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  1. And DD players complained so hard about RN BBs having gimmicy def AA and radar that WG looks to have removed them completley, and yet want more tools themselves..! A bit hippicritical no ?
  2. mike_864

    British battleships incoming

    As Flamu said on his stream last night, whilst playing his Yamato " Why would WG give us such long range guns if they didn't want us to use them " Laughed so hard nearly dropped my beer I think they will be for shooting people on the next map...!
  3. mike_864

    Ammunition limits

    Japanese long lance torp, 29 feet long, 6000lb, took between 10 to 20 minutes to reload a single one, Shima reloads 15 of them in 2min, thats 8s per torp Not saying i agree with limiting them but realism? DDs have got it good
  4. mike_864

    Battle of Jutland - still a no show in WOWS

    For those who remember, last year i did the Battle of Jutland Centenary competition to commemorate the 100th year since the battle, to the winners i gave away some plaques that i made with some teak from HMS Valiant, the competition was very well received and i had some help from MrConway formatting the whole thing as my computer skills leave a lot to be desired. I was hoping to do the same thing this year ( with a different format as we now have German BBs and RN Cruisers in the game ) and i had approached a Youtuber about hosting the competition, alas, real life got in the way and i was unable to go ahead with the plan. Even though i don't understand why WG did not mark the anniversary with some kind of mission, i did approach them with my idea some time before the battle date and to be fair MrConway agreed to help again and also add some WG goodies as extra prizes..! The upside is i still have the teak from Valiant and will try and do another competition next May and also maybe when the RN Battleships finally arrive in WOW's ( my guess is Sept/Oct ) So, yes, it's a shame the Anniversary passed without a mention. Regards, Mike.
  5. mike_864

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    Just seen this on Zerra Hood coming soon
  6. mike_864

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    Fiji, Belfast and Edinburgh standing by for escort duty She won't be sailing alone if i see her
  7. mike_864

    Using TeamSpeak 3

    I have no idea why players don't use the in-game voice comms, i have them set up but every time i division up they don't have them enabled..! hence the need for TS M.
  8. mike_864

    Using TeamSpeak 3

    Ha..! done Thanks for the help, you are a Gent Mike. Moderators please close or move this thread.
  9. mike_864

    Using TeamSpeak 3

    Cheers ilhilh, When you say "just add that" where do i input the address? can i copy and paste it in? M.
  10. mike_864

    Using TeamSpeak 3

    Thanks for the quick replyI I've allready downloaded TS3, but every time i see a TS address it's just a row of numbers? Is there a WOW address? Please forgive my ignorance Mike.
  11. mike_864

    Using TeamSpeak 3

    I didn't want to post this question here but i have had no luck elsewhere, can any kind Captain spare 10 min to show me how to use TS3? I'm an older player and never used it before, cant seem to make sense of the You Tube tutorials and the TS3 site tutorials are down at the mo. Any help appreciated, send me a PM. Mike.
  12. mike_864

    Looking for a Clan

    Cant seem to find your minimum stats requirement?
  13. mike_864

    Looking for a Clan

    Hi Looking to join an English speaking Clan to join, I only have 1 T10 ship at the mo ( DM ) Yamato on it's way soon, mostly play Cruisers and Battleships. Got to the point where a division with voice comms seems to be the way to improve my gameplay Need some kind teammates to show me how to use TS, i have it downloaded but haven't a clue how to use it..! Cheers. M
  14. mike_864

    Am I the oldest captain?

    Turned 50 this summer, so 1966 for me..! I'm not surprised there are a few older players here, Ships are iconic and i grew up on tales of the Hood and Bismarck, been waiting for a game like this for 40 years
  15. mike_864

    Why play co-op ?

    I allways take my new ships out in Co-op first to get a handle on them and grind the first few captain skills ( Warspite, Scharny, Blysca ) so that i don't let my team mates down when i get to play them in PvE, M,