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  1. Привет всем! Будемс ждать новостей)
  2. Hello and greetings everyone! Was too afraid to start a new thread, but couldn't contain myself from posting an interesting video. I'm a meh player myself, and by no means I'm trying to hate on WG or protect favorite ships, but recent changes to detection of smoked opponents and a video by a RU Youtuber has peeked my interest (the vid is in Russian and unfortunatelly there is no translation). Do you mind sharing your thoughts, is this how the new mechanic should work? (Atleast as of right now the mechanic defies all logic...for me) My biggest issue is that a DD is capable to detect another ship while being in smoke itself. English is not my native language, so apologies if this text was hard to understand.
  3. Hi! Videos can be found here and here.
  4. Hi! I'd suggest not to worry about it that much. You can be reported for almoast anything by anyone and there is no difference if you have 0 or +100 karma points. Edited: Exception is the RU Server, thank you for clarification.
  5. Hi everyone! Regarding the discussion of captain perks on RU forum, players who mentioned RDF are either against it or would like to see it reworked. So far was able to fast scroll through the follwong threads: [0.6.0] Общий тест. Второй этап. Навыки командира, translation: [0.6.0] PT. Stage 2. Commander Perks. [0.6.0] Общий тест. Второй этап. Общий фидбэк, translation: [0.6.0] PT. Stage 2. General Feedback.
  6. Cheers from a neighboring Baltic country! Wish you luck in your endeavor. .
  7. Survivability Expert, 4th captain skill ? me thinks.