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  1. pulpgamer_zd

    Same Detection Marker for Hydro and Radar

    @Migantium_Mashum I see. Sorry I misunderstood you.
  2. pulpgamer_zd

    Same Detection Marker for Hydro and Radar

    When you are behind an island sometimes they can detect you without getting detected. So I like to know what kind of skill caused my detection because it can be a BB with 6 km near of me or it can be a Des Moines 10 km away from me that's why it's better to know what spotting you. For example I was playing with my Lightning, map was Okinawa. I marked my position as red X. Yellow arrows shows the enemy Seattle and white arrows shows 2 enemy Kurfüsts, a LoYang and a Gearing and I believe there was a Minoutor behind them aswell. Green arrows were our ships. I was pinned down and I couldn't move. Now there was 2 problem with this situation. First if that was radar I would be detected if I try to break free and DD's with the help of their BB's could wreck me. If it's a hydro I could try to slowly reverse back and get out of the range of hydro. So knowing this is more important than to be in a cover because eventually they can rush me and kill me. So it's not about being a "baby" it's more about tactics and help your team to win as staying alive... For those who curious about that game, Seattle came around with the Gearing, I was be able to torp the Seattle but Gearing got me eventually.
  3. pulpgamer_zd

    Same Detection Marker for Hydro and Radar

    Challenge for DD always there anyway. I'm not saying that radar is OP or nerf hydro etc. I just want to know what spots me at that time. Well then they can always just say "you're detected" so why there is different markers for ships and airplanes ?..
  4. Hello people, I'm playing mainly DD and as you know there lots of way to blow up a DD but the detection holds the grip. I don't know what you are thinking but can WG please make different spotting markers for radar and hydro? Because most of the time I dug in behind an island contesting the cap and the enemy team slowly pushes on me so they pop their radars and hydros, planes everything they have got to detect me. An another example is that lets say I'm in smoke and suddenly I got detected by radar or hydro. Ofcourse I will run the hell out of there but I still need to know what's spotting me because if it's a hydro then I can know there is a very close DD or CA or relatively close BB to me. I like to know what detects me in that time so I can calculate my next move. Hydros lasting forever but radars don't. Also as you all know hydros can detect torps from miles away. That's why I believe if there will be different spotting markers for these two skills it can improve the gameplay. Regards.. pulpgamer_zd
  5. pulpgamer_zd

    In game economy

    I will mate, thanks for the advices I really apreciated it !
  6. pulpgamer_zd

    In game economy

    oh I see.. well that's good because all day I was blaming myself
  7. pulpgamer_zd

    In game economy

    I wasted so many flags that you couldn't believe and more shockingly I even didn't know that we can activate those premium timers whenever we want, I thought they are otomatically get activated when we finish the scenarios. Thanks for the tips man! Fair seas to you too good sir
  8. pulpgamer_zd

    In game economy

    Thanks for all the suggestions you made guys, I really appreciate it. About your questions, I like to answer some of them. I will join a clan in a day, there is a time restriction on me right now because I left my old clan recently. Currently exchange rate between TRY and EURO is 1€=6.3 TRY ( I saw someone asked so here it is) About consumables; yes I generally run all off them as premium ones so I will try to reduce the cost by using free ones. About high tier battles; I quite enjoy high tier battles. Yes players at high tiers mostly playing campy but these tiers are harder in my opinion. All those radars, fast planes forces you to learn "how to survive" and use your ship's all capacity. Also I have an other problem with mid tiers, especcially with tier VII. I don't know what you are thinking about this but in my opinion most of "overpowered premiums" are at mid tiers. For example; I love my Fiji, I think it's a great ship but it has no chance againts a Belfast which even in a hands of a mediocre captain and Belfast is not the only premium out there that does this. If I play tier V or tier VI, there is a fair amount of chance that I can easily bump into some Belfasts, Scharnhosts, Kaga's or even Graf Zeppelins who mostly play in division and uses division anchoring ( I don't know if WG did something about div anchoring ). That's not all also. In most of the games you can see that only one team has some kind of radar cruiser and they make huge impact on game so this felts an unbalanced match for me. An another thing about mid tiers is that ships lack AA so bad, so most of the time a decent CV player can feast kills almost on every type of ship. On the other hand in high tiers these doesn't effects very much, all high tier ships are decent in a way or another so that's why I mostly enjoy high tier games. About inventory; I already sold unnecessary stuff in there, that was the way for me to get Fletcher. About co-op; yes, I dont play co-op battles very often but I will definitely try it from now on. About Royal Navy Missions; I'm doing all of them. About Coal and Steel; I'm collecting them and I only bought Aigle with Coal and my goal is get Salem or Musashi in December which is the time when my coupons will refresh. Other than these I really want to thank all of you for your support and guidance. I will try to apply them all of them and reconsider about my situation. My special thanks to @OttoZander , @Saiyko and @Nautical_Metaphor for their generous gifts, you guys are rock starts I can't express my feelings enough... really thanks, thanks a lot :))
  9. pulpgamer_zd

    In game economy

    Hi people I'm playing this game since it has been released. This time is enough for a player like me to build his way up to T10 in all tech trees. However I couldn't manage to do that... I couldn't buy ships because I'm always low on credits. I just can't handle it. I know the game but feel me this is really sad for me. Highest tier ship that I could effort to buy was T9 USN DD Fletcher. I always had to sell ships to buy a new one. It's really hard to earn credits and one day I sold it too... I don't know you but not playing a T10 ship after being part of this game for 3 years just make me sad... If you're in a situation like me then you should know that all credits you made in straith 10 victory can be gone after a 2 unfortunate match... I don't know what to do. I love this game but I'm condisering leaving it beacause the situation is always same. If you have a solution for this I'm here to apply but please don't mention about premium ships.. I would buy at least one of them already, if I could be able to effort them however because of exchange difference between Euro and TRY it's impossible, it was always like this... with my regards to you all pulpgamer
  10. pulpgamer_zd

    New Experience

    If you guys are looking for a browser game for you free time give this one a chance Game like old eRepublikif you know what that game is so if you want to try it go ahaed If this subject is againts the forum rules please report it and let moderators delete it Registration link: https://www.edominations.com/en/register/2662
  11. pulpgamer_zd

    Winning but get defeat

    Dude your game is haunted.
  12. pulpgamer_zd

    Oyunda Olması Gereken İki Büyük ve Birde Küçük Eksiklik

    Özellikle uçak gemisi ile ilgili olan çok iyi olur. Uçak gemisi oynamayı sevmem, görevler için icap ettiği zaman onlarla oynuyorum ama cidden gemilerin uçaklara olan mesafelerini bilmemek işi zorlaştırıyor.
  13. pulpgamer_zd

    How can these players have all the premium ships? Hax - Bots?

    Interesting. As you said they almost have all premium ships but their stats are really bad and it looks like they played reasonable number of battles. On the other hand I don't think that they are bots I mean come on even ıf they stay AFK at all games that they played, their WR would be better than the current ones.
  14. pulpgamer_zd


    Nurnberg is really good ship to play. Yes it's a floating citadel but its guns have 16.5km range which is amazing. Also it is a very thin target so you can always stay at longe ranges and harass entire enemy fleet and dodge return fire easily. I recommend you to use AP instead of HE because German HE is not good at all. On the other hand the AP is amazing. You can do tons of damage with plunging fire even againts BB's.
  15. pulpgamer_zd

    Gelecek Uluslar ve Ağaçlar Hakkında Tahminler

    Alman Zırhlı ağacına Moltke eklenecek. Q&A sırasında WarGaming çalışanı bunu belirtmişti. SMS Goeben premium bir gemi olarak gelebilir ancak yakın zamanda asla beklemeyin. Hatta uzun zamanda bile aklınızdan çıkarın. WG oyuncu sayısına göre hareket ediyor ve ona göre gemileri getiriyor ki bunları kendileri de yine Q&A sırasında dile getirdiler. Goeben ile ilgili Alman bir oyunucunun sorusu üzerine şöyle cevap verilmişti - direk alıntıyı bulabilirsem atarım ancak şöyle özet geçeyim - " Moltke Alman zırhlılarında yer alacak. Goeben teknoloji ağacında yer almayacak. Diğer ülkeler eğer daha fazla oynarlar ise onlar içinde gemi getirilecektir misal Polonya'dan oyuncu sayımız iyi düzeyde bizde ödül olarak Blyskawica'yı getirdik." O nedenle uzun bir süre, hele ki çoğu teknoloji ağacı tamamlanmamışken Goeben'i beklememek gerek. Misal aynı durum Anshan ve Lo Yang için de geçerli. Bu iki gemi Asya sunucusu için yapılan jestlerdi. Yine oyuncu durumuna göre büyük ihtimal Alman zırhlıları gelecektir, izleyen zamanda ise İngiliz kruvazörleri ve sene sonuna kadar birkaç değişik ulustan yine premium gemiler satışa sunulur. WG tarafından verilen cevaplara göre en yüksek ihtimaller bunlar. Öte yandan Fransız muhriplerini ve İtalyan zırhlılarını görmeyi çok isterim. Ek: 5.8 yaması ile Alman zırhlılarının bazı SuperTester'lar için kullanıma sunulacağı, bu gemilerin oyun içinde karşımıza çıkabileceği ve limanda gemi modellerinin yer alacağı bilgisi mevcut. Doğruluğu kesin değil tabii ancak güçlü bir söylem.