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  1. Temujin27

    PEF........ I want my money back

    i have tried for a week..... its a tough old boot , but damage potential is rubbish .............. that's it.......
  2. Temujin27

    PEF........ I want my money back

    The Hood is what came to my mind when i first played her.... but Hood is more powerful @ T7 than PEF is @ T6
  3. Temujin27

    PEF........ I want my money back

    i feel like i am getting a lot of over pen given that the AP pen is meant to be poor - anyone else see this (i was aiming at CA/CL in 12-15 km window mainly)
  4. Temujin27

    Desperately in need of help to get better

    Read reviews to understand more about ships strengths and weaknesses .... try this .... https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/117549-mouses-new-summary-of-premium-ships/ Also you tube videos, i suggest Flamu as a start point
  5. Temujin27

    Auto return last Captain

    Question - is it possible to implement a "return last Captain" option , a bit like "return last crew" in WOT ?
  6. Temujin27

    Yūbari, yay or nay?

    absolutely must have and use "aim system mod 0" or its no fun.... with :) you hit what u aim at... period also - dont get shot - you have glass armour for me... a Yay
  7. Temujin27

    Ranked Season X

    T10 from rank 15 ... joke... attempt to get people to spend big to get a T10 ... fail....
  8. Temujin27

    Ships that need a buff

    HOOD..... its dead..... its a shame.... give it two torps a side (i think that is historical correct) , like that IJN BB (cant recall name), limit the fire arcs of course , even to Yubari std, and range (4 km?) but it would give the old girl a welcome knee trembler.... SEE ME SHINYHORSE, i got some too..... :)
  9. Temujin27

    Haida is in shop :)

    Best fun ship i have bought..... baby Perth with gadjah mada attitude..... CE essential... ok i dont have the greatest stats but im getting 58% win, 1400 XP and 2.3 destruct ratio.... abuse its stealth.... creep and fire... hold torps for overconfident chargers
  10. Temujin27

    Indianapolis modules

    Nope not got that
  11. Temujin27

    2 day old Newbie.. what am i doing wrong??

    Sark - all this above is great advice.... my two cents.... 1) DONT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE BUY A HIGH TIER PREMIUM AND JUMP INTO T8 ..... until you got 49%+ win rate and several K games 2) Learn the role of you ship type and stick to the plot... the you tube stuff helps... 3) Avoid RN CL until some more exp... for me i learnt most in KM, IJN boats..... Kuma is your friend.... Clemson will teach.... Kaiser will keep u alive.... and if you have to run RN then go BB but not above Orion for now
  12. Furst , you probably read or watched this already, but if you are going to play BB very aggressive then consider German line and a specialised "secondary armaments build" - they have the best secondaries. As we why CE for BB, well while i agree with your comments there is also the issue of getting the best out of your "Repair Party" consumables. If you can "vanish" while you heal back your health you can (especially with UK ships), almost live twice ! Also paradoxically, CE can be useful with an aggressive approach too, allowing you to get in closer before opening up with your first devastating salvo.
  13. Temujin27

    New camera in port.

    i don't have any such problems, i zoom in / out at will with mouse wheel and can move anywhere.... love it...
  14. Temujin27

    Campaign "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Arctic Camo is excellent - work of art and worth the grind - GJ WG
  15. Temujin27

    Service Cost

    Jayuss / Corn Flakes - Thanks for clarification