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  1. BurningPoop

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    Hears: "Git gud" echoing in the distance?
  2. BurningPoop


    Reading forum guidelines and using common sense, prior to opening a thread of this nature, is generaly a good idea. Naming and shaming is against the forum rules regardless of the actions of the offender. What you should have done, OP, is to have taken the screenshot and mailed it to customer support. In case of a serious lower back pain, you could have contacted a clan leader to try and communicate that the players actions were offensive to you. Yet, congrats, now you are in the wrong.
  3. BurningPoop

    Games Continually Ruined by Bad CV and DD players

    I've seen OP's name before on the forums. Yep, it's THAT Guy: in other words, nothing new, move along, and don't feed the troll, he's on a diet.
  4. BurningPoop

    Blondes have Brains

    Even if I'll get in trouble afterwards, heres an old anectdote: Conversation between husband(H) and wife(W): W: Honey, would you mind answering a Yes or No question? H: Sure dear, what's on your mind? W: Just remember, answer only with a Yes or a No, Why do men make fun of blondes? H: ... "Yes"
  5. BurningPoop

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    Congrats, you have started to play a very stupid game within Wows, continue on this road and you will get a stupid prize. I do not mean any harm to you, but if you start sabotaging games for everyone else just because you got offended by several individuals in your team, well pvp is definitely not for you. Edit: "I'm asleep." - My bad? - yes, being bored/tired to this point is very bad, especially for oneself. "I don't know where to go. AB or C?" My bad? - at high tier or competetive modes - yes! Positioning + communication is very important, but comes with experience and paying attention to a minimap.
  6. BurningPoop

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    Sounds suspiciously similar to mine. I take a break from Wows when getting too frustrated with my teammates or/and realise that I was eating too much glue myself (loose due to "reasons" over a weeks period). There are also methods for more devoted players like : watching streamers, your own battle replays, wikia, etc., but meh, ain't nobody got time for that.
  7. BurningPoop

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    Come in, come in, don't be shy Take a seat. Telll us about yourself OP, what and how do you play
  8. BurningPoop

    What ship with Radar can I play in the lowest tier

    Unfortunately, It's highly doubtfull that getting a mid tier radar cruiser will solve your wows problem.
  9. BurningPoop


    You are a unique kind of special aren't you? Players often criticize the game and it's mechanics and none of them are getting in trouble, however if you, say, start bashing devs or generaly are a toxic individual youll get what you asking for.
  10. BurningPoop

    Can WG put the magazine detonation rate back to how it was before?

    Haven't been a victim or witnessed any detonations for a long while now. The amount of times I've been detonated accounts for ~1% of all my games. Some players are unhappy with this mechanic though and are vocal about it. I'd suggest to use Juliet Charlie flags or buy this, OP: https://www.amazon.com/Electro-Deflecto-Unisex-Foil-Size/dp/B01I497JAM Sorry, could not contain myself.
  11. BurningPoop

    Why didn't you changed *edit called "Radar" yet?

    I'd say yes. According to UD: A word (acronym) used to inform someone to leave. Usually used aggressively. FOAD stands for F**k Off And Die.
  12. BurningPoop

    Anyone else get burnt out on this game?

    If you feel burnt-out from playing this game, better take a brake, find another game or a hobby. Nothing good will come if you are not enjoying yourself while playing.
  13. BurningPoop

    T-61 in shop today: Did you pull the trigger?

    Got it, will spread incompetence on Tier VI from now on.
  14. BurningPoop

    Battleships in smoke

    Smoke works by blocking LoS. If a ship is inside a smoke screen or have a smoke screen between it and all possible spotters, it can remain undetected even when there are enemy spotters within its detectability range. For air detection, smoke is considered as being at the same height as flying aircraft, therefore a catapult launched aircraft needs to be close to or over the smoke screen in order to detect any ships hiding beyond it. However, an aircraft can not detect a ship that is inside the smoke screen itself even if the aircraft is flying directly over the ship. If you fire your main battery then your detection radius will "bloom" outwards to a certain amount depending on your ship and if an enemy ship is present within that range then you shall be detected regardless of whether you are within or behind the smoke. Hence smoke is not a cloaking device. Source