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  1. BurningPoop

    Another PR disaster incoming ??

    Out of the loop these days, but before checking the streamers name I'm willing to make a bet that It's "Nomen Est Omen" or something like that... Edit: Lol, it's was him.
  2. BurningPoop

    So WG ask for respect then we get this

    Thank you for the proofs! I can't even....
  3. BurningPoop

    So WG ask for respect then we get this

    If its true, it's kind of cute... in a twisted Weegee kind of way, creative even.
  4. BurningPoop

    Moving from Co-op to Random Battles?

    Hi! Although a lot of people already answered, I can't help but join in. The answer is: ASAP. You'll get a better understanding of "what's what" when playing against other players.
  5. BurningPoop

    New to Rank play

    First, we will need to define a "new player" I guess.
  6. BurningPoop

    Untargeted torpedoes must get a penalty

    I doubt those torps were random. There is no need to punish a player who knows how to torp, research ships and train your awareness instead.
  7. BurningPoop

    perm ban buying?

  8. BurningPoop

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    Hears: "Git gud" echoing in the distance?
  9. BurningPoop


    Reading forum guidelines and using common sense, prior to opening a thread of this nature, is generaly a good idea. Naming and shaming is against the forum rules regardless of the actions of the offender. What you should have done, OP, is to have taken the screenshot and mailed it to customer support. In case of a serious lower back pain, you could have contacted a clan leader to try and communicate that the players actions were offensive to you. Yet, congrats, now you are in the wrong.
  10. BurningPoop

    Games Continually Ruined by Bad CV and DD players

    I've seen OP's name before on the forums. Yep, it's THAT Guy: in other words, nothing new, move along, and don't feed the troll, he's on a diet.
  11. BurningPoop

    Blondes have Brains

    Even if I'll get in trouble afterwards, heres an old anectdote: Conversation between husband(H) and wife(W): W: Honey, would you mind answering a Yes or No question? H: Sure dear, what's on your mind? W: Just remember, answer only with a Yes or a No, Why do men make fun of blondes? H: ... "Yes"
  12. BurningPoop

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    Congrats, you have started to play a very stupid game within Wows, continue on this road and you will get a stupid prize. I do not mean any harm to you, but if you start sabotaging games for everyone else just because you got offended by several individuals in your team, well pvp is definitely not for you. Edit: "I'm asleep." - My bad? - yes, being bored/tired to this point is very bad, especially for oneself. "I don't know where to go. AB or C?" My bad? - at high tier or competetive modes - yes! Positioning + communication is very important, but comes with experience and paying attention to a minimap.
  13. BurningPoop

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    Sounds suspiciously similar to mine. I take a break from Wows when getting too frustrated with my teammates or/and realise that I was eating too much glue myself (loose due to "reasons" over a weeks period). There are also methods for more devoted players like : watching streamers, your own battle replays, wikia, etc., but meh, ain't nobody got time for that.
  14. BurningPoop

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    Come in, come in, don't be shy Take a seat. Telll us about yourself OP, what and how do you play