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  1. CCRogerwilco

    MM sugestion to avoid usless games

    I hated the stock Pensacola. Even upgraded I don't like it. No range, made of citadel and very very slow turrets. I've stopped leveling the US CA.
  2. CCRogerwilco

    World of HE spamfest

    The problem with Royal Navy BBs as I see it: - They have better stealth, so engagements tend to happen at ranges where they have the stealth advantage - Very tanky and hard to citadel. - Very high fire chance with HE, so constant multiple fires, making your stealth worse and triggering Damage Control Party, making you an easier target for other Fire/Flooding. - High damage HE will penetrate bow and superstructure armor and have a high chance of knocking out modules. - Module damage to AA and secondaries makes you more vulnerable to carriers and destroyers and cruisers that get close to torpedo you. - Good to very good repairs/heal. The result is that they have a lot of ways to mitigate the damage you can do, but you have very few ways to mitigate the damage they deal. Basically you have to outrange them and snipe and hope RNG is with you, or try to stealth up and run away. In both cases the result often is that they are not being engaged effectively. I'm not a really good player, and in general I just run from RN BBs unless I have a big HP or other advantage.
  3. It's not the filter, it's the cogs on the right. Why is this disabled by default? Why do I have to go to a forum to figure this out?
  4. CCRogerwilco

    Mac Version problem since last update

    This solved the problem for me as well. It would hang on the login screen, in windowed mode there is an exception. I came here to post the exception but found this solution. Thank you.
  5. CCRogerwilco

    Mac Version problem since last update

    Works fine for me (except for one minor graphics glitch that also seems to happen on Windows). Just did a 5 star Dunkirk mission. You should post what hardware and macOS version you're using. I'm using a Mac Pro 2010, 4-core Xeon 3.4, 32 GB RAM, MacVidCards GTX980/4GB, Nvidia 378.05.05 drivers, Kingston HyperX Predator PCIe SSD. Cost me about a thousand euros. One of the best Macs you can build for games, as Apple stopped caring about performance and usefulness after 2012.
  6. CCRogerwilco

    Mac Version problem since last update

    The new Macbook Pro is not a very good choice for gaming. The Radeon Pro 450/455/555/560 are all rather weak graphics cards. The optimized for weight an size, not performance. The new Macbook Pro is a Macbook Vista, with a touchbar. If you bought the new Macbook Pro (2016 or 2017) to play games, then you'll be severely disappointed. It's a weak machine. The new 2017 iMacs are ok-ish. The fastest one might even have better graphics than my 2010 Mac Pro, the Radeon Pro 580 is maybe about as fast as a Nvidia GTX1070. If you want to game on a Mac, I recommend the 2017 iMacs or a 2010-2012 Mac Pro where you replace the graphics card with a Nividia GTX980/970 and use Nvidia's drivers. Apple under Steve Jobs would sell powerful computers, especially the "Pro" variants. Since 2013 they have not sold anything that I deem worthy of the "Pro" moniker. There are many nice games for Mac, but Apple has largely stopped selling good hardware, capable of running those games. It's all been sacrificed to design.
  7. CCRogerwilco

    MAC Wrapper 2.0

    Then your problem is something else. The wrapper is fine. It would be better with more official support for any problems like some of the other games do, but by itself a wrapper like this will work fine for a lot of games that weren't originally developed with the Mac in mind. I'm running and everything works (Mac Pro 2011, MacVidCards GTX980, NVidia 378.05.05.25f01, macOS 10.12.6), except for one minor graphics glitch if I put the quality really high. Or possibly crappy Mac drivers for the new videocards. I'm running with an Nvidia GTX980 in my Mac Pro because they release their own drivers for OSX, which usually are a lot better than Apple's own drivers, especially for ATI/AMD cards. I really don't like that they don't offer Macs with Nvidia, or do a better job with the drivers themselves.
  8. CCRogerwilco

    Operation Dynamo. The issues

    I had watched The Mighty Jingles do it, and then I got 5 stars on the first try. We had a nice team and it's not as easy as some of the others, but it's certainly not too hard. We did have mostly British dd's though.
  9. CCRogerwilco

    Public Test General Feedback

    I just want to say that the Mac wrapper runs great. I got ~30 fps on the old ATI 5770 at Medium settings and now 70-90 fps on Very High settings with the new MacVidCards GTX 980 I installed in my 2011 Mac Pro yesterday. I mean the wrapper linked from here: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/37729-public-test-of-mac-wrapper-for-warships It might not be a native port with Metal support, but this does work well, so thanks for making this work on OSX.
  10. CCRogerwilco

    Public Test of Mac Wrapper for Warships

    I've upgraded to a NVIDIA GTX 980 from MacVidCards (their UK reseller), and now I get a very solid 70-90 fps on the Very High settings. The game runs and looks great.
  11. CCRogerwilco

    Public Test of Mac Wrapper for Warships

    I get a few graphics glitches when looking up near my own ship, but otherwise this works great! I think the graphics glitches might have to do with the camera bumping into parts of the ship (signal/radio wires). I get ~30 fps on my 2010 Mac Pro at medium graphics settings on 1920x1080. I will soon be upgrading my old ATI/AMD 5770/1GB. I'll report what fps I get then.
  12. Please wargaming, fix this bug, I've been reporting it since Beta: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/18541-keybind-num2-keeps-disappearing-after-game-newstart http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/20807-controls-not-staying-defined http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/24234-key-definitions-disappearing I've lost several matches because some of my keys had been unsigned again. I have tried to debug it. The setting is still there after the game ends, but gets removed when the game starts. I don't remember in which file, see my earlier bug reports for details. Please Fix This! It's been a problem for me since Open Beta. It might be related to me using a PS/2 keyboard.
  13. CCRogerwilco

    Camera position reset at every start of battle

    I don't think it's a bug. It would be a nice feature though.
  14. CCRogerwilco

    Number of commander skill points limit

    I agree that the level 3 skills need some work.
  15. CCRogerwilco

    Firing battleship guns while not aimed yet

    I agree that this is an issue.