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  1. Firstly, I'm not part of a clan. Maybe if I get some good response I'll consider creating a clan further down the line. Right now all I'm after is a few more competent teammates to share the ocean with! Put myself and you at less risk of playing with this games high variety of... subpar players. I'm currently playing with one friend and we can hold our own. We're looking to improve our tactical plays but we know how to angle ourselves and we know how to aim reasonably well. Our main issue is the rest of our team! If it isn't the AFKer's losing us the battle its the idiots that will run straight into the fight solo and get themselves blown up within less than a minute after the game has started. Theres also nothing I hate seeing more than a BB on full health after every one else on the team is dead. If you want to take potshots from the back of the map, good luck to you but if you're playing with me I expect you to pull your weight! All I ask is that you speak English and are 18+ as you will be playing alongside two 24 year old lads from the UK. If you have Skype you're more than welcome to join our mic chat on there. I personally prefer to it TS3 as I have access to it on my phone so I can communicate on-the-go. I'm off work this week so I will be available to play all hours! Although the missus can drag me away from time to time for a few minutes... After this week I'll be back to work meaning I won't be playing until the evening like any normal person with a job. If you'd like to play with us please hit me up on here or in game! Happy sailing EDIT: We're currently playing between Tiers III and VI so have your boats ready accordingly. EDIT 0.1: I've made an ingame channel, just search 'HMS_Bear' if you'd like to join me!
  2. HMS_Bear

    Shells on Target

    Some more tips... Aim in line with the enemy ships hull. At distance you'll achieve "Plunging fire" this is when your shells will dive down on top of the enemy ship which may penetrate through the decks thin armor which can score you citadels if using AP or cause major damage to the armaments/engines/rudder as well as cause fires if you're using HE. I try and stick to a set of rules when choosing shell type: CA VS BB - generally HE all the time as causing numerous fires can take them down in a minute or so. If you're feeling lucky and are sat at a good distance away you can try penetrating the deck with AP but I generally wouldn't recommend it unless you know exactly where to aim for as the small caliber guns struggle to penetrate a BB's thick armor. CA VS DD - HE. You don't need to hit them with anything other than HE as they're weak and will go down within a couple of Salvo's if they're unfortunate enough to come anywhere near you. CA VS CV (Carrier) - Start with HE to cause fires. Fires are a CV's worst nightmare as they can't send out planes whilst they're on fire. When they're lit up, switch to AP if you know where to hit and sink them ASAP but be weary because a good CV player will keep Cruiser support close by. BB VS everything - Don't waste salvos on DD's unless you are certain you can hit them because they can out manoeuvre you all day. I primarily use AP on everything because a BB's guns are a large enough caliber to penetrate anything and everything. I've one shot countless CA's and dropped my fair share of BB's within 3, full broadside salvo's. HE can be useful at range however. AP is good when you can more or less guarantee a citadel but if your spreads aren't great then you can set about causing fires and disabling enemies so they have a harder time damaging your pals that are closer to the fight than you are. DD's VS everything - if you're playing IJN DD's and fire more shells than torps, you're doing it wrong. USS DD's excel at countering IJN DD's with their insane gun turn speed (IJN gun turn speed is comparable with that of BB's). HE all the way with this ships. Gun caliber is too small to penetrate pretty much anything and the damage is just pitiful. Hope his helps! Edit: one more thing: Angling armour. When you're piloting a BB especially, give your enemies a small target to aim at. If you show them your whole broadside you're easy as hell to hit and the incoming shells have a nice flat target to penetrate. Sometimes shells that hit your ship at an angle just just bounce off and deal no damage so come at your enemies at a good angle to make yourself a smaller target and increase the possibility of shells doing very little, if any damage at all.
  3. HMS_Bear

    Shells on Target

    If you're piloting a BB (Battleship) and you're experiencing difficulty with shell spread etc that's just RNG (Random Number Generation) for you! If you're lucky you'll get a nice tight spread and your shells will hit their target. Other times you won't have RNG on your side and you'll miss salvo after salvo because shells are just landing either side of the enemy ship. BB's are heavily reliant on lucky hits because the shell spread can be such a pain. Certain upgrades later on in the game will increase main battery accuracy. This will improve the shell spread so that they stay tight as they fly towards their target. CA's (Cruisers) and DD's (Destroyers) don't suffer from this plague as much as their guns are a smaller caliber and you'll need to close the range gap more before you can fire. As you play the game more you'll learn the sweet spots for each ship. Hitting these spots with AP rounds will penetrate and score you citadel hits which cause a huge amount of damage. A lucky penetration shot with a BB on a CA can result in a one hit kill which is always nice to see!
  4. HMS_Bear

    Compensation Calculations + toxic play

    As others have said - your torps = your responsibility. Never fire torpedoes if there is any chance of them hitting an ally. Even if their getting hit is a result of their lack of awareness. Get into a good position behind enemy lines when their fire is focused on your teammates at distance. They will more than likely be too occupied with returning fire/dodging shells to even notice you. Strike hard with tight spreads and your job is done. Remember how much damage Torpedos do, even to friendlies. If they hit a friendly ship the guy piloting it is gonna be pissed even if it wasn't necessarily completely your fault. You hit friendlies - prepare to be sunk by friendlies.
  5. HMS_Bear

    What countries will be added in the future ?

    Apparently the Russian Navy will be released before the British/Italian etc because of the overwhelming Russian presence ingame. WG's excuse is that they have a large number of Russian players who have a lot of "pride" for their country despite their glorious Navy doing next to f*ck all during WWII other than losing and retreating more than the French. Hilarious really but I guess if one country swarms a game, no matter how insanely bad it's playerbase is, they'll get served first.
  6. HMS_Bear

    No one seems to like me :(

    The thing I've found with this game is that it's very easy to play but very difficult to master. Team play is the key. Stick with teammates, attack as one unit and focus single targets down. Okay, most people seem to be mutes during matches which is a pain in the [edited]. Best thing you can do is find some friendly people to play with that actually want to play as part of a team. Also, YouTube is your friend! Look up guides on the boats you want to play with and learn their gameplay inside and out.
  7. Okay, I don't claim to be the greatest shot in the world but I'm currently cruising through the Omaha at a nice pace on my way to the beautiful Cleveland, landing my fair share of citadel hits every game. Haven't done much with the BB tiers but I'm not far off finally getting rid of the Kawachi. Now, I've used the Warspite and had some good fun with it. The Kawachi on the other hand... Like most people, I don't have much love for it. The range is one thing but that doesn't bother me as much as how, horrendously, inaccurate it is. Lining up my shots nicely from around 7-8km's and I'm lucky to get a single hit on my target. It's almost as though they have an anti-Kawachi shield that forces my shells to spread like a wide torp salvo. Is there anything I can do to improve my shots or is this boat just doomed to sink in every situation?
  8. HMS_Bear


    I'm new to WG so not sure if the other games have clan systems already but... Will a clan/fleet system be implemented into the game once it is released? Right now playing with teams that have no communication and just don't team chat whatsoever is becoming frustrating. I play with a friend that also downloaded WoWS as soon as it hit open beta so we are able to communicate and strategise with ease but most people just seem to want to do their own thing. It'd be nice to be able to play with other people that want to work as a team to get those wins.
  9. Hey! I downloaded WOWS as soon as I heard it went into open beta. Really loving it so far, it's a lot of fun and landing those citadel shots is so satisfying! I'm currently playing with a friend, both started at the same time. We've picked up the gameplay fairly quickly and have gotten into tier 4 and 5 ships. I'm currently using the Omaha a lot and also purchased the Warspite (UK ftw!) which I'm finding a lot of fun. The only problem we're having is lack of team communication... We use Skype chat (also have TeamSpeak) to help co-ordinate positions/attacks but rarely see people using the in game chat unless they're flaming. Just looking for some friendly, fairly experienced players to give us some tips in-game to help us improve our play and get us those all important wins for maximum EXP. Also looking to play with some other less experienced players that use voice chat so can we can improve together as a team. We're both laid back and won't get on your [edited]if you mess up, we're both still learning afterall! Feel free to add me in-game if you'd like to play