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  1. Hey everyone I recently completed the royal navy missions getting enough guineas to open up the HMS Cossack, the tier 8 premium british destroyer and it's a ton of fun. It has some nice economic bonuses making it a nice credit earner and ideal for retraining your british dd captains. I put together a video on how I play the Hms Cossack for the best results and it's very similar to the hms lightning with some subtle differences. What do you think? Do you think the Cossack is superior or inferior to the Lightning?
  2. I've played over 80 games in the Hms Lightning now and regard it as one of the most fun competitive dds in the game right now. What do you think? I put together a video regarding how I play this ship for maximum results using footage since the 0.7.11 update regarding the improved matchmaking and lessened armor piercing damage from 280mm guns, a real quality of life improvement for dd captains everywhere and much appreciated. 2:30min Ship upgrades and captain skills.
  3. I had a load of fun playing the HMS Neptune and despite hearing quite a few negative opinions and articles, I found it incredibly powerful. I put together a collection of highlights trying to illustrate how I played this very strong cruiser. I hope you all gain some useful tips on how to maximise your performance is this tier 9 british cruiser. This guide focuses primarily on using the smoke consumable remaining as stealthy as possible but yet being very aggressive when the opportunity presents itself. Please let me know in the comments what you think
  4. Hey everyone, I just completed the new Halloween submarine event operation Terror of the Deep. It really does include some unique gameplay if not overly challenging to be honest. Maybe the harder settings will provide a greater challenge. I'm curious as to what wargaming are planning or have in store for us with these submarines. If any of you are having trouble with it check out the video to see how to play terror of the deep and get 5 stars quite easily.
  5. please use fullscreen video to view captain changes, its recorded in 1080p so just enlarge to read. I didn't want waste a ton of time reading proposed skills that I couldn't even test yet. from the testing so far when playing IJN cvs one can only counter enemy dds effectively with rocket squadrons. I'd like to see IJN cvs given the choice of using deep water or normal torps maybe. as for the AP bombs they felt way too strong but its beta testing so its all up for grabs still. I do hope and still believe wargaming will listen to the community here and heed their fears and advice.
  6. If wargaming spent as much time addressing the shortcomings in the matchmaking balancing as they did in all these proposed changes I suspect this would become a far superior game. I've been playing for 3 years now and my own personal experience is seeing the vast majority of games is one decent cv player matched against a poor one repeatedly, which leads to the poor one being overwhelmed quickly and then it becoming a seal clubbing exercise for the other poor 11 souls on that team who will suffer the consequences for their poor cvs inadequacies. However on the very odd occasion where u get cv captains of similar skills it leads to more closer contests which is far more engaging for all 24 players involved in that match. Wargaming will only address the poor matchmaking issues only when the community comes together and demands it.
  7. @antean Firstly I'd like to thank you for your opinions. They matter! This is indeed early beta testing and I would at this stage agree it's overly simplified. I would assume that a lot of major balancing work will occur throughout the whole testing process and at the moment it is quite easy to pick up and play. I greatly appreciate it when anyone responds as it helps me build a better picture of where we as a community think of what kind of place the cvs are currently at. All this feedback will help form my responses to wargaming throughout this beta testing process to hopefully make it consistently better.
  8. After having a lot of fun testing out the cv aircraft carrier changes I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with you all here being carrier captains. Please check out the gameplay footage and give me your hard honest opinions on what you think on what wargaming has done right or done wrong if that's what you feel. The brutal truth folks is what is required! My own personal opinion I thought it looked stunning! Time Stamps 2:20 The proposed changes to the captains skill tree how they will affect carriers planes etc. 3:30 Japanese deep water torpedo bombers. 12:17 Rocket bombers/fighters 16:49 Armor piercing dive bombers
  9. Adm_Ballsey

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    Try playing the support dd role for a few games and you will get the hang of it. I remember thinking it was one of the worst dd's I'd ever played at tier 7 but I was just playing it all wrong.
  10. Adm_Ballsey

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    I'm having a blast in the lightning so far, really enjoying the added concealment and better gun angles compared to the Jervis. I also managed to kill a Jutland in an encounter earning a first blood award at the exact same second my friendly minotaur killed another dd earning him the first blood award also. I had never seen that happen before in over 9000 games
  11. Adm_Ballsey

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    @Midway67 I struggled to feel strong in the Acasta due to the fact of feeling limited in the torpedo potential without exposing myself to grave danger at close range to enemy ships. While it's guns hold up fine against other dds of its tier it suffers from the short torpedo range in relation to concealment. The Icarus on the other hand gives one that 1km concealment window to use torpedos which gave me the feeling that I had options to be able to deal with more situations competently. The Jervis adds the power of it's guns which I love, 50% more guns I mean seriously who can't get on board with that? I had no joy in getting the Lightning as yet from the crates so I will have to content myself until the line comes out tomorrow and I will practice patience to use the guineas to unlock the Cossack. I'm really looking forward to playing both though and testing their limits and my own.
  12. Adm_Ballsey

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    For me personally knowing if a ship is a keeper or not is firstly the fun factor and secondly what is my ability to be able to influence the outcome of a game even under dire circumstances. How empowered do I feel in this ship? I've been basically impervious to torpedos in the Jervis due to its great maneuverability and hydro. 1 torp hit in over 40 games and that was a moment of desperation entering another dds smoke screen to avoid an attacking Taiho overhead. It has great gun angles when moving forward in offensive mode with a high fire chance 9% with flags and great defensive torpedos when forced into defensive positions and of course it's very situational using the single fire torps but it's a very handy option to have at your disposal. It's allowed me to deal devastating strikes to bow in charging battleships that would have been extremely difficult to deal with otherwise. Add that to the ability to fire bursts of 2-3 torps at a time and timing it so you can almost have torps on demand at all times. It's all these options that convince me it's a keeper.
  13. Adm_Ballsey

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    @Sissors Being an avid dd player myself I have to admit absolutely hating the Jervis initially, I recall having conversations with clanmates claiming it was one of the worst dd's I'd ever experienced. As usual the blame lay with it's captain. Playing the ships role is everything especially for destroyers and once I recognised the mistakes I was making and attempted to correct them, well it's then the Jervis truly began to shine. I would advise you to stick with it and give the Jervis the chance it deserves because as @Mr_Tayto and others have claimed it really is a keeper.
  14. Adm_Ballsey

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    This isn't the highest damage game I've had so far but over 150k is always decent in a tier 7 destroyer but the Jervis displays a defensive ability to be able to hold down a flank against higher tier opponents really impressed me about this ship. I'm growing fonder of it by the day.
  15. Adm_Ballsey

    How to Play Royal Navy Destroyer DDs Line Hms Jervis

    @Midway67 I guess we will see on Thursday when they remove the golden premium status what kind of camos will be available on the dd line. I like that deep green also btw