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    My biggest problem with this is the communication and the loss of credibility. I actually bought the Moskva camo about a month ago. I did that based on my experience with the US Cruiser split, where we got every permanent camo replaced on the new ships. Unfortunately I did not stumble over the fact that I would spend a serious amount of money on a camouflage which I would get for free later anyway. I suspect that was because it was nowhere mentioned. To see that there won't be a compensation like I was taught with the US cruiser split back then (and with the Japanese DD split as well) upsets me, as this isn't according to the rule that I was taught two times before and because there was no hint anywhere (how about ingame, where players are most likely to see it) of paying for a duration of roughly 3 months. So since it was nowhere explicitly stated that I would later receive this anyway and earlier splits taught me I would get a permanent camo on a tech tree ship as replacement, I would consider this split indeed as unfair. Not necessarily unfair that I don't get a replacement based on the money I spent, but unfair based on the fact that WG taught me two times before that I would get another camo on a tech tree ship and that it did not highlight this change of practice in big bold letters in the game above the camouflage (and nowhere else for that reason) where I would have to have seen it before buying. And this is what I consider bad business practice a cause for a serious loss in trust from the playerbase. Based on this, I don't find it strange that the community is angry over this. Players who have played during one of the splits I mentioned earlier have been taught the exact same rule as I and had the very reasonable and experience-based expectation of receiving a permanent camo for a Tier 10 Russian cruiser. But the bigger damage should happen in regards to player trust. Seing a huge portion of the community is now understanding that they got a different treatment from what they expected (again), the trust in WG as a company to act in a way that is considered fair, is taking damage once again.
  2. LeonardoBlue

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    Based on the latest nerfs, I assume this comes in one of the next patches. I am not satisfied with these nerfs at all. The mechanics which got messed with in this iteration were part of the core ships in case of the Henri and the Klebér. Though, by owning these two and by playing against them, it is not the core ship that is the issue, but rather the "gimmicks" they received. What gets messed with now is the core ship which does not solve the apparent issues but just makes the ships less enjoyable overall and dependent on said gimmicks (A Henri now has to compensate its nerf with its Engine Boost - Which creates an interesting scenario: Basically, the Henri could be considered only viable for around 6 Minutes during a battle while the boost is active. While it is on cooldown, other ships are more effective. The Klebér suffers in a similar way). That is just an aweful way to treat players who have worked their way up the whole tree (especially through the French Cruisers which gunners appear to down a little too much Champaign before a match). But it is more confusing how you do not fiddle with the core of the ship in case of the Kremlin, but rather balance a highly situational and actually unrelated value of the ship, which is not even the reason for the problem. The same goes for this abomination of a Demon in disguise that goes by the name of Smolensk. The fact that this ship has not been touched either, when it is still by far too easy to play it and basically can shred an enemy ship into pieces at a pace which wasn't known to shipkind before (except for Hood, maybe), makes a rather poor example for a balance patch. Not to mention that the Smolensk and the Kremlin were allowed to play ranked battles... I would ask of you, WG, to review this and find a better way to balance these ships. Taking away the core from a ship is not only dumb, it can take away the entire reason to grind a line (why bother if the end doesn't promise any fun?) and basically shrinks the experience down. If you want a good example imagine a title like this: Welcome to World of Warships, where we have over 6 Nations in the game and over 100 ships, but actually only 40 ships are relevant and some lines aren't even worth to grind at all. I suspect it is apparent why this isn't really great advertisement, but in essence this can become a reality and it often begins by messing with the core of a ship/item/champion as that is the basis every player has to utilize his skills on. A good core allows the skilled players to utilize it. A bad core doesn't allow anyone to grow much out of it. I hope you consider this, because I have a good impression of you right now. And I do not want this to change for the worse.
  3. LeonardoBlue

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    I am confused about the acceleration nerf the Henri received. Since the speed boost is one distinct aspect of the French cruisers, isn't it a bad idea to significantly reduce the value of its uniqueness by just... removing effects? If this is going to become a standard, I don't see a great future in "uniqueness" if it only becomes apparent at release but then vanishes more and more because it is considered imbalanced. Moreover... why is the Des Moines still allowed to have the ability to "dodge by accelerating and deccelerating" with its legendary upgrade, but the Henry is too strong with a distinct consumable which it was outfitted with for uniqueness?
  4. LeonardoBlue

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Bugs

    1. Description Switching into free look mode via rightclick (hold) changes aiming. When firing the main battery while zooming out with right click, one or multiple turrets randomly fire in a completely different direction as designated a few seconds before. 2. Reproduction steps Aim at a (moving) ship and get into free look by holding right click down while shooting with your main battery. But as it is random, it could take a few shots until this occurs. 3. Result Many shots fly into a completely different direction often almost 35° from the initial flight path directed in the binoculars. 4. Expected result The turrets should aim at one spot and not change their set fire direction or degree when firing in free look mode or when firing while zooming into free look mode. 5. Technical detailsThe game likes to mess up the zoom in from free look mode again in which the players view is rotated by 180° when zooming into the regular viewing mode again. Maybe this affects the aiming as well.
  5. LeonardoBlue

    Fleet of Fog

    Well, the Arpeggio collab has come to an end for now. Maybe there will be something in the future.
  6. LeonardoBlue

    The last Arpeggio rewards

    Sorry there. I misunderstood "14 days of the campaign's end" as the 14 days before the 01.01 then. Thanks for your replies.
  7. LeonardoBlue

    The last Arpeggio rewards

    Hi guys, I just have a small question here. With the announced end of the Arpeggio collaboration this was stated: "All players who receive any ship twice or get the ARP Nachi or ARP Takao ship will receive a set of 3 remaining ARP Avatars with respective Reserve slots and an ARP flag within 14 days of the campaign's end." In fact the voices are in the client, clean and usable. But the Avatars of these 3 characters and the Flag remain missing and the campaign ended yesterday. Does anyone know more about this? Or has anyone recieved these things? Thank you in advance.
  8. LeonardoBlue

    Kurfurst Vs. Yamato?

    Honestly I am not sure how to feel about this. The Montana, the proud Iowa, the Izumo, the mighty Yamato and all battleships below them can theoretically be oneshotted - the germans are way different - not even the Bayern can be citadelled by my Yamato at close range (I spent a long time in the training room, trying to find the weak spot on these ships). That alone would be a solid part for the "uniqueness" that every line should have. But the part where I start to put on my thinking face is the Hydro consumable. They basically sacrifice nothing for this cosumable - acutally their secondaries are pretty much second to none as well. All in all they are a massively forgiving ship line that has to be the peak of how strong a battleship line can be. If they are not I'm very afraid that the upcoming lines will just begin to outclass the cbt lines (you can't do that to Yamato of course - and I guess Iowa will still be loved too), they will just get too much for a Battleship. If we think for a second the US Battleships are not really that superior in one discipline (they pack really good utility, but as I know Wargaming that doesn't seem to be enough), so it could actually be that they recieve Radar or Def. AA - and if they do, then the IJN line is feeling a bit lonely with that repair again. You see where this could be heading? I don't know how justifyed my concerns are but I'm really afraid that the Battleships will actually turn into solo warriors and at least will deny the room for cruisers. Also: How will they introduce new Battleship lines as "unique" without giving them utility with consumables? The answer would probably be a new set of consumables and mechanics that enhance the gameplay enitrely. 2016 has really been the Year of the Battleships and now it is definately time to show Cruisers, Destroyers and Carriers the love that they deserve.
  9. The main issue with these new Forts is that they are so unlikely to be captured again, that the team that makes it in the Zone first basically has won the game. The surveillance stations are major counter to any kind of stealth gameplay - and you remember what ship types rely on their concealment to survive - most of the cruisers and destroyers (you know, since Battleships sometimes even penetrate your side armor at 10° and citadel you...). Additionally Destroyers die when they enter the Fort capture areas (you gotta love the 283mm Fort cannons shooting HE) and half live cruisers will pretty sure die as well (not so sure about full life cruisers but ... meh). Battleships will take a huge hit as well when they get into the gun range of the Fort. These things are deadly and devastating - not at all like they used to be. I entered a zone on the public test in my 10K HP Atago and thought: Time to cap this and move on. Well it didn't went this way at all. The 2 Forts started crossfiring at me with their HE doing 2K dmg per salvo. Angling worked as good as it does against HE. 100 seconds later I lit on fire for the 3rd time and 1 second later I was dead. Your video does the job indeed. Why do we need to play bastion mode when the Fort just gets Kraken anyway? Let it play CO-OP, I bet it will have a lot of fun there and be happy.
  10. LeonardoBlue

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Sound

    We feedbacked the gun sound a lot. The reply to us was this: Tuccy, on 16 December 2016 - 09:11 AM, said: The reports about gun sounds are interesting, as there were no changes made to them in this update - if the gun sounds feel different to you in the PT, could you please provide: Screenshot of your sound setup on PT Preferably also short video demonstrating the sound? Thanks! So was the tooth paste gun sound intended or not? Whatever happens to be the case, it really does not sound good in any way. The hall after the shot is nice, but I do not want to hear my guns smacking every time I fire. Before the update it was really nice to fire the guns on cruisers. Now it's weird to do.
  11. Better hide twice as good - we're talking ships here not boats. (I'm also as fine with that as I am with the Arpeggio Takao statement of yours but I can imagine a few guys loading multiple cannons now )
  12. LeonardoBlue

    US super heavy AP suggestion

    US Battleships are just fine in my opinion. So are the cruisers. Actually Iowa seems to be the most played Tier IX until now, so what gives? There must be something that makes people play it, right? And if you say they do not have the necessary survivablitly: I can only tell that I catch almost every Iowa I shoot at while it is giving away the broadside to me, most of the Montanas do that as well. And the reason why they collapse then has nothing to do with the ship, but the player!
  13. LeonardoBlue

    My ships are changing ammo by themselves...

    If you talk about the Tirpiz, Scharnhorst or Gneisenau, I bet you any money that this is because of your torpedoes. Pay attention to what you're pressing for once or just look what ammo you're about to load after you selected your torpedo pipes. If you switch a few times with your brain paying attention, you'll soon do this intuitive all the time.
  14. LeonardoBlue

    Public Test 0.5.16 Feedback - Sound

    This slider is bascially a "white noise". If you dig it when you recieve your messages with a lot of radio interference, you fill this bar up. It is harder to understand though, but also gives a different feeling. Thank you for uploading this. Am I correct with my thoughts that the game thinks there are shells hitting or starting out of the water and combines the "splash" noise with the standard gun sound?