because of that, like my planes are super fast. Anyway, this post is getting long, but I really dont know what to do, I want to play CV's so badly, but I am just so afraid, and I am not very good with micro when under pressure, not by the enemy, but by my own team. Anyway thanks for any input.
  7. _Raskeria_

    Musashi or Alabama?

    Ok thanks for the help, I am not going to lie I already made up my mind, I want the Musashi lol. But I wanted to start the topic just to get others opinions. Anyway thank you very much for all the input.
  8. _Raskeria_

    Which one should I get? Alabama or Roma?

    Thanks for all the help, I got the Roma, and I love it.
  9. _Raskeria_

    Musashi or Alabama?

    I already have the Missouri, I want to know what to get, Musashi or Alabama? I have the Yamato, and I have played the NC. Please feel free to check my account stats to help you make a decision, and help me make one. I have enough xp and I am willing to get either one. In short: I have the Missouri, so Musashi or Alabama? Thanks for any input.
  10. I just think that the ship view is a little too close, I want to know if anyone knows of a mod that can zoom the camera out a bit while in battle. I want to be able to appreciate my ship, but from a distance lol. I want to be able to zoom out more (Extra zoom). Kind of like Flamu's ship view in his old commentaries. Examples: Flamus first ever Hindenburg commentary and his first Yamato commentary. Thanks for any feedback. And please tell me if this type of mod isnt allowed, because I dont want to get banned. In short: Is there a way to increase the FoV (Field of View)/ Zoom?
  11. I dont mind either, I am a seasoned player, over 4k battles, I can play ships to their strengths quite easily. Either one is great, but I wanted to know which one I should get first? I am thinking Roma right now and then Alabama but wanted others opinions. Any input is appreciated thank you. I already have the Missouri btw. So I dont need them for earning credits, I just want a nice tier 8 premium battleship to play and enjoy. I will eventually get them both, but I just want to know which one to get first. Also, I have 14 out of the 17 tier X's that are currently in the game, so I am experienced. Feel free to check my stats to see what I am good in to help you make a decision and help me decide.
  12. _Raskeria_

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - British Battleships

    Very refreshing to say the least, but the British BBs are amazing, well done WG, they are extremely well balanced and I love them.
  13. _Raskeria_

    A way to get rid of boredom and grinding

    Ok guys, dont change the topic please, I want opinions on my thoughts.
  14. _Raskeria_

    A way to get rid of boredom and grinding

    Ok, I am sorry but I had to post this, Ijust remembered that H-41 is going to be the T10 BB for the germans, now I really want WG to put the daily win up to x100 permanently, so I can stockpile XP.
  15. _Raskeria_

    A way to get rid of boredom and grinding

    Thanks for the reply, Architekton.