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  1. byronicasian

    Tier 8 Russian Battleship Kronstadt leak

    Oh lol, looks like the leak was a RU forumite April Fools. Per dev on reddit.
  2. byronicasian

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    Why are people asking for Warspite heals for Hood? She got it as a gameplay nod to her luck/hardiness in both ears.
  3. byronicasian

    Historical La Galissonierè

    Unfortunately, I think the debs have a fairly hard rule that trial speeds taken are speeds taken without going past the power plant rating (see Shimakazes 39.4 kt speed at 75000shp), which sucks for their French.
  4. byronicasian

    Autobounce angle

    Last I recall, the reason they set the auto-bounce to 60 degs is that the in game pen formula is very inconsistent with hits at extreme angles (hence its replacement with a simple overmatch formula instead).
  5. Worse(ish), only 6 guns forward at an angle which is is why despite the fact the Ganguts were modernized, I put the Mariya in Tier 5 (which has the 3 turrets facing forward the Imp Nick has).
  6. Paper and quite a few laid down but unfinished ships. Tier 3 - Pre Gangut paper design (8 gun broadside) Tier 4 - Gangut Tier 5 - Empress Mariya (with the modernizations the Gangut had IRL ) Tier 6 - Borodino/Izmail Tier 7 - Kronstadt or Black Sea Battlecrusier proposal (this would be interesting as it the Kronsdtadt's 15" guns are the German SK 38s) Tier 8 - Ansaldo Proj. UP 41 or Proj. 21 (basically a Soviet Nelson) Tier 9 - Proj 23 Soyetsky Soyuz Tier 10 - Proj 24. All in all, 3 Complete paper ships 2 Real ships 3 Laid down, but incomplete. Out of all the ships in the potential line, I'm most interested in getting my hands on UP41 or the Kronstadt.
  7. byronicasian

    AP shell time to target increased?

    No, I'm fairly certain there was. I can pretty much swear that it did say 701 mps in port prior to the recent patch. On the forums and on reddit, it was often noted that the North Carolina had a lobbier shell arc even before 0.6.0 hit. Nor has any of the data-miners noted a change (nor has it shown up on the gamemodels3d change log). Do you have any pre 0.6.0 screenshots to the contrary?
  8. byronicasian

    AP shell time to target increased?

    No...the shells were always slower for the NC's 16"/45 guns (as they fired 16" SHS but with a shorter barrel than the Iowa's 16"/50). If you haven't noticed, the North Carolina actually carried different guns than the Iowa. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_16-45_mk6.php Muzzle Velocity Full Charge - New Gun AP - 2,300 fps (701 mps) HC - 2,635 fps (803 mps) Full Charge - Average Gun AP - N/A HC - 2,525 fps (770 mps) Reduced Charge - New Gun AP - 1,800 fps (549 mps) HC - 2,075 fps (632 mps)
  9. byronicasian

    The German Oddity - Yorck Commentary

    No? The entry of Entwurf I/10 as follows; Translates to"Heavy/Main Artillery: 8 21cm in twin turrets", simple math brings it to 4 turrets. The diagram for I/10 also shows 4 main battery turrets.
  10. byronicasian

    New Soviet DD split

    The ingame torpedo formula so far has been taking the shortest range setting and adding 20 knots to it (barring gameplay considerations and upgrades like IJN torps, which require less than 20 knots to hit the 70kt mark). I would expect 8km torps at 68-70kts.
  11. byronicasian

    [Speculation] How gun performance will affect Royal Navy Battleships

    He's referring to the USN Empirical Formula (for armor penetration). Fnord_disc's datamined pen curves pretty much revealed in game pen is basically that formula, plus the addition of krupp value for balancing factors.
  12. byronicasian

    Dunkerque vs. Graf Spee - The Greatest Battle that Never Was

    If you're in a fair fight you didn't plan it properly.
  13. byronicasian

    Difference in Omaha and Murmansk torps

    Usually due to different torpedoes or different torpedo settings. Rule of thumb is he game adds an extra 20 knots to torpedo speed @ respective range selection. The Murmansk's torpedoes should be slightly slower than the 4km versions.
  14. byronicasian

    Remove Minotaur pls

    Fail thread is fail.