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  1. K98_Schuetze

    Please someone explain this to me....

    Thanks for the information. They could have made it a little clearer. Nice sunday
  2. K98_Schuetze

    Please someone explain this to me....

    Hello guys, hello wargaming, ....not sure if I missed something completly, but I am confused right now and believe, this should be different Only 1,5 minutes, but see for yourselfe:
  3. Well, I want to share some game I was commenting later on. Took out the italian Cesare BB and we got flanked by a single DD who has done his job right well. Unfortunally, some of our cruisers had a tunnel view and myself were relying to much on them, aka "...they will deal with him..." Guys, the storm in the beginning was very loudly, so you hear me the first 2 minutes not so good.
  4. K98_Schuetze

    Captain there....but where are the others?

    LOL :) Well guys, ok, the most of you dont go for a further specialization with the ships. Its totally fine for me, it was just an idea and I appreciate your discussion. World of Warships is a fun arcade game for me (yes, I am normally playing simulation games or with some awesome depth in it, so that was my approach a little, and again - its ok for me if you dont like my suggestion) But, by the way - some of you guys oversaw what I wrote. It was just an example, nothing else. I thought you guys would bring your own ideas to this. Funny to see, how people actually started the mathematics olthough I said, "its just an example" and "I did not made the mathematics for it" or saying that I want to buff BB's
  5. K98_Schuetze

    Captain there....but where are the others?

    I have just given some example, not actually a "do it like this exactly" show off.
  6. Heya people! Gods damn it, where is the crew....or at least some of those important senior officers at any vessel? Here a suggestion how it could be done. Feel free to discuss this subject, in an adult manner of course. 4x slots for BB's 3x slots for CV's, CA's and CL's 2x slots for DD's Short note to the names of those officers below: I am not a native english speaking guy and maritime wording is also very specific. I used google translation, lol But I think you guys get the twist. deck officer ship's HP increase +3% watch officer torpedo detection range +5% or ship detection range +2% weapon system officer maximum scattering -5% or secondary reload time -1 second engine room officer speed boost +15 seconds or maximum speed +1 kn electronic officer hydro duration +15 seconds or maximum hydro range +2% repair officer time to have repair party ready again -5% or healing +2%/second navigation officer concealment +2% or AA gun range +3% plane section officer rearming plane time -5% or plane HP increase +3% The list above is just a given example (without mathematics behind).....so calm guys :) So far I have not made the thinking of leveling them up or such stuff (as in WoT for example given), I dont think thats neccessary at all but would off course also go for that route as long as crew/senior officers would be implemented.
  7. K98_Schuetze

    Make german BB's great again (Prinz E. Friedrich)

    Where is it?
  8. K98_Schuetze

    Make german BB's great again (Prinz E. Friedrich)

    As it seems to be - more people saying its to stealthy. Well, that might actually be the case. So, I also would have nothing against a trade - increase spotting distance with 1800m and give therefore secondaries base range 6km.....or even 6,5km
  9. Hello people, with the upcoming premium BB for the germans on level VI, I simply would say: Give the Prinz Eitel Friedrich just minimum 6km secondary range As VI ships do not use the 60% captains skill for "manual secondaries", it will not be overpowered. The ship is pretty damn long and the guns will be underwhelming with only 350mm caliber size. I think that could be interesting. What you guys think?
  10. Hello, I decided to review one of my own replays for sharing my thoughts why I did this and that in the appearing situations. I am not a native english speaker, so forgive my propably hard german accent.
  11. K98_Schuetze

    Graf Spee

    Ich mag die Spee sehr und habe sie mir damals gekauft und danach erspielt, sprich die Dublonen zurückerstattet bekommen. Es ist eigentlich ein sehr starkes Schiff, nur die Genauigkeit bzw. andere Sachen dafür könnten durchaus noch verbessert werden. Gerade deshalb, weil eben mittlerweile viele T VI Schiffe neu rausgekommen sind welche die Spee doch in den unverdienten Schatten stellen. Vorschlag A Bessere Genauigkeit / 17 Sekunden Nachladezeit / +500m Mittelartilleriereichweite Vorschlag B zusätzliches Verbrauchsmaterial ähnlich dem italienischen Kreuzer mit FLAK + SONAR / 17 Sekunden Nachladezeit Ich kann mich da nur den Vorrednern anschließen. Auf 6km breit fahrende Kreuzer mit beiden Türmen keine Treffer hinzubekommen, ist eine negative Spezialität der Spee......und dazu noch der elendigst lange Nachladerhytmus....
  12. K98_Schuetze

    Die Maya - Schwerer Flakkreuzer der KJM

    Gerade die Japaner bräuchten mal etwas Flak starkes. Warum eigentlich nicht? T VII scheint auch ganz gut zu passen. +1
  13. K98_Schuetze

    Huanghe im Shop

    @Takemikazuchi Ähhh......Du bist ja mutig....oder so.... :) @Wargame Zerstörer hier, Zerstörer da und eine neue Zerstörerlinie...... HuangMeh = Zerstörer mit Kreuzeremblem Wie wäre es mal mit einem echten Kreuzer? Lass mal überlegen...... Emden III (1925) vielleicht?
  14. Einige von uns sind scharf darauf Geld auszugeben für den Kahn. Bitte weiterleiten an die zuständigen Stellen :)


  15. K98_Schuetze

    Wo kann ich die Signatur hochladen?

    Ach, erledigt. Unter "Account settings" ists nun versteckt.