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  1. Rimne

    How not to flak?

    I'd made 2 assumptions before I wrote this post. 1. Flak is the product of pressing the O-button, not just normal anti-AA. 2. Anti-AA is an AOE, ie not dodgeable by weaving and adjusting speed just an area-specific DOT that ends once one leaves the range of AA. Were these assumptions wrong?
  2. Rimne

    How not to flak?

    So apparently any carrier player worth their salt and with an IQ above 75 knows how to avoid flak. Which makes me feel a little bad since I haven't a clue. How do I pull off this obvious trick and render flak failware?
  3. Rimne

    Anti-DD aircraft

    Which carrier has the air-crafts with the most powerful anti-DD weaponry at each tier?
  4. M for map, then waypoint. Found it.
  5. Rimne

    Dead or Alive - Slingshot

    ty I'll get to practice.
  6. Is there still a way to set waypoints for the carrier or otherwise control it while having a squadron in the air? (or both?)
  7. Is the slingshot maneuver still a thing after the latest changes? And does it work the same as the guides instruct?
  8. Rimne

    How to Directive 11?

    Yeah. I thought there would be some things that would be the same, but then I saw that even angling the ship is different and I realized it was really all out the window. Tx for the clarifications
  9. Rimne

    Is there best carrier line?

    Do you know if IJN have something to make up for it, or is it in theory just supposed to be a difference in how the bombs works?
  10. What is the best non-premium tier VI carrier?
  11. Is there a best for the aircraft carrier lines? What are the str and weaknesses of the 3 carrier nations? Pretend I'm 7. What is the best tier VI carrier and why?
  12. Rimne

    How to Directive 11?

    Ty, Haven't played since open beta, and didn't log to many hours then. Remember little, besides almost everything has changed. Don't even know what ships are good, and can't find updated guides either. Ah well XD
  13. Rimne

    How to Directive 11?

    How would I know I have a very small chance of completing it? What are sub-missions?
  14. Rimne

    How to Directive 11?

    " "A Premium Tier VI ship as a reward for completing Directive 11." I can't find any "Directive" missions. Let alone Directive 11.