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  1. Kritsune

    High Caliber [Contest]

    First time I ever take part in something like this. Let's see how it will turn out for me... Best of luck for everyone else competing! Edit: Darnit i just realized my mod-pack changed the icons of the medals. Oh well! Edit2: I realized I could prove my 'High Caliber' by using my coursur on the 2nd page. I hope this is okay? Edit3: New Match results: 2777 xp, 181k dmg
  2. Kritsune

    What a weird guy

    It has been a rather calm in the port all day: Suprising, considering the over-arching circumstances. Menacing rumours and reports keep roling into your office, like an avalanche of ink and paper. The poor guy who has to deliver them to you; More than once you threw daggers with your eyes at him for interrupting your work and what little time you had to yourself. Still, he worked on, delegently so. Everybody has to do their part in this clockwork, every part has to function so the whole wont break apart. That is why you keep on going out there - to do your part. Yet from outside your window you hear someone screaming. His voice was loud and clear, as if his shouts came from right beside your window! It took all your self-control not to throw real daggers at him! Somehow you managed to keep calm. You dont seem to know his voice or just forgot about him. It is one of the new captains stationed at your port. Even it is one of the biggest ones you are able to identify a new one the minute you lay eyes on him. The got that aura of confidence and trust into his abilities left. „Why wont you guys listening?!“, you hear him begging for a swim in the waters around the port, „I will be happy to join forces in an attempt to win our battles! If there is anybody willing to do the same, I’ll wellcome you! Dont be shy!“ -- What a weird guy that Kritsune-Guy is! Well to be honest I thought I needed some kind of impact to set my little off-Topic apart. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact possibility that I had not the slightest idea how to start my thread, baka! *tsun* Yeah, I am looking for some more or less active captains to play WoWs with. After 1400 Batlles, most of which were played by myself, I figured it is getting time to look for fellow-captains to play along side. Not broadside, though! I learned that lesson the hard way... T_T Since none of you wants to buy a pig in a poke, I might as well tell something about myself: I am 25 years old and consider myself an average player (might be low-average: 1441 Batlles fought, 34,5k mean damage, highest tier: 10). Two months ago my stats looked even worse, so I am proud to make them look as they do. English is, as it might occured when reading that little paragraph at the top, not my native-tongue. However it seems I do okay when talking to collegues! When playing I try to keep my focus at having fun - not necessarily on the expanse of my fellow players, though. I chat, try my best to fullfill my ships purpose and role and wont flame, I wont hate-speech. It is sad I have to stretch that part but I've seen people wishing one another cancer for beeing killed - at this point it seems better to do so... Sorry, I am loosing my red-thread: If someone of you is willing to play and improve together or help me out while doing so, I'd be happy to join forces. Just leave a message after the beep or send my a PM ingame. You'll figure something out! Thanks for your time! Kritsune, the Critfox
  3. Kritsune

    Player stats wipe post launch

    Foreword: I do consider myself a mediocre or average Player, who wants to play for fun. I have the best time in-game when i can play and chat with some of my team- or divisionmembers within and between matches. That being said i would neither disagree with a stats reset by the time of official-launch nor disaprove of a reset within said parameters. Still, i voted for 'no' such a reset. A brief look on my stats (little less than 30k of damage, above 1000 games) shows that i am not trying as hard i could to be successful within the matches. Still I set my average Damage in an upwards momentum due to my improvements as a "captain" within the last two weeks or so. Hence raising my mean-Damage became kind of a meta-game within of itself. I dont like the idea that my sample-size of matches reduces and every fault of my own or simple cases of bad-luck become a bigger impact again.
  4. Also, and I've seen that earlier today: A ram-kill, which kills both "participants", will induce similar effects, meaning both players will get the first-blood-award. However both players seem to have survived the battle as your screenshots suggests D:
  5. Kritsune

    Game credits

    That is rather simple - still it took me a while to figure out myself, though: What is shown to you in your end-of-match-screen does not resemble the Credits gained of said battle. It is true they show your income, not your gain. This means, obviosly, repair and fuel (the latter beeing a fixed amount, as it seems), ammunition, resupply of possible camouflage, etc are not beeing accounted for. A much better way to check your credit-gain is to have a look in the post-battle-reportscreens. There it is possible to accumulate all necessary information such as Damage done, recevied and XP and Credit gain. I hope, i was of help to you!
  6. Guten Abend, Ich bin mir an dieser Stelle nicht sicher, ob Du die Idee des Elite-Status nicht falsch verstanden hast. Bitte verstehe mich nicht falsch, mir ging es lange Zeit nicht anders. Allerdings bezieht sich der Elite-Status der Schiffe nicht auf die eigentliche Generation von Free-XP, sondern auf die Möglichkeit, die Schiffs-XP eines Eliteschiffes für den Wechselkurs von 25 Schiffs-XP und einer Dublone (Echtgeld-Währung) in 25 Free-XP umzuwandeln. Es ist also das einfachste, wenn Du ein Schiff nicht im Vorfeld vorsichtig-optimistisch meiden möchtest, es zu erforschen, kaufen und ergänzend oder an Stelle des Vorgängermodells zu nutzen.
  7. Kritsune

    Credit Berechnung

    Möglicherweise hast Du eine Hafenmission abgeschlossen? Hafenmissionen werden in der Creditrechnung nicht als Teil der Rechnung angezeigt, fließen aber in das Ergebnis mit ein. So hättest Du dieser Möglichkeit folgend für eine abgeschlossene Mission ungefähr 35k bekommen. Dieser Bereich ist beispielsweise für 20 Torpedotreffer, 3 Feindabschüsse oder Ähnliche denkbar. Ohne den eigentlichen Rundenabschlussbildschirm kann man nur spekulieren, leider.