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    Folks, appreciating your work, but: it is now extremely hard to make damage like before. It is arcade, not a sim, I know. Nonetheless, carriers should dominate. Solos must be sunk by them. Combined with all that HE spam and special "powers" of some ships and captains this game is now more arcade than ever. Scissors, paper, stone - that was the principle. At least nobody blames/insults the CVs any more - they are useless. A gunship game without CVs? Forget it. Planes with repair function? Ridiculous. Infinite planes? Comon, get real. Bring ship sections to be repaired individually. Water taking by grenade hits. Cranking. Less fire. More realism. Not a sim.
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    Thanks a lot, m8! Get a warm hug for free from me ;-)
  3. Bummsundweg


    Hi all, how can I apply the special camo "From the bottom of the ocean"? It is listed as a special camoflage for German DD Z-23, but it is not listed in the camo section of the ship. Thanks in advance.
  4. Dear Wargaming team, dear developers, I would like to highlight a problem with a common, very fundamental key concept in World of Warships' gameplay. Most players are aware that it is very bad idea to show your broadside towards the enemy, as chances are considerably higher to receive a citadel hit or at least severe damage. The concept was well known to naval strategists as the tactic "Crossing the T". The issue is that in reality things worked just the other way around. Ships showing their broadside were able to use all their guns, wereas ships heading towards the "upper" line of the T were only able to make use of their forward guns. The ships firing broadsides were able to concentrate their fire on the leading enemy ship. Range finding in general was much more likely to be a problem than dispersion of the guns (especially for ships of WW2 era). Ships heading towards the "upper" line of the T were also hindered by the vessels in front of them as well as smoke. Of course we all are aware that World of Warships does not aim to be simulation, however, I still deem this key concept rather unfortunate to the whole gameplay as such. Many people did not know much about naval warfare of these times before playing the game. It is a pity that presumably most of them have gotten it wrong now and are unaware of how things really worked. Maybe you see a chance of changing this, making the gameplay a little bit more realistic and still exciting. All other readers I would like to kindly avoid flooding this topic here with likes or dislikes. My intention is simply to bring this issue to Wargaming's notice, not to start a discussion about it and to probably getting a reply sharing their thoughts about it. Happy new year to all!
  5. Bummsundweg

    German flag

    Dear Wargaming team, as a German user I would really appreciate the possibility of changing the national flag of the German navy to our real one which is comprised of black, red and gold. I know that many games targeting WW2 events use the flag as it is used in WoW at the moment, but nonetheless, it is a modified nazi flag. It is basically only the swastica, which is missing. Moreover, it is even used for imperial warships, which all were sailing under the old imperial warflag at that time. I do not want to provoke some shitstorm over here, but rather would like to encourage thinking of at least a preference setting for the users to change that flag for the German tree. Nobody should get me wrong here. I do NOT oppose the personal efforts and burdens taken by any soldiers of WW1 or WW2, but would simply appreciate of being able to make a personal statement as someone, who values freedom and democracy. Thank you for this awesome game! All the best Bummsundweg