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  1. S1lv3rflame

    Good last weekend special: IJN ships tier VIII plus +33% XP for win

    33% + Prem time + Signal flag + Camo really speeds up progress. I managed to farm from Izumo to Yamato in about 15 hrs or so. 4-8k Avg Xp per game(3-4k Minimum per loss), made it nice and fast :3 At that rate, i'll take Weekend Potatoes over the default Xp rate.
  2. S1lv3rflame

    To much fire`?

    Fire has already taken an indirect "nerf" with the capt. Skill limiting 3 fires on your boat. As a BB player (& Cruiser) i feel like that skill is almost 100% needed at higher tiers, if you dont wanna burn to death by Khaba's, Mikhails & Zao's.
  3. S1lv3rflame

    the "carry harder!" thread

    My Contribution. Side note/Question. Isent Defensive Fire supposed to make it 95% Sure, that enemy planes miss their hit..?
  4. S1lv3rflame

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    1. Description Guns on any ship rotating 180 Degree, while in free cam 2. Reproduction steps Hold down right Mouse button. (Very low chance) 3. Result Aim at a ship while reloading. hold down right mouse button to look around. Release button, and turrets have rotated 180 degrees. 4. Expected result Turrets should not move, if free view is in effect. 5. Technical details-
  5. S1lv3rflame

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    1. Description On the Fletcher T9 DD US Gun Fire Control Module 1 (Researchable) not stacking with Gun Fire Control Module 2 and Commander skill (Advanced Fire Training) 2. Reproduction steps Equip Gun Fire Control Module 2 (Purchaseable Module), and take Advanced Fire Training skill. Research and equip Gun Fire Control Module 2 3. ResultUpgraded with Module 2 and Skill, firering range is 16.3. Research and equip Researchable Module, and range remains the same. no 10% Increase in range. 4. Expected result The 10% bonus should stack with the other 36% Bonus, and add up to a 17.9 Km fire range. 5. Technical details-
  6. S1lv3rflame

    What kind of engagement doe you like?

    Manly brawling. BB vs BB at 10 Km or less.
  7. S1lv3rflame

    Do BB`s CL`s and DD`s need each other?

    I usually consider "sniping = Sitting at max range" But yarh
  8. S1lv3rflame

    Pearl Harbor event glitch?

    I got the reward after coming out of a game in which midmatch the event started. I have the flag, but it havent progressed. **EDIT** Did also send a ticket.
  9. S1lv3rflame

    Do BB`s CL`s and DD`s need each other?

    In my opinion, DD's are easy to hit at over 10 km as cruiser & BB. I use the #05 Crosshair and goes Travel time x 3 = Where to aim. (5 second time. Aim at 15). Lands me hits rather often. Now on to the topic. I have often found myself dying fast in a BB, if i don't have a CA helping me The issue is that most high tiered cruisers snipe. There are ofc those who are supposed to snipe (Kutuzov and Atlanta) In regards to DD's. There is nothing like having a DD pop smoke if you are in a big ship such as the Grosser's.
  10. S1lv3rflame

    The Manly Mans Manly BB Game Play Thread

    Brawling is the best brawling.
  11. S1lv3rflame

    Bug Reports

    1) Don't you DARE tell me anything but the truth. "Damage Saturation". Its is NOT a feature, its a bug where a dev has been a lazy a** not bothering to fix it. How about you get off your buttoms and remove this so called "Feature". This isent about realism, its about fairness. If i get behind someone. DD, BB, CV or CA i should not be punished by a bug one of your devs clearly couldn't bother fixing. If i take a baseballbat and crush a persons hand. Hitting it after it broken still hurts the person.
  12. S1lv3rflame

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    12th or so container. :3
  13. S1lv3rflame

    Season 5 - Show off your High Scores

    ***EDIT*** Draw happened by both teams having no survivors. That last kill/death was a tradeoff between me, and that Atago on the scoreboard. If he sees this. WP dude. Well Played Draw in Ranked. That's a first for me.
  14. S1lv3rflame

    The Manly Mans Manly BB Game Play Thread

    http://wowreplays.com/Replay/18210-S1lv3rflame-Bismarck-Hotspot My "Submission"