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  1. djfast

    whats with the British heavy cruiser line

    For me i started to get better games when i started to play more like the the IJN cruiser style. Use the good concealment to stay close to a friendly dd at start (6km or so from it) adn get a good salvo on the enemy dd spoted. Hide. Close distance to next target. Get in position to kite and open fire and try to keep max range(i use spoting plane ). Rinse and repeat. I only start to get closer when the team needs to push. These cruisers can not bow tank that well. The Ap at close range can citadel the mino from behind but i fell that the Ap is a bit unreliable especially at long ranges but the HE is great.
  2. djfast

    Question to DD drivers - friendly fire

    AS a dd player i do not agree with this. Not torping just because you torps MIGHT reach friendlies depends in the situation and should not be a rule of thumb. And you may send torps in the direction of friendly ships depending if the rewards compensate the risk. So what is torping from second line? Is is if you are sailing in a close to parallel line to a friendly ship and that friendly ship is close to you and in between you and your target. If the grey prediction of the torps path crosses with the direction of the friendly ship do not shoot. If that grey line is behind the frindly ship you will have to take a risk because you may still hit him if he decides to stop. But that falls in the risk reward situation. Now the farther these parallel lines are, the less second line it becomes and since the battlefield is constantly changing you need to think before you act, thtas the best advice. Second line torping is the most common new player mistake and easy to fix and is 100% to blame on the 1 that did the torping. But there is a case where some will say that is second line torping and that it is the dd fault but i totally disagree and that is overtaking ships. This is what i think it happened with with OP. To be fair it is a 50/50 blame situation but i think that is totally to blame on the overtaking ship since they come from behind totaly out of the field of vision. You can have good map awareness but for god sake you do not have 360 vision. So as to be safe in all situations i avoid overtaking ships by passing near them AND in front of their line of fire. This will avoid 100% being in the receiving end of friendly fire.Second line or not. But there are some rare situations where you may have sent torps in the direction of friendlies because you have no choice. - Knife figthing/ close quarters: It is not uncommon fro a dd captain to be behind enemy lines spoting for the team or hunting fro enemy dd behind your lines. This put you some times in a situation where torping may hit friendlies. This problem comes with longer range torps and usually rare but you need to torp to win the fight and not get killed. And there are also situations where you ned to consider that torps may be coming. - Smoke screens: Usually most dds will send torps into enemy laid smoke screens, especially if there are cruisers on them but this is also a situation where you may friendly torp or get friendly torped(depending in witch side you are), but in both situations you did the logic and correct thing. In one had the enemy dd may be sitting in the smoke and so you torped it but there is a friendly dd that was near and decided to risk it and rush the smoke. I saw myself many times in the side of the 1 rushing the smoke but because of my awareness i evaded the friendly torps and used them to help me rush the enemy dd smoke. The friendly dd did not fire from a second line and it was me that sailed right into the direction of those torps. So if they hited me whose fault was it? So all in all isnt just black and white. Each case is a case. The only scenario where i consider to be 100% fault is the one i described to define the second line torping. The rest are situations were both are to blame since either one could have avoided it, situations where you had not much of a choice or situations where you sent the torps intentional because it was worth to take the risk and it was with good intentions and you know you are to blame if they hit friendlies. Overall what you took in is correct but i would like to add some bits more: DDs roles: 1 - Scouting: Mostly dds have the role of scouting ahead of the team meaning they provide information of the enemy team (If you know what the enemy team is doing and movin to and the enemy team does not know that dont you think that is a big advantage?) 2 - Counter play: SInce you are scouting ahead of your team you will also being spoting ahead of time the torps sent by the enemy dds adn with the friendlies close to you you can hunt for the enemy dd and eliminate him making so that your team can push freely and unspotted. 2 - Defensive play. In my opinion the dds perform better in the defensive than in the offensive, since it is easier to hit with torps ships that are coming towards you tan running away, especially with short range torps.
  3. 13. Hey, it is the year of the CV why not feed them 1 more big fat BB :). Massachussets for me please.
  4. djfast

    Venting a bit of randoms Steam!!

    I did like overall what DanSilverwing posted but i think that it lacks in the Strategy part. But there is more to this. For this ranked sprint we only have maps with domination mode with 3 caps. To win we just need to get to the 1000 points first or have more points than the enemy team when the 20m run out. No more no less. Following this, what is the easiest way to get a point advantage? Getting control of a cap, but there is a problem. There are 3 cap points and the maps are made so that both teams can easily get control of 1 cap one way or the other. And so this is where the problem of all teams begins.They do not position themselves to help the team to achieve map control. This where i see that many players start to fail by not thinking before acting and using your Scharnhorst game to point some problems in the start strategy for your team. - Your team went full force to C cap. The good point of this? Your team will probably take control of 1 cap point and if enemy team fight for it you will not be in a ship count disadvantage. And if your team focus fire you can overwhelm the enemy defenders. Now to the downside. C cap has a big island in the midle and has a big island in the center of the map that can serve as cover but also can prevent from shooting into the A B caps depending of where you are. But using that island in C enemy team can easily contest the cap and to make them leave the hard cover you will have to take some risks. This did not happen and enemy indianapolis played very bad and your team took advantage of this. But A B caps now are totally free and open for the enemy team to get the control of them both and there is no one to stop them. This is the situation at 4m of the game 406 points vs 255, 1 enemy ship killed 0 losses and both teams have 1 cap each. Looking good right? Not yet, this is domination mode and the only thing that the enemy team has to do is cap the A B caps and defend them. And in this game as in real life the defenders have the advantage. Lets keep going. We can now see that the enemy team has splited up and now is advancing hard in the flank of your team prob realizing that every ship of your team was spoted at C and the dd is not near A. Now you have enemy ships in the front and enemy ships in the side. And enemy team is closing in to get control of A cap. Enemy yorck makes a trade for a BB but enemy team also lost another BB. At 6m into the game 504 points vs 253, 3 enemy ship killed 1 lost.Your team has 1 cap and enemy team is in the way of getting the second cap. Even tho you have more ships time is now on the enemy team side since they can just sit back and wait for your team to take risks. We can see enemy Sharn player starting to move to take advantage of teh island that separates C cap zone from the A B caps zone to his advantage as we will see soon. In my opinion you team has a very good chance to win the game but in between the min 7 and 8 the decisions made by you and the yorck set your team for the defeat just as DanSilverwing pointed out. But that was all due to the skill of the enemy Sharn player. But even with that there is another main culprit for this defeat and that is the misnk player. He should have kept going and scouting ahead of the team since the radar cruiser was the first to be killed. And then went alone to the A cap to figth a 2 vs 1 without any help. And the result was him getting killed. He did dmg the Lyon but he did not kill it and your team needed him alive. I kinda of deviated of the point that i wanted to make but i will try to do a short breakdown of what i want to pass on to you. 1 - Strategy/Tactics/ Positioning are very close related and are as important or more important than other individual skills. 2 - The simplest way in my opinion to win a 3 cap domination mode is to control 2 caps for this your team will have to split up. Yes your team firepower will be split in half but you can set a cross fire if the enemy team goes all to 1 side and they can not angle to 2 sides so they will have to choose to where they will show broadside to. 3 - The ships that are defending/ running away/ kitting away have and advantage. Many have realized that is way harder to hit an ship that is sailing away from you than one that is coming to you (will not go on detail on why). This why spliting is not a bad choice but you need to realize that you must to push into the cap that the enemy team is going for but just be there to harras them and make sure that they can not focus fire to 1 side. wherever they go they are showing broadside to an enemy ship. 4 - Avoid fighting fair fights.Always try to have some kind of advantage be it in numbers or in ship class. Avoid to rely that the deciding factor of a duel is the individual skill. 5 - Set cross fires/ Focus fire. Always look for positions where you can get to the side of the enemy team where they are angling to your team. This will fore sure help your team since this will force those ships to move or to turn their focus to your side and with this loose some time and dpm in the processe. 6 - If your team decides to lemming train to 1 side keep the lemming train moving. If a lemming train sops all its advantages get lost, it neeeds to keep moving and focus fire. Look for isolated targets and focus them down till they are dead. The lemming train tactic is the kill all one so forget the caps for now but do not take too long.... 7 - You can not trust your teammates?? Play the support role. Who never pushed in with a BB thinking that the frindly BB just behind would also come with you to later see him reversing or running away?? Keep an eye on your team mates. If you see them pushing even if you do not like it help them. Usualy you get better results than expected just because you helped them.
  5. djfast


    I totally agree with you. But then some people will still complain because they do not have 19pts captains and such. Only looking to their own interests.
  6. djfast


    I said it was a ok idea. Nor good or bad. And to get those rentals they had to play a tier 8 battle with that class to get it. And are you happy for players who have failed as much as they needed (this is realy hard work) to get their tier 10 and still get their [edited]owned by tier 8 ships to be permitted to play ranked?
  7. djfast


    II think the rentals were a ok idea. Rentals if they are so bad they will be eventually weeded down and if they persist on keeping playing and they do learn by being outplayed every time they will grow up. If they do not then they are hopeless and humanity is really doomed to get extinct. This i got better by learning from better player than me. Stealing their tactics and use them for me. Cause everybody complains that X or Y is a bad player but hardly anyone tells them after the game what they did wrong and why. Some players do learn and want to improve!
  8. About the MM i have a theory that is most likely the reason of the feeling of rigged MM. Well at least i believe in this and lets me focus in more important parts of the gameplay. Everyone knows that if you press at the same time for a random battle as for ex., another clan mate, it is very likely the e of you will be put on the same team. Now In ranked people usually play game after game. So at the end of a game it is more likely that the ones that were left alive are somewhat decent players and they will press battle on at the same time making it likely that they are grouped together. I only noticed this happening a few times especially when there are few player in queue to play. If i believe that the MM is rigged? No. But sometimes o boy does it feel like it. Same deal when people started to use spoter planes to hit minos inside the. Was it cheating? No| Did it feel that it was cheating in the receiving end? Yeah! After many games that i have played i can tell for sure being it in ranked or randoms, your team is as strong as your weakest player. How many times if my team even tho they have overall better players what is it all worth if in the other side of the map you have 2 really poor players that die in the first 2m. Just that loss in fire power so soon is so crippling that your teams starts to fall apart. So for me my loses came because our team did the first mistake. Or by loosing 1 ship first, not getting into proper positions, not focusing fire in low hp targets or simply not working together at all. Even if your team is full of good players it does not mean they will work together or even work together well. Now if you want to have some kind of team play you have to take the role of CO for your team, role that for me no one wants to take. But even if you do, will they agree to it? Sometimes is more likely than not. Especilay if your teammates are used to Clan Battles. Sometimes the game at start is someone asking for a plan, then someone says A B split and everyone knowing the roles better suited for his ship sets out for the most suited positions and they COMUNICATE in chat their intentions and positions. But the sad thing is more usual than not is the the chat starts quiet everybody goes out doing their own thing and even if you do try to say something no one responds. Well that is until the crap hits the fan. They they start to using to use the chat to say you are a ...... or ******. I so agree with that. So the best thing is let them be and do not get bothered. They want to play as a team for a change? Fantastic, lets help them. The team starts mute and ends everyone doing whatever? I can do the same, i will also play for me.
  9. We still have a spot open, feel free to join us.
  10. Hello Captains! We from [DK-CP] are currently looking for active players to join us that would like to play Clan Battles. No teamspeak/Discord required. We play CB like it was a random Battle but with way more cooperative teammates :). If you play at least in the weekends from 17:30 till 21:30 CET -1 and are willing to play Clan Battles, you are more than welcome. In short what we are looking for in the players willing to join us is: Able to communicate in English; Having at least one tier 8 ship; Active 3 days a week; Active in the time window for Clan Battles and willing to play; You can apply ingame by clicking on your profile name -> Clans (in the drop down) If i remember correctly. Alternatively you can respond to this post or send me a PM in game. Good luck and Fair Seas Captains.
  11. djfast

    Looking for danish clan

    I skal vaere hjerteligt velkommen hos DK-CP