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  1. Here is our new discord link https://discord.gg/BsfsAvV
  2. However Use of discord is mandatory
  3. Aero_B

    Looking for a clan

    PM Sent
  4. still have some open slots available, come take a look
  5. Still have a few opens remaining, join discord if interested for a look and chat
  6. If you are interested in joining message either myself, the guys below in game or pop into the discord channel
  7. Aero_B

    I'm wanting to join a clan

    PM Sent
  8. Aero_B

    Clan Battles 0.9.6 - Clan Tag Bug

    Happened to myself and a few clan mates. it seemed to help by starting a coop match - going back into port then trying again managed to get the clan tag to work correctly. However Don't know if this was just luck
  9. Members of our clan play all times of the days and will always participate in a Clan Battles & Clan Brawls for the great rewards
  10. Looking for experienced players who would be interested in joining our clan If you are interested in either joining or perhaps rather just have a few games grinding with the guys just to check the clan out , message either myself, the guys below in game or pop into the discord channel Trebor_Tanker (Leader) Lordcrafty (Dep Leader) scousersuk Our discord link, come and drop in https://discord.gg/9wMQfFZ