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  1. K98_Schuetze

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    @all Yes, Kuma is one of my favourite ships as it was one of my first light Cruisers back in 2015 and I "learned" how to play in the game with the cruiser class on her <3 ...I am not playing exclusivly middle, low or high class. My fun lays with the (historic) ships at all. Chrysantos said one must play a ship, no matter what, to improve on it. Well....thats exactly what I am doing and it is how I said it: nearly every Missourie game is a defeat, so....I started to make my minds about the Missie and me, if its true or not
  2. K98_Schuetze

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    Off course there can not be someone with a 100% winrate and a certain amount of played games. I don't say that. But my subjective feeling, or better said; experience is, that if I play 30 games in a Missourie, I lose 27 of them in the last year. Once Wargaming admitted, that, from their point of view, the high income rate creditwise with this ship, was a misstake. So, the question or idea I gained, is - do they programm a negative effect in it with certain players? Why I am so suspecious? I watched Flamu's 1 hour video from St. Petersburg where the developers are saying, they have all the knowledge to gain the frustration level and statistics about things. Off course this is all conspiracy theory, but if you guys would go with this ship through my experiences with it - maybe you would ask yourselfe whats the case actually ... :)
  3. K98_Schuetze

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    Its mostly happening in division, but if I play the Missourie, its mostly the case.
  4. K98_Schuetze

    It might be a conspiricy theory, ...but

    Honestly, watch the video to the last. I dont say, that one can not have a bad time or so. But with the Missie its just terrible. Also, the more you play, the better you get. Evidence I have in other games, games where the learning curve is pretty high, much higher than this arcade game here.
  5. .... I can not explain it otherwise. Since 1 year I am stuck on 59,xx% winrate. It seems that I am matched mostly in very bad teams. Also, it happens mostly with 1 ship at most...not to say mostly.... I know the community can be salty, but seriously, something feels subjectivly (as I can not verify it) hardcoded. Have you guys similar experiences? Greetings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq4_F5HZSAo
  6. K98_Schuetze

    Fehlermeldungen - Update 0.8.1

    Hallo. Gerade um 12:20 ca. eine Runde in der Belfast gedreht. Ich bin bei "Der letzten Schlacht der Exeter - Teil 3" und da im letzten Unterteil angekommen, jener bei dem man 15 Schiffe zerstören muß. Gerade 3 Schiffe zerstört und kein Balken tut sich auf, sprich - kein Fortschritt. Und ja, die vorherigen 3 Unterteile hatte ich schon abgeschlossen. Ich möchte das dies bei mir korrigiert wird. Bin ich hier richtig?
  7. K98_Schuetze

    Please someone explain this to me....

    Thanks for the information. They could have made it a little clearer. Nice sunday
  8. Hello guys, hello wargaming, ....not sure if I missed something completly, but I am confused right now and believe, this should be different Only 1,5 minutes, but see for yourselfe:
  9. Well, I want to share some game I was commenting later on. Took out the italian Cesare BB and we got flanked by a single DD who has done his job right well. Unfortunally, some of our cruisers had a tunnel view and myself were relying to much on them, aka "...they will deal with him..." Guys, the storm in the beginning was very loudly, so you hear me the first 2 minutes not so good.
  10. K98_Schuetze

    Captain there....but where are the others?

    LOL :) Well guys, ok, the most of you dont go for a further specialization with the ships. Its totally fine for me, it was just an idea and I appreciate your discussion. World of Warships is a fun arcade game for me (yes, I am normally playing simulation games or with some awesome depth in it, so that was my approach a little, and again - its ok for me if you dont like my suggestion) But, by the way - some of you guys oversaw what I wrote. It was just an example, nothing else. I thought you guys would bring your own ideas to this. Funny to see, how people actually started the mathematics olthough I said, "its just an example" and "I did not made the mathematics for it" or saying that I want to buff BB's
  11. K98_Schuetze

    Captain there....but where are the others?

    I have just given some example, not actually a "do it like this exactly" show off.
  12. Heya people! Gods damn it, where is the crew....or at least some of those important senior officers at any vessel? Here a suggestion how it could be done. Feel free to discuss this subject, in an adult manner of course. 4x slots for BB's 3x slots for CV's, CA's and CL's 2x slots for DD's Short note to the names of those officers below: I am not a native english speaking guy and maritime wording is also very specific. I used google translation, lol But I think you guys get the twist. deck officer ship's HP increase +3% watch officer torpedo detection range +5% or ship detection range +2% weapon system officer maximum scattering -5% or secondary reload time -1 second engine room officer speed boost +15 seconds or maximum speed +1 kn electronic officer hydro duration +15 seconds or maximum hydro range +2% repair officer time to have repair party ready again -5% or healing +2%/second navigation officer concealment +2% or AA gun range +3% plane section officer rearming plane time -5% or plane HP increase +3% The list above is just a given example (without mathematics behind).....so calm guys :) So far I have not made the thinking of leveling them up or such stuff (as in WoT for example given), I dont think thats neccessary at all but would off course also go for that route as long as crew/senior officers would be implemented.
  13. K98_Schuetze

    Make german BB's great again (Prinz E. Friedrich)

    Where is it?
  14. K98_Schuetze

    Make german BB's great again (Prinz E. Friedrich)

    As it seems to be - more people saying its to stealthy. Well, that might actually be the case. So, I also would have nothing against a trade - increase spotting distance with 1800m and give therefore secondaries base range 6km.....or even 6,5km