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  1. CCRogerwilco

    Please give us a possibility to zoom in while flying

    I don't play CVs, but I agree. Now CVs just fly straight from their position to their target, drop ordinance and try again. No positioning on either side.
  2. CCRogerwilco

    The new AA is boring

    In the old mechanics I had choices with my AA. I could focus one squadron, hoping to kill it before it could drop against me, and then try to dodge the others. I mean AA in a bit more general sense, as the CV countering gameplay, where the actual things that the AA on my ship does is a crucial part of the experience. Even in games with multiple CVs attacking me at the same time, I no longer have any meaningful choices in how to control my AA to be most effective in combination with my positioning. Yes, I feel like I'm watching. Like I'm the spectator instead of actively engaging in a meaningful way. It doesn't feel like I'm actively fighting the CV player. It feels like a bot could have done just as well.
  3. CCRogerwilco

    The new AA is boring

    The Ctrl-Click and the manoeuvring against multiple incoming squadrons felt a lot more active to me. Now I see one squadron come in. Either my sector is already on that side, or it's too late do react. The CV player doesn't seem to care what side my sector is on any way, most of their attacks flew right through it. I would just keep my re-enforced sector in the general direction of the enemy, and that's where the CV would attack from all the time as well. There is an active part on the side of the CV, in dodging the flak bursts, but except for manoeuvring a bit to avoid some torps, I didn't feel engaged. Planes show up and do a few attacks. The damage they do for bombs and rockets is mostly RNG, torps are predictable and a single spread of at most 4 at a time. Sure, the underlying mechanics have changed, but how many planes I shot down still felt just as RNG as before. T6/8/10 carrier didn't seem to make a meaningful difference. I understand how the mechanics work. I am giving some feedback on how it felt to me. The number of actions I could do, each second of game play, to meaningfully counter the CV player, seems to be much lower. And the CV players mostly seemed to do straight attack runs in the shortest line from their position to mine. With the much smaller AA bubble, the tactical positioning in relation to other ships matters a lot less as well.
  4. CCRogerwilco

    [ poll ] Giulio Cesare, you want her to stay in T5 or move to T6?

    I have bought quite a few premium ships, but I don't have any of the OP premiums. I have bought the Mikasa, Ishizuchi. Mutsu, Kii, Indianapolis, Dunkerque and Tirpitz. But I would be really upset if those ships got nerfed, without the option to give me back my Euros. I don't care about doubloons, I already have more doubloons than I know what to spend them on. I got a few other premiums from crates and campaigns. I care a lot less about those. I consider it the problem of Wargaming if they release unbalanced premium ships. I have always found the solution of no longer selling OP ships to be a bit clunky at best. I think Wargaming needs much better play testers and QA staff.
  5. CCRogerwilco

    The new AA is boring

    I think the AA mechanics will get a lot of buffs and nerfs over the next weeks and months, as WG tries to balance things. So this point isn't about balance, it's about fun. I used to have fun trying to counter attacking planes. There used to be an active element in the fight between you and the CV player. Now nearly all choices get made in port with the modules and captain skills. The only active part is the sector mechanic, and that takes 12 seconds unless you do a really heavy investment. The sector mechanic doesn't offer the precision or speed to feel like an active element of game play. It does not feel very impactful either. I played a lot of games in my Kii yesterday, with an AA build. I got attacked my T6, T8 and T10 carriers. They were all able to get their attacks off, losing a few planes here and there, even when flying through my re-enforced sector. I didn't have the impression that it made a difference to me or the CV players. It doesn't feel like I'm playing against the CV player. It feels like we're both playing against the Random Number Generator. Before patch 0.8.0 it was fun trying to defend against a CV attacking you. Now I just shrug and carry on with engaging the surface ships, dodging a few torps that they drop.
  6. CCRogerwilco

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    I like that idea.
  7. CCRogerwilco

    AFK people in start of a match

    I'm surprised how many people still play on a potato, I had trouble getting into the matches on time when I was still on my really old computer (pre-2010), but even then I would usually manage before the match started on most maps. With most half-decent gaming PCs it should not be an issue at all. And why is it nearly always the DDs ?? I would put a system in where, if a player is AFK or disconnects for more than 30 seconds, a bot takes over. If the player comes back or re-connects, the control is returned. Both are announced in global chat.
  8. CCRogerwilco

    [cv rework POLL] just disable AA temporarily ?

    I thought the whole deplaning mechanic in the current game is bad as well, and the new mechanic is an improvement, especially to keep low skill and new players interested in playing CVs. It's one of the things I think they did right with the CV rework. It's not even very historical, as most WWII era CVs carried semi-assembled planes in their hangars that they could assemble to replace lost and damaged planes, as long as the pilots survived and were recovered. You can find images online of half-planes hanging from the ceiling in hangars.
  9. CCRogerwilco

    [cv rework POLL] just disable AA temporarily ?

    I played the game since the open beta. Back then we had just the USN and IJN ships. The choices between HE and AP were real and often in favour of AP. Especially after the introduction of the British BBs this changed. HE spam and fires are everywhere now, especially because when there is more HE spam in the game, it makes HE spam better, so the effect re-enforces itself. (it's damage control party cooldown vs. nr. of fires set) The result of which is that I've seen AA get less effective over the past 3 years. The problem isn't even the CVs, it's all the HE spam nowadays.
  10. CCRogerwilco

    How to stop spamming?

    Yes, this can be really annoying.
  11. CCRogerwilco

    Impossible to buy Santa Gifts frome Belgium or Luxembourg?

    I consider it gambling as well, and hope it gets banned in the whole EU. The UK will probably have to allow it again after Brexit, as part of a trade deal with Belarus or some other place... ;-)
  12. CCRogerwilco

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    From what I've seen and experienced with this CV change, it has potential, but it needs months of tweaking and balancing before it can go live. Most of the point have already been made. I just want to add one thing: I specifically bought the Kii because of it's good AA abilities. I play it with a full AA build, and have had the most fun when I was constantly switching which squadron to target, then firing the main guns, launching torps and then back to the AA, while manoeuvring and dodging, angling my armor, etc. All this while also taking into account the large AA bubble, so I can position to help protect my team mates. I'm not the most killed or experienced player, but this game needs a high skill cap to be fun, even if that means I often fail late in the evening. I'm afraid this change is aimed at console play and will lower the skill caps for PC play by a lot. If the AA on my Kii is going to be less effective at protecting me and my team mates, or it is just overall less interesting to manage the AA, then I will be unhappy to have bought it.
  13. CCRogerwilco

    MAC Wrapper 2.0

    It's not really stable on my Mac Pro either. A bit more than on my laptop, but it still crashes at least every other game or so. I didn't play a lot, I don't want to spoil a lot of games for people while testing. But had had something like 4 crashes in 6 matches. Most of them on the end result screen/when the battle ended, so I was able to play some complete matches, while I could hardly on my new Macbook Pro. So it might be a little more stable on my Mac Pro with NVIDIA than on my Macbook Pro with AMD 560X.
  14. CCRogerwilco

    MAC Wrapper 2.0

    It no longer seems possible to give feedback in that thread, so I suppose we give feedback in this thread now.
  15. CCRogerwilco

    MAC Wrapper 2.0

    I have always been running on OSX. With the official wrapper: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/10631/ The US forums seem to have a lot more useful information than the EU forums though. A pity those are separate and I can't post on the NA forums. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/80899-wows-mac-wrapper-bugs-and-feedback-thread/?page=20&tab=comments#comment-3625624 I haven't played on my Mac Pro 2011 with MacVidCards GTX980 in a while. I've recently tried on my new Macbook Pro 2018 with Radeon Pro 560X. It seems to crash much more than on my old Mac. Three things seem to have made it more stable: 1) Graphics settings to low. This is a pity as the laptop can handle much more. 2) force the graphics card to the discrete graphics. (I use gfxCardStatus) 3) Apply the regedit hack linked above to tell Wine hoe much video memory you have. I will try on my Mac Pro later and see if the game has gotten a lot less stable there as well, I haven't played really for the last 5 months. The game does a lot of crash-to-desktop at what seem to be random moments. The tricks above allow me to at least play a few games between crashes. The laptop is fast enough that I can be back in the game/match in a minute or so, but it's still annoying.